What’s Swagbucks about? ‖How You Can Earn from Referrals

What's the Swagbucks Referral Program about?

What's the Swagbucks Referral Program about?

I was going to give it 10/10, but something stopped me to. So, is stopping to join Swagbucks a bad idea…. Well, I thought twice before stopping to join, which I’m glad of now…Read On!

  • Name: Swagbucks (hereby abbreviated SB)
  • Owner: Prodige LLC
  • Sign Up URL: Swagbucks Site
  • Type of Site: Survey Panel
  • Price to Join: Free/Gratis
  • Availability: It is available in the Americas, Europe and Asia. It’s also expanding in African countries.
  • Type of Rewards: PayPal, Gift Card
  • Sign Up Bonus: $10 [for Promo February 2020]
  • Cash-out limit: minimum $5.0
  • Qualification Rate: too high disqualification rate
  • Earning from persons you refer at SB: 10% of what they’ll make, yes…lifetime!
  • Minimum-Maximum earning: 0.05-$2.5 for less paying tasks, and between 5.0-35$ for high paying ones


==Are you asking What's Swagbucks is all about?

==Well…It is a get paid online survey platform.

Yes, a Get Paid Online Survey platform that really rewards its users/survey takers. If you join SB, you’ll be rewarded with free gift cards and cash for filling surveys online. You may also get up to $10 coupon bonus to sign up and you even 10% (lifetime) from each person you refer at SB.

 However, something should be balanced before joining or stopping to join! Just read on to discover more.

What are Get Paid Online Surveys?

To understand how Swagbucks works, you need to understand the rationale behind its existence!

For your information, there are legit market research services that receive billions of bucks annually to carry research either about:

  • customers’ satisfaction;
  • user’s experience;
  • customer’s suggestions for improvement,
  •  etc.

==on products or services offered by various businesses.

Some businesses even do research about their competitors in order to gain more indicators on how to have miles ahead those eyeing the same customers.

Even though survey types vary according to survey directories or platforms, most have similar features at least given the time of information they collected. At Swagbucks, the paid surveys are of different types. They include:

As you see, it is not very different from the main features or information sought by market research tasks. The latter is an industry that is not that small!

The big online statistical data platform Statista has issued Statistics and Facts about the amplitude of market research expenditure. Statista evaluated this industry to be worth of $47.36 billion.

This was to reassure you that there is nothing illegitimate to take a survey online for money.

Equally, paying survey takers is rather legit than having to take them and not pay any penny.

However, this world of survey taking is full of scams, most of which are disguised behind what seems to be legit but shinny platforms!

What's Swagbucks about?

Swagbucks is one of the world's largest free rewards website. Through that survey platform, its members help leading companies to shape future needs in terms of products to be launched around the world.

Since 2008, Swagbucks has been rewarding survey takers by offering gift cards or cash in exchange for surveys they take online. You simply do what you routinely do like main giving opinions, shopping, making online searches, etc.

After registering, you get access to tasks (surveys, for example) that allow you to start earning points straightforward.  

There is a lot of ease in taking surveys at Swagbucks since you can do it at your comfort whenever or anywhere you want.  

Devices used in taking surveys can range from:

  • Cell phone (Android, OiS)
  • Laptop;
  •  Tablet

==Aren’t you giving opinions in the classroom?

==Do you say your point in a discussion?

==You often go running errands …shopping, don’t you?

Your answers to survey questions are related to these habits, which is why Swagbucks says that they pay you what you do every day.

So, by joining Swagbucks, you have a big range if earning points that can be cashed out into dollars. You earn points

==By shopping online

By shopping through Swagbucks, you get special discounts you wouldn’t get elsewhere…This means that shopping in SB directory gives something back…You indirectly earn (through not spending what you ought to spend)!

==watching and enjoying videos

Some people out there pay for games online…but why not just play games while earning points that are cashable in dollars? For every $1 spent in the game section for game fun, you get 18 SBs. Folks…these are real and popular games…not just motion pictures or some sort of nonsense! Don’t you know games like Bingo? Tetris, or Wheel of Fortune? These are found in the Swagbucks’ game section…Enjoy gaming through GSN and earn points.

==Surfing the web

You always search for something on the internet, don’t you? Well, …you can use Swagbutton (a sort of Swagbucks search engine) and surf while generating some redeemable points.

==Answering surveys

On Advertising effectiveness surveys, Brand recognition surveys, Product appeal or Surveys about services. Some of these are grouped under what is termed “Daily Poll,” a sort of surveys that pop up as a member logs in. Answering them can be on a daily basis and their value is worth of 1SB.

==Dinner discounts in SB Local restaurants

You can spend little than elsewhere…You’re be getting cashback simply by paying with a credit card associated or linked with Swagbucks…no coupon needed! 

For those who do not improvise to go out and for the sake of saving money or profiting the cashback bonus, surf on https://www.MyGiftCardsPlus.com. Target a restaurant listed on that site and buy a gif card. You will be then able to use that gift card and get cashback on your meals.

==Play Casino (Swagstakes)

As in a casino, you pay a coin; so as to be able to participate in the SB’s Swagstakes. That’s really a lottery…you can use your Swagbucks points! If you’re lucky, you can lay hands on 1,000; 5,000, etc. Swag Bucks Points. Mostly, Swagstakes participation fee is 10SBs.

==Finding Deals to earn points.

This is also another way you can use to earn money at Swagbucks

Rewards or ways to earn points (indeed cash) vary at Swagbucks. There are:

  • Gift Cards;
  •  Coupons;
  • Cash Back;
  • Answer Surveys;
  • Discover Deals

The Swag Bucks

The rewards are in forms of points known as SBs (Swag Bucks). For e.g. 100 SBs=$1.0 when you want to redeem them. This is very strategic as you fill surveys and have big numbers of points to end up cashing them into little money.

Different Redeeming Methods of Earned Points

When you have earned some considerable points, you can redeem them INTO free gift cards to for retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks. There is also a possibility to cash earning via one’s PayPal account.

What's Swagbucks “Invite Your Friends” about?

This is simply what we term referral program that is within Swagbucks. In a referral program, you earn by referring other people to a given subscription or platform you’re already a member of.

What's Swagbucks about Banner

What's Swagbucks about?

But sometimes referrals are difficult to get! But not Swagbucks…

Why is it easy to get referrals for SB?

Just for a few reasons:

  • Whoever joins gets a bonus coupon of $10 for free;
  • They know that they will get themselves referrals and earn from them;
  • etc.

In essence, when you refer someone to join SB, you get 10% of what they will earn and this recurrently!

Say X invites Y to join SB

Y earn 900 SBs (Swag Bucks), X will be rewarded with 90 SBs, i.e., 10% of Y’s earned points.

However, a few earnings make exceptions: for example, you will not earn any bonus from your referral sign-ups, swag codes, MyGiftCardPlus, or daily goal bonuses.

Ninja Hacks to Get Referrals Quickly

Copy your referral links from Swagbucks and paste it in:

Social Media

  • social media Groups: Facebook Groups, WhatsApp Group [status wall also works wonders], especially telegram groups (I like these as they include many members), etc;
  • send referral links to family members;
  • Pinterest (Go to Canva.com and make a beautiful pin and then share the pin on you have put “Earn $10 just to sign up for taking surveys”

Social Question-Answer Site

  • Question-answer sites like Quora, answers.yahoo.com, etc.

Posting ads on the Free Online Classified Ads Site:

Click here on this post for more info about those sites

Paste Free ads on the Free Classified Ads Online. The website accepts everyone to post an ad online.

  • If you’re serious, you can order a $5 paid ad on Facebook, Google AdWords

Notice this: The more subscribers through your Referral links, the more SBs you’re going to receive…which means that this can be a side hustle for you: investing in small paid ads for long run cash!

==This trick will convert crazily! I dare bet….

==Remember to describe your referral link…. don’t just throw in a social medium…this will be spamming group members…you disguise it in “Help me verify this…can we really earn $10 by only signing up to take surveys online?” They even promise that once you subscribe, each reward you take will be reward with cash…This is the link…who knows ...it can be true! Check Yourselves… it’s working for me! Paste the link…

Users’ views about Swagbucks

There are different views about Swagbucks. Some feel it worth of it while others feel it’s the kinda time-consuming for little money.


  • Work from home without any pressure;
  • Compatible with many devices : PCs, Tablet, Android Cell phones, iPhones, etc.);
  • Free to join;
  • Proof or evidence that SB really pays users;
  • A wide range of SB points earning and redeeming;
  • Referral bonus
  • Some promo like $10 for someone who sign-ups;


Mostly Available for a small number of countries like:









There are laments that when one is taking a survey, after some tiring tasks of filling a survey, they get disqualified halfway…reports from those with such bad experience rise and the saddest aspect is that one is disqualified for a survey they have already spent much time on!

==A had had this bad experience with Toluna when I was doing my Master’s in Indonesia. The surveys were in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language) and as a Foreign Learner of that language, I failed many surveys and could be disqualified after spending a lot of time filling them.

What Are Swagbucks Alternatives: My Top 6 High Paying Surveys

==If you need to take surveys, please here are our recommended sites:

Wrapping Up

In this post “What's Swagbucks about: How You Can Earn from Referrals,” I have journeyed with you through a popular market research service known as “Swagbucks.”

This is among the “Get Paid online Surveys” directories as through its services, businesses receive feedback regarding their: 

  • Product/service advertising effectiveness;
  • Brand recognition;
  • Product appeal to customers;
  • User experience with electronics and other gadgets
  • etc

One can sign up for free and Swagbucks has a referral possibility whereby someone can earn from their referrals’ earnings. However, there is a mixture of bad and good experience with Swagbucks: earnings are possible and redeemable. That’s the merit of that platform. But disqualifying half way someone after a long time spent on a survey is hurting and a toll of this bad experience is rising.

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