What’s Rakuten LinkShare? A Thorough Unbiased Review

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Today’s review is “What's Rakuten LinkShare.” I intend to address this as many have been asking other questions like “What’s Rakuten.com about?” too.

==I’d have left this platform but something changed my mind and, now Rakuten LinkShare my favourite Affiliate Marketing.

Quick Summary

Question: What is Rakuten about?

Answer: Rakuten Marketing is an affiliate network for Advertisers and affiliates/publishers. Both bloggers and owners of products meet at Rakuten LinkShare and the latter facilitates their encounter.

Advertisers/publisher Join Rakuten to seek who can help them spread the word for their products. Marketers/affiliate join Rakuten.com to be able to promote the advertisers’ products.

​​​​What is Rakuten Marketing?

To begin, this platform is known under various name given its history and owners. It also depends upon who is talking about it as advertisers can have a different view compared to the publishers’/affiliates. On the net, don’t be surprised to it as Rakuten LinkShare, Rakuten Global Market, Rakuten Marketing, etc.

As I have said earlier, Rakuten LinkShare is a kinda of global market whereby Advertisers and affiliates/publishers meet. People/companies/factories/enterprises, etc. owning products join LinkShare to get their products noticed by potential buyers because LinkShare has affiliates/publishers who can help this happen.

So, affiliate sign up at Rakuten and then they choose advertisers according to their Niches.

What is Rakuten Global Market’s Performance?

Rakuten LinkShare has a high-performance rating. Indeed, it has been #1 among its peers according to mThink.

The latter conducts surveys every autumn to report on performance of industries operating in the affiliate marketing realm. mThink gets more than 25,000 advertisers, publishers, and agencies to vote in order to determine the top affiliate cost-per-sale (CPS) networks.

To crosscheck bias, the results obtained from the vote aforementioned are shared with a panel of industry experts for more insights and evaluation.

In 2020, Rakuten got the first ranking and it hasn’t from being the top on the list for the nine consecutive years!

==This what made me not leave it even from the beginning when I was a newbie in the online marketing business; when I got no sales at all!

I can’t help giving you the excerpt of the statement by Chris Trayhorn, CEO and founder of mThink:

Rakuten Marketing’s continued focus on scale, client services and technical innovation is winning in the marketplace. “While some other networks appear to be cutting corners to find growth, our survey respondents report increasing satisfaction with Rakuten Marketing, particularly in the quality of the programs available and of the service provided. Rakuten Marketing is deservedly our #1 ranked affiliate network for 2020. They are a fine standard-bearer for excellence in the industry

What is Rakuten LinkShare’s Offer Variety?

Rakuten LinkShare offers a chance to everyone, whatever niche you’re operating in! It’s better then to sign up at this affiliate network platform having a targeted niche in mind.  You need to choose an advertiser at LinkShare after having already defined your specific audience who is interested in that advertiser’s product.

There is a chance for everyone, irrespective of your niche. There are many products to promote and this for almost any niche! That’s why its variation has made this platform a super one among its peers in the same industry.

Almost all niches are represented at LinkShare, which makes it easier for everyone in any particular niche to find an ideal advertiser to choose.

==In my humble opinion then, it is better to start with Rakuten after creating a website/blog that informs your target internet users/online searchers about product features, price comparison, and the overall usability, and where to buy particular products at a lower price!

Surprised to hear lower prices? Well…a user needs to hear about places for good products at lower prices compared to other sellers. That’s how you sound helpful: you’ve done his/her job of comparing prices and then you suggest a better place!

== Although platform like Quora will tell you that you may promote product without a website just by posting ads at the Free Classified Ads online, it’s not that easy for great advertisers at Rakuten LinkShare! You really run a risk of getting a low approval rate from great and profitable brands because all will climax in bad user experience, which pays off by low return in your marketing efforts.

But Why not Create your Website with SiteRubix (see the Video)? As a Starter (Free Membership) at Wealthy Affiliate, you can have two websites for at least six months! So, even if you’re not ready to buy a domain name (which might cost 6-$20 a year), you have this time to create contents that are available to searchers online and for free

How to Get Started on LinkShare: Stages

Terminologies in Rakuten network system:

== Keep in mind that the term ‘publisher’ is synonymous to affiliate marketer while ‘advertiser’ stands for brand merchants.

Here are the stages to through:

  • Open your account for Free at Rakuten LinkShare as an affiliate/publisher;
  • Log in your account (after fully setting it up, this is a requirement for the team to approve your application);

==Once you have full access on your publisher’s dashboard, you can then navigate fully in Rakuten Global Market network system and view your favourite affiliate programs.

  •  Choose for advertisers in your niches;
  • Request advertisers that you would like to promote their products
  • Being approved by advertisers
  • Start promoting advertisers’ products on your website/blogs or any other outlets that can display products to potential buyers.

==Some advertisers accept your application to promote their products after touring on your website to analyse the traffic index!

==Don’t worry if you don’t have a website or blog, there are advertisers who can accept your twitter/Facebook Page/YouTube channel, etc. as they see that you have a lot of followers/subscribers likely to buy product they are exposed to.

Once access is granted, you can make full use of the network system to search for affiliate programs.

Advertisers at LinkShare

It is advisable not just jump at product promotion without touring at the site of the advertiser, …yes…a hub to which you will sending potential customers.

For your information, the majority of advertisers at LinkShare are eCommerce sites. This implicates that they have e-stores too. So, you need just to visit the advertisers’ stores you’re eyeing to work with.

==Are their stores user friendly? Whatever commission, do not promote products that will send your hard-earned traffic to an e-store that is not user friendly, this will affect your traffic later as your visitors will not you caring for them as you will be directing them to a bad store.

My intention with tours on advertisers’ websites or stores have always been to see store usability, products they offer, and customers’ feedback.

==As a marketer or publisher (let’s keep LinkShare terminologies), visiting your potential advertisers’ stores allows to:

  • see whether they have great products that you’ll be reviewing later to boost more customers for them, which maximizes affiliate commissions;

Briefly, keep an eye on both your potential advertisers’ (1) seamless online order and (2) checkout system.

Why that? Because the two are the most salient when it comes to user friendliness of an e-store. If customers can complete easily the buying process; be ready to promote that product; yes…to apply for promoting the advertiser’s product.

New Advertisers versus Private offers at LinkShare

Advertisers are listed on your dashboard left side in categories. Some categories are broad to be equated to specific niches; it’s up to you to dive in and see.

==New Advertisers are those that are newly admitted to find publishers/affiliate marketers Rakuten LinkShare.

What to watch out about them?

---They are known to offer some big and attractive commission rates! Remember to patrol for your traffic’s sake: see always whether their store and checkout systems are user friendly.

== Private Offers: Irrespective of whether you applied to an advertiser or not they have access to your email via Rakuten (probably they have a facility that they use to prompt LinkShare to write you about private deals).

They will be offering deals and then give you links to place on your website/blog or any other outlet that exposes products to potential buyers.

The piece of advice is still the same: don’ rush ..rather think twice about how your cherished traffic! Don’t let your visitors be distracted by by-side or irrelevant products simply because there is a great commission promised!

There are two methods to search for advertisers when you’re on your dashboard interface:

  • You can use the categories but those displayed are few given the broad number of advertisers at LinkShare;
  • Using the name of company’s/merchant’s ID within Rakuten

==So, use “Advertiser Search” and you will be prompted to a kinda of “Deal Displayer/Dispatcher”

Here is another hint:

Choose an advertiser that have high sales incentives for affiliate marketer/publishers.

==Example given: consumer promotions explicitly known in terms of free shipping for purchases.

Do you know what? This also helps you as you will offer some sort of deals to your website/blog visitor.

If you review a product and that you add it’s shipped for whatever price it costs, …folk…this encourages can have high conversion for your business as more visitors are likely to buy from that merchant!

Here’s a brief video to give you an overview of this process.

Link Extraction at Rakuten LinkShare Publisher’s Dashboard

Here is the process you need to go through to access a product link (for banner, text and/or product links):

  • Go to Links;
  • Get Links or go to Programs;
  • Click my Advertisers
  • After being popped to a new window,
  • Look well, there a link code will show up.

A Trick to Leverage LinkShare Affiliate Program: Good Contents

As a websites’ reviewer, I have seen website with these pitfalls or shortcomings:

  • Poor and Short posts (less than 1000 words);

==Poor: irrelevant content to their niche, badly written due to the use of content creator software to fool search engines’ bots that one is productive and an authority in their niche;

  • too many ads and affiliate links

==5 to 10 links for an article of 1,500-2,000 are advisable by SEO Experts at Wealthy Affiliate

  • Irresponsive themes: these will render your website not mobile friendly (with Tablette/handphone user bad experience when navigating on your site)


A Website’s Feedback Excerpt that Can Teach You about Content Creation

(2) Your posts are short, which does not quicken high ranking in the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, etc.

The letters in your posts are very small; you can customize the font size for your theme classic editor

 ==This would make your website user friendly;

(3) You do not describe images: they should be described! In addition, do the image Alt Texts include keywords (for SEO purposes)? It'd not be OK if you don't do it. Use Ready Made Images at Canva

 ==When inserting your image into the post in from the library/image gallery, describe them and put keywords in the alt texts.

 (4) Remember to use Jaaxy for your keywords well...Take time and search for low competitive keywords:

 ==Post Title: Pros and Cons of Using a Menstrual Cup

 "how to insert a menstrual cup" is (Average=252, Traffic=43, QSR=0)


"how to use a menstrual cup" (Av=524, Traffic=90, and QSR=0) should have been more SEO optimal than the title you used

 You could then add: ==>: Pros and Cons


Look at the remarks I have given to someone who requested me to give a quick feedback on her content! Implement the hints I have shared to her on your website too.

Because all these, in a way or another play a great role when it comes to being successful with LinkShare Rakuten! Traffic is POTENTIAL MONEY!

Great Advertisers have tools/software programs that run a traffic analysis and report on key features of your website/blog. They want to see whether you represent a value to them; they need sales henceforth need someone who can contribute in achieving that.

So, why not concentrate in generating good traffic first and then apply for an affiliate program on LinkShare? This is what I did after being rejected by a number of my favourite advertisers!!!

How to Get Your Affiliate Links

Once your application for a program is approved, you’ll be able to access your affiliate links through a few ways.

Wealthy Affiliate Programs Search: Comparable to LinkShare’s

I am a premium member of another amazing Online Marketing Training Platform.

  • It has trained marketers who’re now earning a six-figure monthly income;
  • It allows you make an online career just by promoting it and it pays you recurrent income for your referrals;
  • It allows Free Membership and ownership of 2 websites;
  • It’s not a money hungry training program ...as it has a free module (with Audio, HD video, etc.) for on Online Marketing to allow you to look through it;
  • Webinars, Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool, and Live Chats for Question-Answer;
  • Website Feedback: You ask the community to review your feedback for free ($1=2 Credits with Wealthy Affiliate)

==This out there is worth 500-$800!

Why do I compare it to Rakuten? They are not a match…and they even in different industry except that it trains most Publishers for LinkShare!

=Wealthy Affiliate recently launched a great opportunity for members not to lose time any longer surfing the net to hunt affiliate programs. You’re a member, a simple click on “Affiliate Programs” directs you to a million affiliate programs. The good thing is that this really save your time.

Holistic Summary

Whether you are among those who’ve been asking “what is Rakuten Marketing?” or those who once asked “what is rakuten.com about?”

== In this post “What's Rakuten LinkShare? A Thorough Unbiased Review,” I have walked you through LinkShare Affiliate Marketing Global Network. I have shown you that:

  • It’s free to join;
  • Almost a publisher in any niche can find advertisers/merchants with good products to promote;
  • Owning a website/blog is better as good advertisers check the applicant publisher’s website traffic before approval;
  • Traffic is a key in all affiliate marketing and it depends on whether the website has High  Quality Content

==Content is a King

  • Before applying to promote advertisers’ products, it’s better to see their stores’ systems, especially how user friendly the system interfaces are and the buying-checkout process;
  • Once approved to promote merchants’/advertisers’ products, choosing those that offer free shipment makes it easy for you to attract more customers as you will intensify products review for more conversions

I’ve talked about Wealthy Affiliate…Well…It’s really great to start with it or join it…The community is very important given their care and answers to your questions and how timely they are


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