What’s Gold Opinions? Is Gold Opinions Scam or Legit?

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What's Gold Opinions?

I was filling in a form to apply for membership at GoldOpinions.com. I don’t know by which grace…. something stopped from continuing… When going further with readings about it, there were terrible revelations.

  • Platform Name: Gold Opinions
  • Founder/Owner: Seemingly Paul Parker
  • Platform URL:   https://goldopinions.com
  • Business Type: Online Paid Surveys
  • Category: Work from Home
  • Star Rating: 1/5
  • Pricing: $1 during the trial period and $27/month for a premium membership
  • Recommendable? NO

Introductory Account about Gold Opinions Review

In this post, I share red flags about such a “Get Paid Surveys” online platform, especially the most awkward ones. I got them when I was impressed by words and testimonials on its pages. But when filling in with my data, I grew suspicious and this rather prompted me to investigate further whether Gold Opinions is Legit.

It’s a clone site with four more similar to it, which might hint on a band of organized scammers that seemingly MIGHT be selling data to third party market research organizations, which would be more dangerous, henceforth this initiative to issue a “Gold Opinions Review”

Reviewing “Get Paid Surveys Online”: My Duty

You may be asking yourself: “how on earth is Reviewing ‘Get Paid Surveys Online’ a duty of someone pretending to help teachers and students to bridge the gap between research and entrepreneurship?”

==#1: Most of the online survey takers are students and I cannot tolerate anything that can deceive students in many ways.

==#2: Students are nations of tomorrow and it’s really hurting to give them bad experience of ripping them off their money and time.

==#3: I want to ensure that the process of Bridging the Gap between what Someone knows and income is free of deceit.

Get Paid Surveys Online: Are They All Scams?

Nope! There are thousands of legit market research organizations that invest mega-bucks to collect data to inform business owners (industries/factories/consumption trend companies, etc.) about updates in the different products marketing.

Statista, in its Statistics and Facts, has even acknowledged that market research is a growing industry worth of $47.36 billion. So, filling surveys online is a legit job and there are legitimate market research companies.

==But:  there is a lot of scammy schemes online disguised in legit but shinny platforms!

Sad is that a lot of people do fall into these get-rich-quick scams.

== Would you please read on? I’m going to detail how the Get paid online surveys work, how I almost fell into Gold Opinions trap! Then you get suggestions on how to recognize and avoid scams like Gold Opinion that only enrich those scammers.

How “Get Paid Online Surveys” Work and Recommended Sites

Most big brands/businesses/services owners constantly monitor their performance or how their customers perceive their products. In trying to get real-time and first-hand feedback from customers, those business owners strike deals with market research institutions and then the latter avail surveys to fill.

Most of those surveys are taken on Online Survey Directory Sites. Most of the information obtained from those surveys reflect honest account vis-à-vis of products, brands, and help business see where they stand with their consumers.

==At Bridging the Gap between Research and Entrepreneurship, we guide everyone interested in how what they know or are skilled at can be monetized!

==If you need to take surveys, please here are our recommended sites:

MintVine (this pays well and has a kind of referral program; you can money by referring other at MintVine)

Ipsos iSay




PineCone Research

Most of the time, you’re provided with a form to fill and your job is to fill such a form as honestly as possible. But you can also join panels where a given product is discussed. There various formats of taking surveys online; all depends upon or can vary according to survey directories you’re using. Some surveys are taken in forms like:

  • focus panels
  • product testing
  • gadget review
  • simply as Online form filling

==Most Get Paid Online Surveys are taken at the sites where you’ve signed up, rare is taking surveys in a platform that you did not sign up for directly (this is one of the pitfalls of Gold Opinions)

Golden Opinions: Acquiring Membership

As you’re at https://www.goldopinions.com, you see a “Join now” button. Once you click on it, you’re taken to ClickBank for Checkout (Strange! Read on to see comments user my daunting experience at this level).

  • Requirements to join are few; one should just be at least 18 years old;
  • Can be from any place in the world
  • Types of memberships: Trial and Premium
  • Trial period fee: $1(during the 7-day trial)
  • Premium membership fee: 27$/month

 To become a member, you only have to click the button at the official web site: and complete your personal data. The only requisite to become a member is to be 18 years or older, you can be in.

  • Premium member’s advantage:
  • As a premium member, you receive (1) premium surveys; the latter can even pay $50 a pop (False!!!);
  • Lifetime updates;
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee;
  • Members can download Gold Opinions coupons, event special invitations, giveaways and discounts, from our partner companies;
  • Constant on-line support from the best customer care team

Golden Opinions: How Does It Work?

According to its official landing page, Gold Opinions is a Get Paid Online Survey website.

==>Luring or Cunny Claims: False Claims [Read on to See how False]

 ==This question-answer can be a quick way for you to figure it out: You may ask yourself and here are answers you can get from their website:

You: What kind of surveys do members complete?

Gold Opinions: As you purchase or pay for a membership fee, you get access to an interface allowing you to take different kinds of surveys

You: Any privilege for premium members?

Gold Opinions: as a Premium, you get access to highly paid surveys

You: How much can I earn from Gold Opinions? What are the earning extremes?

Gold Opinions: between $5 (min.-maxim 1000$/per day), withdrawable from anywhere in the world on an ATM and with Visa Debit Card)

==>How are the Gold Opinions’ claims listed above false?

What's Gold Opinions Scammy Promo?

What's Gold Opinions? See This Suspicious Promo!

  • They don’t have any interface on the site where you directly take surveys;
  • After paying them, they no longer have control over you as you’re directed to other survey platforms where you need to re-register with them (Awkward, isn’t it?!);

==I owe you some details at this level:

It’s true that once you join, you have access to a directory of surveys. But whether these are the highest paying in the industry is FALSE. This is distortedly described: YOU DON’T HAVE access to highest paying surveys as you become a premium member at Golden Opinions; rather it depends on which survey platforms you re-sign up for and how active you are when taking surveys.

The tricky bridge they have installed in the process is the “referral links” you need to access those surveys on the other survey directory websites. NO SURVEY IS TAKEN AT Gold Opinions’ website!!!

  • There is a cunning and purposive exaggeration on earning claims: who on earth has ever earn $1000 per day just taking surveys? Tell me who…! This is a false claim intending to lure users to join in as they are fooled that money-making is easy at Gold Opinions;

Rewards for Survey Takers [Payment methods]

Below are SOME reward redeeming methods or simply the payment methods at Gold Opinions. Note that there many mentioned on their sites, but this can be illustrative of their seeming to trustworthy by ensuring diverse many to get rewarded for your opinions:

  • Receive a visa debit card and ATM and withdraw your;
  • Get cash in exchange for your opinions!
  • Get the latest Apple gadgets from earphones, chargers and other accessories for participating on IOS/Apple surveys;
  • Get free lunch or dinner in exchange for your opinions with our participating restaurants!
  • Starbucks gift cards and merchandise for caffeine related surveys
  • Get sports merchandise from Nike, Adidas, Puma and New Balance on sports and health-related surveys!
  • Receive cash sent directly to your PayPal Account! (Up to $100 per survey!)
  • $5-$20 Amazon gift cards and e-vouchers in exchange
  • Receive free pet merchandise or cash from our pet related panels and surveys
  • Free flights and free business class upgrades on travel related surveys!
  • Receive Cash paid to your bank account/wire transfer on earnings above $1,000!

Gold Opinions Review: Is Gold Opinions Scam or Legit?

In overall, there are many red flags that signal something daunting and scary about this platform. When trying to purchase a membership, I grew suspicious on the following points:

  • A fee to join: This proves they are money hungry that they make sure that even those that are dissatisfied during the 7-day trial pay;
  • Probability of selling users’ data (emails) to ad owners;

==Given the false claims aforementioned, these folks have a hidden agenda! They seem to have something that works but rather target entirely our personal data! Be aware then;

What's Gold Opinions? Scary Subscription Process

What's Gold Opinions? Scary Subscription Process

  • User Experience is daunting: When joining, the checkout procedure is scary and hints about scamming process: Do you know that you’re taken to ClickBank? Indeed, they put their membership checkout into ClickBank to ensure credibility or as they would be foiled if they were acting by their own;  

===>I was filling a subscription form and was prompted  to checkout through ClickBank System (look the snipped image above; I'm in China that's why Chinese currency change rate is displayed for my PayPal balance track).

  • They profit a member at different fronts: when trying their fake product/membership, and when you re-sign up for other survey directory websites, they earn from their referring you there! Cunning, isn’t?
  • Charging $27/month for a service that is free to join elsewhere!
  • ===This way of earning is dirty…you know and as a guide in bridging the gap between research and entrepreneurship, it’s my duty to alert in order for students, teachers, and other people needing extra bucks online to avoid Gold Opinions!
  • Who Could Benefit from Gold Opinions?

==Its owners benefit from it under the umbrella owner’s name, Paul Parker (Unreal person; this seems to be a pen name)!

More Red Flags [A proof of organized band of scammers]

  • Why isn’t the Owner real? Why can’t s/he show up?
  • Fake Testimonials [diversified, from almost all the five continents];
  • A big industry of scammers: at Least 4 clone sites

==It took me time to surf and discover more about Gold Opinions operation model and probably related red flags….Bang…bang….Gold Opinions is a Clone Site, EVER!

What's Gold Opinions? A Clone Site?

Whats Gold Opinions? A clone Site?

Four sites have (or had had) almost the same landing pages descriptions and similar luring words:

== Our $1 Trial Is converting 1 out of 30 Hops!

  • Video Game Tester Jobs/Get Paid to Play Video Games;

$1 Trial converts like crazy

  • Photography Jobs Online/Get Paid to Take Photos!

== $1 Trial converts 1 out 30

  • Writing Jobs 2016/Get Paid to write Online

Our $1 Trial+ Live Support Is Converting Like Crazy

==Model: $1 Trial

====Same Description Template

====Same Picture/Image angle and posture


In “What's Gold Opinions? Is Gold Opinions Scam or Legit?” I have walked you through one of the ‘Get Paid Online Surveys’ called “Gold Opinions. Given the pitfalls I raised to you, Gold Opinions might be a business owned by a band of scammers!

So, avoid it as you avoid other scams.

The fact that Gold Opinions’ (1) Owner is not known, (2) changing a fee (both during the trial period and as a member) makes it a band of swindlers and turns it into a real RIPOFF! (3) False testimonies and (4) exaggerated earning maximums are crafted forms to lure internet users into its trap.

The fact of being a (5) clone site makes it a legendary scammy platform that is cheating under different names or that has been changing names as people started to discover the truth behind it.

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(1) Career Goal: To develop my skills in teaching, training, consulting and couple this experience with research and program/project evaluation, assisted by cutting-edge data analysis programmes/applications to "Bridge the Gap between Research and Entrepreneurship" (2) Why Do I Qualify to Guide You? As Co-founder/Associate at Former ODS Consultancy (A Consulting Board specialized in Market Surveys, Program/Project Evaluation and Research-Data Analysis Training), Now Associate of KANTAS Consulting, and PhD Student, Oscar is in the Position to Guide and Foil for You Woes/Foes in the Scammy World of Online Marketers!

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