What is wealthy affiliate referral program: Making Money Online Within Wealthy Affiliate

How to begin?…Just to say that there are a good deal of online money making training programs. But in this post, I am going to take you to Wealthy Affiliate Referral Program and show you how within that program, one can make money online!

Most programs out there, on the top of being expensive and thus exclusive, they have limited ways of generating incomes for its members.

Definition of referral program

A referral program is a scheme whereby an organization, service provider or a corporate offers particular incentives, bonuses, or even cash to members who refer successfully prospective members to join that organization.

In recent decades, referring friends or other people to join in programs we’re already part of is a common practice and it’s gaining ground now. It has become a lucrative practice as:

(1) It grows the revenues of the organization referred to;

(2) It generates income to members who manage to refer others to that organization they are already members of.

Referral Programs at Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate as an Online Entrepreneur Certification Program has many schemes that can generate a monthly recurring income to members who have referred new ones to join Wealthy Affiliate. There is no pay at once referral cash, which is the first demarcation boundary with the common programs out there.

Diversity in Wealthy Affiliate Referral Program

At Wealthy Affiliate, there are many schemes or referral programs that generate income to people who are active in referring new members to join that Training program or to use its paid services like website hosting, Jaaxy Key-words Research Tool, domain purchase, and many more.

If one becomes a Premium Member, there is an incentive whereby they get double the commissions as an affiliate: they partake in a $1 credit program, which allows that premium member to earn from any free member who signs-up and sets-up an account! Incredible!

Since there is also a possibility to purchase a domain directly at Wealthy Affiliate, if YOU’re a premium member, each domain your referral buys, as member who referred him/her to Wealthy Affiliate you earn from that action too.

Wealthy Affiliate Landing Page

While inside Wealthy Affiliate, you will see a referral program that includes:

  1. Total Referrals;
  2. Website Join Referrals;
  3. Custom Create Account Referrals;
  4. Create Account Referrals;
  5. SiteRubix Create Account Referrals

The question is “What do these mean and what are the differences?

I got these answers for that question from what the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate once answered a member who zealously wanted to know the difference.

Total Referrals. These refer to the total number of referrals, from all sources.

Website Join Referrals. These are referrals that come from the WealthyAffiliate.com website.

Custom Create Account Referrals. These are referrals that come from the custom create account modals that you can create.

Create Account Referrals. These are people that come from blog posts or other pages on Wealthy Affiliate that get the pop-up create account modal (and subsequently join).

SiteRubix Create Account Referrals. These are people that join through the SiteRubix widget that you can add to your website, (Kyle, April, 2019).

If entrance doors are many, it’s easy to have people into in a short time than if there is one door. Of course, they go in the same house (wealthy Affiliate) but total referrals payment become considerably exciting if compared to the following programs below. 

Within-Wealthy Affiliate Money Making versus other Affiliate Marketing

Before writing this post, I toured surfing on the net to see a thorough review of referral programs and what they normally offer.

                                                                                       Referrals at Wealthy Affiliate

Wilsmat (2019) at Mythotips has tried to be exhaustive. On that website, the refer-to-a-friend programs reviews in 2019 show that few offer more than 5% of the fee or payment a new member pays. Fiverr has a scheme that can, in some circumstances, pay up $100 for each referral! For most of those programs, the referral incentive is given at once and  a recurring one! Few referral programs are implementing the monthly recurring referral schemes!

Invitation to Las Vegas

For hard-working folks who manage to refer to at least 300 referrals each year, they manage to get the opportunity to visit Las Vegas, that famous city situated in the southwestern corner of Nevada near the borders of California and Arizona!

To be clear on that Incentive program, a Wealthy Affiliate Member has to make 300 unique Premium referrals. That is, one has to get starter members (free membership) upgrade to premium (a paid membership) from January 1 each year to December 31st the same year. Those folks then are invited to the Wealthy Affiliate founders’ annual conference.

This is all-paid private conference and one enjoys to the fullest!

Bootcamp: A training Dedicated to Promoting Wealthy Affilliate

This is the level at which WA defeats most programs so far known in the domain of online entrepreneurship. The owners of this platform have been creative enough and thanks to its 14-year experience in serving online marketers, Wealthy Affiliate has created impressive (70 lessons?!!!) contents, used to train people on how TO EARN A LIVING PROMOTING IT!

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Lessons

One can be a full time content marketer who promotes Wealthy Affiliate. It seems insane to have invented such an idea but it’s part of their marketing strategies. By having gone from starter program to Level five, with all the practical tasks and action-taking involved in the training, it’s hard to miss what to say about Wealthy Affiliate.

So, one can make a living just creating contents that promote Wealthy Affiliate.

In this post, I have journeyed with you in the referral program at Wealthy Affiliate. I have shown the different entrance doors through which referrals can join Wealthy Affiliate and how such a diversity is all set to pay exciting incentives to the members promoting that platform.

The latter trains people to be full time content creators in promoting it without forgetting a Las Vegas all-paid invitation for those members who manage to gather 300 referrals a year (from January 1 to 31 December each year).

Eager to Join Wealthy Affiliate? Click Here and Join Wealthy Affiliate, That Big and Experienced Platform in Online Entrepreneurship.

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