Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2019 [A Platform that REALLY Guides]

Dear my respected Audience;

Dear All;

Today I’m writing to give a review of a Training Program before I recommend it to you. The unfailing training program I am going to review is called “Wealthy Affiliate.” In this “Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2019,” I am going to walk you through the quality of training it offers, the free modules, the premium modules, the help and much more the friendly community which helps and kindly answers a member’s question at every moment.

Ready to journey with me? Here we go!

Opening remarks

There are many money-making platforms out there but as new in online business, you need a training program which is easy to follow and which has got proven experience/accreditation in helping people. As a researcher in the field of earning from what you like most, it is my duty to review and give a recommendation for something working for me and working for others out there!

Pricing and Wealthy Affiliate overview—Year 2019

  • Platform Name: Wealthy Affiliate (Mostly shortened as WA when already inside it)
  • Associates/Owners: Kyle & Carson
  • Official Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
  • Medium or Training and Community Language: English
  • Pricing for Starter membership: $0.00 (zero risk as no credit card information is required)
  • Premium membership:

1) $49/ monthly

2) OR – You can make a good saving by going yearly (paying for 12 months at once) ====>Then the price drastically lowers to $359.00/ annually ($29.92/ month, which makes $229.00 annual saving compared to monthly payments)

  • The Overall Rating: 9 out of 10

Making Money Within Wealthy Affiliate

There are four possibilities well-known to generate money with in Wealthy Affiliate:

  1. Referrals: referring people generate bucks; six referrals redeem one’s monthly membership fee forever, 300 hundred take you Las Vegas yearly!
  2. Referring others to Wealthy Affiliate Host Service (SiteRubix)
  3. Referring people to Jaaxy Keywords Search Tools;
  4. Creating Quality Training

Cons about Wealthy Affiliate

Here are some cons about Wealthy Affiliate:

  • It’s not a Get Rich Quick’ Scheme: if you want something quick acting, this affiliate is not suitable
  • It’s neither a Push-button solution nor is it a TurnKey Affiliate:  it’s taking time for many to see the first results

Wealthy Affiliate has those cons but below are all the pros. They are many than cons. So, it’s still a Giant Affiliate Marketing that really is worth of a recommending.

Training Modules at Wealthy Affiliate

There are two membership packets at Wealthy Affiliate: the Starter and premium

a) The starter membership

This packet is free. The only thing you do is opening a free account. Then you enjoy ten modules/lessons for free. The package is termed on the platform “Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started

===>If you want to try Wealthy Affiliate Free, it’s zero as No Credit Card Required.

===> They are fair and they don’t want you to rush into premium membership before you taste! The lessons are consistent and audiovisuals are used, despite being free. Imagine someone who designs ten lengthy lessons for TASTE. The person does not mean to deceive!

Below are the free lessons of “Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started Level 1”

1. Getting Rolling;

2. Understanding How to Make Money online;

3. Choose a Niche;

4. Build Your OWN Niche Website;

5. Setting Up your Website;

6. Getting your Website Ready for Search Engines;

7. Creating Your initial website content;

8. Creating Custom Menus on your Website;

9. Understanding Keywords, The Start of Your Content;

10. Congratulations and your next steps

It should be noted that each lesson has no less than two tasks under it. You practice as you learn, which makes this Wealth Affiliate online entrepreneur training more practical than elsewhere.

b) The Premium Membership

This package has all quality gradual lessons. It is a follow-up up of the Free package.

The following are the levels gradually sequenced and available for premium members:

Level 1: Getting started

===> It reinforces the previous free package content, adding and insisting on some details.

Level 2: Building your Own Traffic producing Website

===>It teaches how to build your website, grow number of people reading what you have written, which are basics to start earning money online.

Level 3: Making Money

As this is the core of your reading this article, here is a screenshot of the lessons under level 3:

Level 3: Money Making

Level 4: Mastering Social Engagement

===>Under this level, you’re taught all aspects of social. You get insightful ideas and understanding of the role social media can play in earning you a living. You’re also hinted about social marketing, and social networks.

Briefly, it shows YOU how your online business can derive an added value from the social world and that to achieve it you’ve got to dive into social engagement.

A Wealthy Affiliate Earning per month
     My Mentor: Michael’s Success Proof at WA

Level 5: Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

===> Whether you’ve chosen to write online or use Youtube as your online business channels, this level has lessons which teach you how to create quality content and how especially your business depends on the quality content you create.

Last Level: ==> Affiliate Bootcamp: It teaches you how to earn money online by promoting Wealthy Affiliate Business and referring it to others.

Help you get: It’s more than Help, It’s Care

The platform is huge and has more than 1800 experts ready to answer and help YOU whenever you’re stuck. Each level has its own helpers, that is, persons quickly intervening when you ask a question or need any special help.

There is a live Chat and 24h/24h: which means there is someone to answer or to guide you around as members are scattered in 195 countries worldwide! Most of the answer you need are on the platform as probably a question you ask someone else asked it three years ago! So, you’re given a solution which helped someone else; interesting, isn’t it?

Daunted by Building a Website? No worries, it’s done in 30 sec at Wealthy Affiliate

The platform offers different services including the WEBSITE HOST SERVICE, Siterubix. You simply do some clicks…puff your website is ready as the system has integrated a website builder mechanism! Incredible! There are few things just you’re shown, and I’m frank as my intention is to guide you, which you do yourself: it’s just few clicks …and you make things happen.  

Website feedback

This is Great …very great. Let me give an instance to help you understand how this platform is awesome:

==>Outside Wealthy Affiliate:

Out there are what we call “Website Optimizer Experts”. They criticize your website, prescribe what you have to do and they charge you. In the search I made when writing this article, I found out that hourly website critique fees vary between $80-100, not less than $750/month for regular subscribers to such services.

A website I found to be having high expertise, https://gillandrews.com/professional-website-review/, could charge up to $530 to give website critique, without fixing any issues …just critiques.

==> At Wealthy Affiliate:

This service is based on community help and you ask people to review your site after you have helped to give observation others’. If you’re a premium member, I can send a private message to an expert on the Wealth Affiliate platform.

I guarantee which the service you get cannot be equated to charlatans’ work by the so-called website critique experts outside there! And you’ll be receiving this site feedback at any moment .. You just ask!

Incorporated keyword search tool and weekly live events

What are key-words?

Well.., these are ideas, themes, or topics which define what a post/article or page content is all about. These are the hook words which people type in their browsers (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, etc) and if they click on those of yours, internet users are directed to your website.

KEY-WORDS are important in as much as they are your business…. They bring visitors to your website and you need these visitors to read your content! If people are directed to your website, they can buy something you’ve advertised and YOU get a COMMISSION.

At Wealthy Affiliate, there is a Key-Word Tool “Jaaxy Lite” which is incorporated in the system.

Another thing I have liked about this Wealth Affiliate is the Live Events, which are webinars. They are held weekly and their records are left on the Wealth Affiliate for days. You can play records on what people taught about Key-words hunting, etc.


In this “Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2019: Platform that REALLY Guides,” I’ve walked you through the quality of training Wealthy Affiliate offers, the free modules, the premium modules, incorporated key-words search tool, the help and the friendly community, and MUCH MORE.

After I have gone thoroughly the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate as an Online Entrepreneur Training Program, YOU can boost your Online Money Making Journey mechanisms. Want to join Wealthy Affiliate Today? Click Here (WA)

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(1) Career Goal: To develop my skills in teaching, training, consulting and couple this experience with research and program/project evaluation, assisted by cutting-edge data analysis programmes/applications to "Bridge the Gap between Research and Entrepreneurship" (2) Why Do I Qualify to Guide You? As Co-founder/Associate at Former ODS Consultancy (A Consulting Board specialized in Market Surveys, Program/Project Evaluation and Research-Data Analysis Training), Now Associate of KANTAS Consulting, and PhD Student, Oscar is in the Position to Guide and Foil for You Woes/Foes in the Scammy World of Online Marketers!

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