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This is Uncle Oscar you’re reading now. My Common Sense is telling me that you once asked yourself what “ways teens can make money Online are.” Today, I have prepared these special gift ideas for YOU, showing ways you go through as a teen and make money online. Read on to grab your own GIFT from Uncle Oscar.

Facts about Teens’ Expenditure

A study has shown that teens in USA spend an on average $2,600 per year on:

  • food;
  • clothes,

Their favorite shelves are located in Lululemon, Ulta, Amazon and Vans

Yes of course without forgetting Chick-fil-A and Chipotle as fast-food chains of preference.

  • A study by Piper Jaffray reads that 83% of teens in USA have a smartphone, especially an iPhone.
  • Assumably, such a possession of iPhone or smartphone allows them to do their shopping straight from their cellphones!
  • Again Amazon is reported to be their favorite shopping hub.

Inspiring Lessons drawn from Teens’ Expenditure Facts

Inspiring to do what?

To earn from those spending money in the aforementioned online shopping centers.” How to?” is what I am here to tell you about!

You can earn from their spending…. I guarantee YOU. If they spend money on food, clothes, iPhone, there is a way to get little commission from that money they spend buying things online.


1) Let’s suppose you have been reading promo or sales for items you need. If you need those items, this means you’re not alone wanting to buy them. But people almost shy away to directly buy things, they often read reviews from Amazon consumers of the same product, etc. Let’s suppose you purchase an item and you find it pretty nice for a good price.

====> You have spent much time reading and browsing for a good item. This can serve time for others, especially those who know you, those almost the same age like you, those from your schools, etc.

2) Let’s suppose you take have a free WordPress blog and you share the information you have read and monetize your valuable information!

Ways Teens can Make Money Online: Case of Product Reviews

Typical way of earning money online for a teen: Reviewing products

There are tons of products you can reviews, lol!

                                       Shelves Full of Products

Following the scenarios describe in the previous lines, here are ways you can monetize and redeem time and energy spent on compiling the information you might share first on your blog page, social media, etc message to friends and groups of friends. Below is  the template or form you can follow:

Title: Zero Cholesterol Snack for teens 13-19

Name: (pen name or real, preferably one name)

Age: Real as you want to build trust in people

School: Name your school (remember disclose is part your trust building)

Write for example “I’m going to share a review on a product I have tried and found worth sharing…..”

Name of the product: “Zero Cholesterol Snack + name of that particular product”

  • Price: Put the price from the best place to shop it
  • Best place to buy it: Amazon, Walmart, Macy’s or Target??
  • Image: Put a picture of that particular product (you can use the Spinning Tool of your computer and frame the image of the product from the online shopping center/store)

Target consumers and when to eat it: put all +recommended for teens (if applicable, google it, read the casing)

Composition of the product: Just read the case of the snack and reproduce everything; the percentages of chemical elements as read on the casing;

Health Benefits: Google a little and try to see the health benefits: no fat, cholesterol free, burn fats, protects what what….etc

Side effects: Even if you’re recommending a product, you will need to disclose any side effect, not good for those suffering x disease or simply hint that too much consumption a week can result in…..(google any relevant information).

====>Remember to reiterate your recommendation that despite such side effect, the product is generally nice!

Conclusion: Say what you’ve shared in the review and reiterate the health benefits and especially tell them to take action by shopping it.

A PC screen featuring a new product

If you do it well, this can be the starting point for you good life!

Companies can start competing as a way to encourage you and suggesting tons of products to review for them.

If you have good followers and people trusting information you share, in the long run, you can send letters requesting cosmetic, food, (computer video) game, etc. companies to be their product REVIEWER!

====>Here mum (and/or dad) can start assisting you, doing some review for you, etc

At this level, you can be successful enough and start sharing posts about your success as a product reviewer and develop a course for teens to teach them how to be successful product reviewers.

You can start having interns working for you, which is a prelude of becoming someone you never dreamed of to be!

This can be achieved even if YOU’RE STILL at school

Only good time management and self-regulation can permit you to study and do your small business

More ways a teen can earn money online

  • Review games;
  • Computer video games
  • Online Educational program for graders 6-12;
  • Give hints on being a nice kid;
  • Sharing tips on how to spend in a way that does not anger mum/dad, parents or any person you depend on;
  • Sharing summaries of books and selling summaries for lower prices;
  • Teaching teens how to draw, care for one’s pet,
  • If you’re an art fun or artist, you can start your journey and write children literature through drawing comics for toddlers, etc;

Few requirements to start making money online as a Teen

These include (1) Niche, that is an audience, specific people that will be reading your reviews; (2) possession of a website or blog/vlog, etc.; (3) catchy titles, (4) high quality reviews, (5) good rankings in google search pages for example, (6) a considerable number of people reading your reviews.

Download this BluePrint and Guide on Online Money Making Requirements

In this document, you will see the ways to monetize your reviews.


In this post, I have shared with you the different Ways you as Teen can Make Money Online. The beginning was to inform you of the other teenagers’ ways of spending money and I have given you hints on how you can leverage such expenditure.

Reviews of products was found suitable for you and other ways to make money online were shared to. Some requirements and a link to download a blueprint guide on how to earn money online were also given. These are the ways I have promised! Grab Your Own Way!

Remember to leave a comment below: it reassures that I’m communicating; the hints I give are helpful. I’ll never share any of your information to a third party as stipulated in the privacy policy.

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