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This is Oscar again. Today, I have picked a topic that answers many questions I have been reading and viewing on the net. How can I earn money through affiliate marketing? How does affiliate marketing work? What’s the relationship between affiliate marketing and content marketing? How a website owner can earn bucks online through content and affiliate marketing? All these questions and many more will be answered in this concise guide. Do you want to explore? Read on!

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Help Online that Becomes Real Business

Someone may ask:

Someone: Oscar, what’s the first principle to be a successful online marketer?

Oscar: Vest yourself with the spirit of help!

If you have no company and that you want to earn from your expertise or guiding others, then your assets in such a business are: ideas, time, and ESPECILALLY the SPIRIT HELP

Help is the first principle that anyone who comes online, as a content marketer, has to abide to.

Help people through your expertise, your experience, your skills, your likes, …yes…guide then through whatever you feel that they need even if they don’t ask! That’s REAL help where you ask yourself the problem someone else might have and you give solution based on what you thought people out there are having as trouble!

Can you imagine figuring out what a particular section of people are encountering and give answers to wants/desires/problems/queries, etc.you presume those people to be having? That’s a real HELP, dear visitor!

To get a concrete picture, go through these steps:

Step 1: Go and type in search engines (e.g. Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, Google) something you’re skilled at or you would like to help people in.

====You’ll find that people have been struggling to find solutions to queries related to your area of interest/expertise or likes

Step 2: Help them then by making your own search on the chosen topics and later share well documented pieces of information on these troubles you have seen them trying find solutions online is what I term HELP online!

Whom do you want to Help?

In the world of content marketer, this is termed determination of the niche…this helps you to address real people, to provide information to a given section of people .. . Someone who is going to view, hear, or read your contents should feel concerned.

A women stretching a help hand
   Let’s stretch a help hand while earning bucks

I’m going to give you a series of categories to mirror yourself in … Which category do you fit in given your expertise or previous experience? These niches have been found lucrative and then it’s up to you to choose which you fit in most:

A niche is a section of market you’re targeting, ..indeed your potential ideas consumers/customers…this plays a role in providing audience-centered solutions! This determination depends on what your experience, like or what you’re skilled at:

1) You can help in weight loss if ====> you’re interested or have some expertise in this field

===>Those fitting in are physical education professionals or fans…people who once lost weight by following a particular discipline or set of tips

===> To be specific, you can serve in weight loss for over weighted women, men, kids, teens, ..most especially you can just specialize yourself in helping people lose weight or fat in some particular body parts. Help people to lose their tummy fat, double chin, man boobs or any other body part;

2) Weight Gain ….people are skinny out there they would like someone to give them healthy tips on how to gain weight ..yes they need a professional or someone with some kind of sound experience that is likely to guide them step by step in a way t

===> a teacher or student oh biology, food technology, nutritionist guys can help in here…so if ever you have any experience or expertise you may just give them the necessary information ..they really hunger for it.

3) Muscle building: Building muscle related information is really something that people are hungering for nowadays and anyone who would just help them with sound information can derive some profits in such help… they need information through workout video, suggestions of healthy supplements they should take.. it’s up to you to avail all this information in a plain language.

4) Dieting nowadays is a question because we know that everyone eats, drinks…but the concern is how cheap or healthy is what we eat…drink..

Helping in dieting would be broad and you’ve got to narrow it down: Choose either to avail information on

*organic or inorganic foods/diets;

*Juicing: making juice home or building it (we know that juices are consumed but how healthy are they? People need to know much from you ..if ever you have expertise or you have been interesting yourself in this domain..

===>It is better to be specific in choosing or determining one’s target audience otherwise it would be difficult to monetize or to hook the target people’s emotion….people have to develop some kind of trust in you before adhering to your solutions.

5) Teeth whitening: You can give tips on how to whiten one’s teeth.. this is very helpful because we have many people who are wondering how they could just whiten their teeth…so, you can do your best and provide them with information if ever you see yourself fitting in this kind of niche.

6) Depression, Stress management, addiction, etc.: You may also have information about depression, stress management, addiction ..or related information ….if ever you’re a student or teacher in psychological related domain.. or simply you have been experiencing this kind of difficulties ..complications in your life and now you have overcome them all …you have what to offer to people who are now suffering as you used to …experience-based information is firsthand source of information people out there are hungering for very much ,…

7) Hair loss

Some people are losing their hair ..so hair loss prevention or curing is another category that you can just see.. as an expert or someone who has got some kind of training or overcome it in the past…help them with something information please if ever you fit in this category.

8) Relationship

The other category that needs you is the category of relationship

Human beings need love …so provide information for a specific category of people:

– who want to enter a relationship;

– people who broke their relationship;

– reuniting with ex-

– managing post relationship period.

9) Marketing related information

If ever you’re a student/teacher in the economic domain, you have a plenty of tips in terms of marketing. For example you can teach people how to do Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, briefly social media and YouTube marketing!

You may have sound information on that.. people will be happy to read from you and there are plenty of ways to monetize your information if ever you can create information that is a sound and valuable

10) Stress free, happiness, self-esteem, etc…can be another category having who are starving for helpful information/contents

11) Language Teachers/student

For the language teacher or students there is also a great demand in languages learning…some people may need to learn Spanish, German, French, English, Chinese, etc. if you master a language, teaching it would be a great deal.

Teach people for example taking into account their levels: novice, beginner, intermediate, advanced and mastery level … provide them with exercises, video, tests, etc. they will pay huge if you suggest them any profitable action to take!

Website Owning in the Content Marketing Era: A Lucrative Business?

Running a business about you website nowadays is lucrative ..you can make money on your website without any assets other than time, ideas, and help

A website is an online address where people are going to come and get solutions you proposed ..it’s a hub where many people can provide themselves with information they need .. it showcases how concerned you are ..yes how helpful you’re to the extent that you set up a website providing people with information they need!

In the era of Content marketing website is a central media where you share your firsthand information before you post the links to other social media.

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Affiliate Marketing: What is it?

Marketing is a technique of making money through promoting other companies’ or stores’ products/services on your website…You have to apply successfully for this promotion of goods…by the end you’re given access to goods/products/services links and you put these links on your website ..whenever a website visitor clicks and is directed to the company/store and that she/he buys the items promoted and other items then you get commissions …so an affiliate marketing is all about getting a commission from a product sold after you have promoted it on your website.

Content Marketing and Affiliate Marketing: Any difference?

There is a difference between content marketing and affiliate marketing because affiliate marketing is about the promotion of someone else’s products or service and get some commissions…while content marketing is a marketing technique whereby valuable, relevant, and helpful information is availed, shared and distributed to a specific section of people/audience who is hungering or starving for it so badly.

A Tablet Featuring
A Tablet Featuring “Online Marketing” on its                                      screen

It’s hard to monetize or get money from your affiliate marketing if you don’t have contents …if there is nothing to view on your website there’s no way you can put affiliate links on your website … we put links in on our websites because people are coming to read contents.. So, contents is the basis or core of website monetization! People normally come to read/view/listen to information …you put links of goods related to contents they are reading…then content marketing is prior to affiliate marketing because affiliate marketing is impossible if there is no content on your website.

Monetizing Help Offered Painstakingly

There are many methods to monetize contents or to get money online as a content marketer. These are popular:

===>Putting Ads on your website footer: Ads owners’ pay you for anyone who clicks their Ads via your website or as someone clicks on an ad displayed and buys the item.

===>Affiliate links: subscribe to big stores like Click Bank, Microsoft Affiliate, Amazon (USA, UK, Canada, Japan, China, etc), Alibaba, Tao Bao, etc. as I have already said.. you have access to products’ links that you display on your website. If some of your visitors buy something from these stores, you get a commission (for example: if an item purchased via your website costs $30, you may get 6% for Amazon USA);

===> By creating paid services like courses, coaching, webinars, or you can even connect your offline services and advertise them on your online hub or stand (website/blog).

===> Through Referral Programs: these are programs that allow members to make money online through referring some services or premium subscriptions to others.

A patent example is that of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) whereby a premium member is paid recurrent monthly passive income as they refer new members at WA.

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This post is a summary of books about all you need to know on earning money online through creating useful information/contents. There is a mini e-book that would guide you through more precision in planning an online business. Note that content is a king and affiliate marketing does not work without content. Help is at the heart of any content marketing as contents tailored at a specific audience’s needs have proven to bind the creator’s and consumer ‘s of such information emotion, resulting then on the profitable actions taken by such content consumer.

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