The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Do Research for Money

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Are trying to tackle your financial problem or looking for solutions to earn cash online? You’re at the right Hub! Today, I have chosen to tackle this thorny topic through “The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Do Research for Money.” How? Just carry internet research and see what people are looking for, provide solutions, and then monetize your help! Want to know about that? Read on, please!

People out there are Hurt by Quick-Get-Rich Schemes

I have been thinking a lot about people’s financial struggle and how they solve related problems they encountered daily. Surprisingly, people hurt themselves by embracing Quick-Get-Rich Schemes offered by scammers. At a daily basis, related police or federal apparatuses receive complaints that X person was scammed by a hoax or phishing. But when you look inside the duping process, most of the deceived people are caught up by a belief in a scheme that promises them the firmament and the sky. I once was deceived myself, so I know what I’m talking about.

Beginning an online Business from scratch: A patent alternative solution

I have a good news for you if you’re interested: start an online business where you do research for money!

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Stage 1: Ask yourself

“What solutions are THESE particular people struggling to find?”

The word “research” in this context means that you go online and find what a particular category of people (you cannot find solutions to everyone’s problem) and is hungering finding solutions for.

After you have found what people are having as purpose of browsing the net, then carry….

Stage 2: Ask yourself

“Where can I find answers for these persons’ queries?”

Some places that help finding solution for your audience:

1) Books by researchers in the domain you’re trying to find solution from;

2) Published articles from experts in the domain you’re trying to find solution from;

3) From social question-answer websites (this may be tiresome but you can focus on the “best answers with a big number of votes”)

These social question-answer-websites include, but not limited to, the following:



– Answerbag;


– AllExperts;

– JustAnswer;


– Quora

Stage 3: Writing your answer content

Your answers to what people are thinking or querying online is enveloped in your “packed of solutions” to your audience called “Content.” You ought to envelop your answers to people’s qualms/questions/wants/desires/problems in articles or posts of at least 800 words (maximum 1300 words).

1) Headlines:

These should be written using key-words you derived from what people are typing online. These are the ones that compel your potential readers (potential idea customers) to read your content, lol! If you’re new in content marketing, key-words are also important in order for your posts to be ranked or “crawled” by search engines like Google.

There are tools to hunt key-words, both free and paid, that are typed in search engines.

But my recommendation is a modern and sophisticated key-word search tool known as Jaaxy. That Tool Developer’s has a Website and it includes a free sign up (you’ll be asked to type in your name and email) and then ENJOY 30 FREE Key-words. Click Jaaxy

That same Jaaxy is also free for Premium Members of Online Entrepreneur Certification Platform Called Wealthy Affiliate. Click Here for a Starter Free membership (No credit card information needed, just a sign up; then enjoy free Audio-visual Training on Making Money Online).

=== Your Headlines should have a feature that content marketers call “KILLER Headlines,” that is, headlines that leave no choice the potential reader but to READ THE CONTENTS. They compel the reader to read them.

2) Content itself

To be successful in writing your content, just used this structure:

           Writing content is “creating”

(i) Introduction;

(ii) Body (with body paragraphs that are divided in sections with a sub-headline for each)

(iii) Conclusion or summary: restate briefly what you have said all along your article.

===Write your content with the spirit of help: make the reader feel that you’re helping; this will touch his/her emotion and compel him/her to read on or to sign up for your email list (which is great for email marketing)!

===Be a good communicator: do not use academic or sophisticated language; look at what medics do: they know terms that are related to medicine but never use them when diagnosing Us!

Use plain language, explain, help and it is fine to sound like (through the use of interjections, etc.) a real person who’s helping another person with real problem/query/want/purpose!

3) More requirements you need to meet to earn money online

There is a set of other requirements I have not mentioned yet. But starting from those already put implicitly, here are the basics to start with:

(a) Niche Setting: determination of a specific audience who are your potential ideas customers;

(b) Website/blog: You need an online Hub where visitors will read your ideas! Yes, an Online Shop of solutions you will be offering to those needing them;

(c) Low competitive key-words: Your key-words (themes or topics you’ll be writing about) should be not very competitive (Average 50, Quoted Search Results [QSR] below 100); otherwise your contents will hardly be listed among top first pages in search engines, which is very bad for your online idea marketing!

(d) Quality Content: Contents should be written communicatively and with a spirit of help that transcends in the sections and subsections of your articles.

(e) Huge Traffic: With good key-words and quality contents, MANY people will be directed to your website. If they feel helped, they will be back and/or take most actions (e.g. click here, buy this product, subscribe for our newsletter, etc) you will suggest to.

Stage 4: Monetizing Your Help/Ideas/Solutions

With many people visiting your website/blog, you stand a BIG chance to earn money online in these earning channels:

1. Through application for product promotion:

Amazon (USA/Canada/Australia/Japan, etc.), Click Bank, Shopfy, and many other big stores consider your traffic and grant links (URLs) whereby you promote their products on your website. Whenever your website reader clicks those links and purchases products from these stores, you EARN a related COMMISSION.

2. Google Ads: Application for Google AdSense, if your traffic is huge, allows Google to display ads on your website/blog. If website users/readers click and buy items following the click displayed on your website, you EARN a COMMISSION.

===Some ads are of the Pay Per Click (PPC) type. So, any click made earns you some small commissions;

3. Amazon Influencer Program: If application is successful, you’re granted a permission (which depends upon your followers on social media) to promote their products on your social media…There is a use of links that helps monetize your promotion of those particular products.

4. Your services: You can advertise your own online or offline services on your website and this boosts your income.

5. Wealthy Affiliate referrals Program: You can subscribe to a premium membership and promote Wealthy Affiliate through contents you write: each new member that upgrades to premium will earn you a recurrent monthly income!

Look into Wealthy Affiliate Starter (Free Membership, it’s safe as not credit card information is required)

Click and Join Free Membership at Wealthy Affiliate

6. Etc


In this post, I have walked you through what I realize to be “The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Do Research for Money.” To be helpful and then earn from your help is the core of what was discussed. You need to set or get ready by determining your niche, having a website, hunting for keywords, etc and then subscribe to affiliate stores like amazon to earn commissions.

Don’t hesitate to contact ME for more Individualized Coaching!!!

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  1. very good article – To me, content is very important especially when creating a website that wants traction or getting your answers to read on specific answering sites like Quora I use that one a lot to answer simple questions in Affiliate marketing and other various questions about gaming. I believe what you have here is very beneficial to individuals who are trying to find the right direction when earning an honest buck. 

    1. Hello Sebastian McCall!

      Thank you for giving feedback after reading this article. Yes, we share tips that are workable…As you professed that Quora helps you a lot, others also might believe that the tips shared here are meant to shortcut and save time for many.

      I’m always available to coach anyone wishing to start, even from scratch, their journey to EARNING HONEST BUCKS Online.

  2. Hi Oscar, thank you so much for your article. I am in the marketing business and sometimes I struggle to find answer to some of the questions I believe my customers want answers for. I normally go to books as I am not an expert or do some research online but you have given some good tips about some online sites to visit and I am truly grateful for. As per the Wealthy Affiliate, I am proud to say I joined it my self about 7 months ago and I am truly happy to have done it. It has changed my life.

    1. Thank you Barbara for stopping and reading through this article! I’m happy you found some solutions to the problems you encounter daily in your marketing business. I’m also happy you testify about your success at Wealthy Affiliate. This shows that I’m not praising a scam THING, it’s an Affiliate Worth Recommending! Thank again


  3. I did exactly the same as you described, but months ago. Then I found out about affiliate marketing, and since then my life changed. It is the best I could ever had. Anyway, for people who wants to look online for ways to make money, this guide will help them. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us! 

    1. Thank you very much Buysse for your comment. Actually, our contents should be life changing. I am personally glad you found out how affiliate marketing can take us to another level. My Life is being fascinated and hugely impacted by Wealthy Affiliate. Wish you the best in your online journey to great success.

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