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I guess you’re one of those that are looking for tips On How to Earn From a Website. If it is so, you’re at the right hub! I’m going to raise your awareness and interest on how a website can leverage you online mega-bucks. Considering that you have no company or business that you would name after your website, the popular way to earn from it is through the creation of valuable answers for a category of people. Yes….you just practice what we call content marketing. Want to know my secret ninja tips? Scroll down and read on!

What’s Content Marketing?

According to Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is a technique of creating, sharing, and distributing helpful, valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

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A sister term to content marketing is “Affiliate Marketing”. The latter is a digital marketing wherein you refer someone to any online product and when that person buys the product based on your recommendation, you receive a commission, (Agrawal, April 2019)

Ramos (2013) defines content as any information (in the text, image, audio, or video format) shared online.

All that has led you to search about earning from a website is embeddedin these two definitions mentioned above.

===>The capital for you will be: Time, valuable, helpful, and relevant information given to your target audience

===>You will earn money through actions your target will take when reading your information (which can be in the text, image, audio, or video formats), indeed your solutions to their queries or wants!

The most important words here are valuable and relevant: any content should have or is expected to be high quality information otherwise your audience indeed, your potential customers won’t read it; they will turn away to your competitors! Sad!

Content Marketing is all about Help Online

In essence, you don’t start your online business as a seller [THIS IS SAD BUT TRUTH]….YOU GO THERE AS A HELPER…Yes…as someone who caters for somebody’s needs….

To be a successful content marketer, one has to bring in the spirit of help in order to come out with information that is valuable and relevant to the target audience. This requires the creator of contents to be a problem-solving oriented helper; a person who monitors the audience questions/queries/needs/doubts, etc. and creates contents that effectively clears them out!

===>Help comes in as one takes TIME to see what his/her target people (information consumers) need and cater for it.

Scenario 1:

There are people searching online on guidance to better their writing skills….

Scenario 2:

There is a writing skills teacher/student who creates contents related to writing skills…The information that is created ideally aims at answering whoever seeking something related to writing skills….that teachers/student has been elaborate so that everyone gets solutions from his/her website/blog.

====>The person in scenario 1 will get helpful information from the contents created by the teacher/student in scenario 2

What Does It Require to Start as an Online Marketer?

I. The first requirement is the determination of the target audience or of the potential customers. This is known as “Niche”

Who are you going to help? Whose queries/wants/needs or desires are you going to cater for? Here are some niches that are proven to be lucrative, just identify your own target population today!

You may choose to help in:

(1) Weight loss for women: by telling over weighted women on how, which diet, or exercises to help them to lose their weight!

===> Do it if you’re a fun of sports, a physical education student, or a sport clubsman/woman. You will be writing and creating action videos on how to lose weight for this particular category of people,

Your Niche here would be: Loss Weight for Women

(2) Weight loss for men: by telling over weighted men on how, which diet, or exercises would be helpful for them to lose weight. See what is previously stated for women, it applies verbatim to men except some customized exercises!

Your Niche here would be: Loss Weight for men

Notice: You can have weight loss niches, targeting as audience/potential customers, for over weighted teens, kids, tummy fat, up-arm fat, double chin, boobs for men, etc. the person with this particular problem can be the consumers of hints of information you will be sharing online!

(3) Weight Gain: You may also have hints for how to gain weight for those skinny mums, teens, girls, etc.

====>Do this if you’re a nutrition, biology, food technology, etc. student, a fan or regular reader on weight gain.

(4) Muscle building: Giving hints through work out videos or create textual/video hints on supplements, etc. for one to develop healthily their muscle.

====> You can help this category of people if you’re a physical education student, a sports fan, a sport clubsman/woman, or anyone regular in a gym or a person who managed to build muscles!

(5) Dieting: through hinting about how to eat healthy foods or make/cook healthy foods, recommending organic/inorganic foods, juicing, etc.

====> this is a big domain that needs breaking down to have specific people to serve. Choose either about foods (organic? Inorganic?) or drinks (self-made juice? from what fruits? why those particular fruits?) or industrial healthy juices

(6) Teach languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese Mandarin, etc.): help people to speak languages you know well by availing materials (audio, visual, audio-visual, text) for novice, beginner, intermediate, advanced and master levels

====> You’ll be of great help for this niche if you know well at least a language.

TEFL, ESL, TESOL, (….) students or those studying in foreign language departments/study programs/faculties can fit well in such a niche.

(7) Spirituality: Religion is around and shapes most of us. We have many people hungering for devotional quotes or other spiritual hints. You can fit in this area if you feel really like having something or experience to share for as long time as possible!

(8) You do psychology or related studies here are sub niches you fit in:

Feel Happy, Stress Free, Addiction Free, Boost Self-Esteem, Boost Confidence, etc.

II. Online stand: that’s your site, your OWN blog

You asked How to Earn From a Website, didn’t you? Owning a website/blog…..uh… used to be a daunting issue but frankly it’s no longer …yes…that thing called website….IS NO LONGER DIFFICULT if you like to explore solutions or services:

==== WordPress makes it easy to set a website for free! Only you buy a domain (annually, less than $20) and a hosting service fee (annually, less than $360);

==== Wealthy Affiliate, (which I recommend to YOU) has a sophisticated system (SiteRubix) that helps you build a website within five minutes!

If you want to learn about online money making and all the related stuff, you just pay $358 per year (which can be discounted to 36% if you pay yearly at a go)

III. Killer-Headlines

You need to make headlines that are catchy and compelling readers not to bypass your content. There are many helpers online, you need to be unique and attract attention as much as possible in order to be rewarded with a click that is taking a searcher online to your website! This is achieved through killer-headlines.

There are many article Headline Formulas, but I will focus on the following:

(a) Numbers

Psychologically human being are attracted to numbers. Headlines with numbers attract eyes to automatically draw them.


“10 Ways to…”

“My Top 3 Secrets to…”

“7 Reasons You Should…”

(b) Negatives

Headlines formulated with negatives embed strong emotions and play on one’s fear of missing out on something.


“What Top Experts Won’t Like You to Know About…”

“Dismentaling the 3 Lies People Have Told You About…”

(c) Headlines that include the word “Ultimate”

Headlines worded around “ultimate” evoke some form of thorough guide on doing something.


“New Ultimate Guide to…”

“The Ultimate for Newbies in…”

“The Ultimate Method for…”

My Secret Ninja Headline Tool

(d) Titles with [brackets] and (parentheses)

In a survey conducted by HubSpot and Outbrain, it was found out that, in 3.3 million headlines analyzed, titles with [brackets] and (parentheses) got 38% more clicks than titles without brackets and parentheses.

====>Brackets give potential readers a “clear picture of what lies behind the Headline” or “Title”.

So, my recommendation is that to be successful, you and me should trade this research finding!

As searchers online see your killer-headlines hinting about a content has a video, infographic, blog post, or review, etc. they’re much more likely to click.

IV. Creating contents that address the target audience’s wants or problems

To able to see your target audience concern or wants, you can visit social question-answer websites, 6 month old tweets, Quora,, etc.

But the most specific and accurate is the use of Keyword Search Tools. Such tools help find the average a particular key-word (a phrase that people type in search engine like google whey they need to find something online) has been typed within a month and how competitive it is.

Low competitive key-words are helpful because titles built around them can easily be ranked in search engines top first pages.

====>Standards for low competitive key-words are: average 50, Quote Search Research (QSR) below 100!

Some keywords search tools have trial subscription! My favorite Keyword search tool is Jaaxy (it has 30 free Searches if one opens an accounts)

Subscription Landing Page for Jaax Key-words Search Tool
 Landing Page for Jaax Key-words Search Tool

====>It’s free for Premium Members at Wealthy Affiliate (An experienced [14 years of service] Online Entrepreneur Certification Platform)

V. Concrete Content Monetization Forms

To earn cash for your website, consider doing the following [the list is not exhaustive]

===>Put Ads on your website footer: there are Ads owners’ who pay you for anyone who clicks their Ads via your website

===>Affiliate links: subscribe to big stores like Click Bank, Microsoft Affiliate, Amazon (USA, UK, Canada, Japan, China, etc), Alibaba, Tao Bao, etc and the give you a unique link. Then put these links on your website. If some of your visitors buy something from these stores, your organization will get a commission (for example: if an item purchased via your website costs $30, you may get 6% for Amazon USA);

===> Create paid services like courses, coaching, webinars, or you can even connect your offline services and advertise them on your online hub or stand (website/blog).

===> Identify Referral Programs: these are programs that allow members to make money online through referring some services or premium subscriptions to others.

A patent example is that of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) whereby a premium member is paid recurrent monthly passive income as they refer new members at WA.

Graphics and Picture of one Wealthy Affiliate Member's Earning
  My WA Mentor Jerry and his $100k graphics, April 2019


In a nutshell, I have shown you How to Earn From a Website is possible. The spirit of help, good niche, killer-headlines, monitoring your audience’s needs, and contents tailored at your audience’s wants altogether act to monetize your website. Ads display, affiliate links, and referral programs are among forms to monetize help online.

If you would like to Deepen your Knowledge about Making Money Online, Join Wealthy Affiliate (WA)Today

Click Here and Look inside WA as a Starter (free membership, enjoy 10 free lesson-module; it's safe as no credit card is required)


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