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Thank you for choosing to come and provide yourself with s solutions we offer here. If you are a small business owner, I’m going to show you how you can increase your findability especially through content marketing. What I’m going to debate on here is the use content marketing to drive traffic to your business …. if you have a traffic then there is a high probability of having conversion.

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Content marketing

Content marketing is a new form of marketing whereby someone creates or avails valuable, helpful, and relevant information and then shares/distributes it to a specific audience that hungers or starves for it. All of this is done to derive profitable actions that are taken by such a specific audience

Look at this definition!

– Content has to contain valuable information

– Some people are hungering for it;

– The information shared and distributed should be helpful!

===> Such information creator is going to be YOU and this information is going to be called “content”

According to Ramos (2013) a content is any information that is viewed and shared online. The same author says that contents can be either textual, image, audio or video.

So, you will be creating information that is channelled either in text, images, audios or videos just for just one purpose: to give your audience valuable, helpful, and relevant information…. Yes…the type of information that answers the target audience queries/wants/problems/needs/desires….!I think you understand that now….do you?

Role of Content for Small Business: Informing your “Buying Funnels

Probably you already know it…if you have not yet been informed about it….well let me kindly help you understand it….

There are three buying funnels for any company/business involved in selling services or products. To purchase a product or service, buyers go through three phases:

1) The awareness phase

2) Consideration phase

3) Purchase phase

===In your content creation, you have to avail contents that answer queries people have at each of these buying funnels! To each buying funnel, there is a particular content or information that people/target audience/potential customers need.

Instance: Sample Case

You’re selling consultant services to students and summer is getting close…summer is the limit period for students to get ready with what they all need for September …yes the beginning of the new academic year… In summer, there is a high demand of educational consultancy services that it’s frustrating for many students…. There is then a high risk of beginning the new year uninformed of what one needs with all the consequences related to that!

At the awareness phase, you should consider telling people about eminent problem

===> Your business is offering solutions to a problem in the society, among is up to you to show that problem to people and what might happen if it is not solved.

===>At the awareness stage, show the student the problem of not doing consulting before summer….show the problem they can avoid by consulting and then list solutions (pieces of advice whether to buy or rent books, where to sell old books, etc.) you’ll offer to those interested

At the consideration phase, they have already been told about eminent problem and the solutions availed, now they are considering different options…they’re evaluating options they look for comparative information that compares the vendors (other consultancy services), solutions, and products

====>So at this level, you should create contents that compare your solutions against those of your competitors

At the purchase stage or phase, people at this stage have already decided to buy your products or services

====> The kind of information they need is about the pricing payment delivery etc….show them how to buy, if your service needs the installation of an app for example show them a setup, show them installation process through clear tutorials

What’s your conclusion so far? What do you see?

====> Contents play a big role for the success of your business! They inform the target audience….


Even if you are very small business, you can increase your digital presence!

Ask me how …!

===> you’ve got to work on different content outlets or channels:

1) Number one: you need a website

===> A website is your online hub…it’s your spot online….all the kind of information people categorized in the different buying funnels will need is mainly published on a website or blog

Owning a website used to be a daunting issue in the past….but solutions now abound: Blue Host, Blue Host China, SiteRubix at Wealthy Affiliate, etc. offer website host services.

My recommendation for you as a small business owner is SiteRubix, a system that helps build a website in less that five minutes…no website operating skills required!…The service is available at Wealthy Affiliate! See SiteRubix at Wealthy Affiliate here

2) You need a Keywords Search Tool

====>I personally use Jaaxy. It’s free for Premium Members at Wealthy Affiliate (An experienced [14 years of service] Online Entrepreneur Certification Platform): the tool informs you on the average a keyword has been typed in a search engines per month, it shows competition (Quoted Search Results, QSR) around such a particular keyword, and the traffic. Keywords with low competition should be your top priority!

                   Sample keywords search in Jaaxy

Low competitive key-words are helpful because titles build around them can easily be ranked in search engines top pages.

Standards for low competitive key-words are: average 50, Quoted Search Results (QSR) below 100 (the lowest, the best), and Traffic over 50 (the highest, the best)

Look at Jaaxy here

Join Wealthy Affiliate to benefit for Jaaxy for Free

3) You need some knowledge or skills in the creation killer-headlines

===>Headlines that compel the reader that skipping your content would make then lose or miss some important information

Read more about killer-headlines writing here

You can also see my early post about writing for online “Ultimate Hacking Tips for Writing Quality Contents [Earn from A Website]” 

4) Most especially you need to share your information on your social media

I have created a post here featuring free courses you may take to master the nature of digital and social media marketing

===>But people out there always as: “where should I publish my content especially on which social media?”

Well … the answer is simple just publish your contents on any social media but you should focus on Twitter and your website as these do not privacy settings! They are open to everyone!

===>Twitter too is very important because is it open… one can make a search and still get in search engines tweets they published three years ago! It’s like your website can be discovered Worldwide….

But for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many other social media there is a limitation for people who are not your friends…. These are not going to see your posts…but still share the links from your website and encourage friends to share them…. You can even feel the need to start thinking on how to grow your social media followers!

===> It’s then through consistently publishing posts, and especially on different channels (website and social media, You Tube) that you are going to establish what we call an “overwhelming digital presence” … findability!

===> Your potential customers are going to find your contents everywhere and when you increase this particular feature of being found everywhere, people will start believing in your solutions as information (contents) about your business will be present almost everywhere!

5) How many times should I be publishing?

Well… I’m not advocating of spewing contents online!

One organization known as HubSpot wondered how often it should publish on their blog…

The conclusion they have made is that “the more they posted, the more audience they got….” And they decided to post five times a day… Incredible isn’t it? Yes it is!

But please don’t spew, as I said, contents online for the sake of publishing daily! This might hurt your brand…. your credibility…it’s up to you to balance….

I join Ramos (2013) who claims that a dozen of high quality pages are better than a thousand off blah blah pages!

6) Be audience-centered

Whatever you do, please put the audience at the center!

Of course the business is yours… And no one is going to snatch it from you… So, it’s useless to put yourself in the center of your content creation…create the contents four people.. For human beings…. For customers…

===>At any level or at any funnel of buying, ask yourself ” what to do people need to know at this particular level”

===> Answer that question… yes..putting in the center your target audience…. You will then be answering that your audience really have!

7) Monitoring what information consumers search online

There are different ways to monitor your consumers’ emotions and queries! Some of them are less informative While others are very accurate

Among the wild range of information one can correct…. It’s a by visiting on social question-and-answer sites…

there people ask questions and others are answering them…

But as you will see…. The answers are not as satisfactory… as they should be to be

It’s up to you then to be elaborate in answering and clearing doubts… yes..any query the audience may have.

Some of these sites where people ask questions and others answer include:,, Answerbag, AllExperts, JustAnswer, Quora, etc

===> You can also search for topics in a Twitter: scroll back six months, copy all the postings and review or make contents answering questions featured there…!

But the most specific and accurate is the use of Keyword Search Tools.

Such tools help find the average a particular key-word (a phrase that people type in search engine like google whey they need to find something online) has been typed in a month and how competitive it is!


In this post, I have walked you through small business content marketing tips, especially how you can grow findability, that is, your overwhelming digital presence almost at every platform. Having shown you how to create your contents based on your buying funnels, I have equally demonstrated that there are various ways to monitor your target audience’s questions or wants.

The use of social question-answer websites can indicate shallowly answered questions and you must be elaborate the due answers in your contents. The use of Keyword Search Tool like Jaaxy would allow you rank among the top pages in search engines, which will result in much traffic on your site maximizing then conversion.

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