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Although I feel tired due to manual posting of free ads on Classified Ad Websites and Platforms, I cannot help telling the lesson I have learned. The question is simply whether free classified ads can help us generate tons of traffic we need back to our websites or make sales. The answer is YES and NO! It depends upon the work one puts to this. I know you’re confused by such an answer…Read on as  I’m going to work you through a number of things and tricks to put into play in order to have a better experience like making sales and getting website huge traffic.


The results of Posting Ads on Free Classified Ads websites are controversial for marketers and business owners. But it seems that everyone gives an account that is based on their own experience with posting free ads! On the one hand, there is are many testimonies of sales made, website traffic gained, briefly business success. On the other hand, there is also regret of time lost posting of free classified ads websites with little or no results.

The solutions I brink to you today is how to do it correctly, free tool to submit many ads to free classified ad website and moderate paid options to automate those ads submission to more than 1000 free classified ads sites.

For your information, the whole process of free classified ads posting is great for both internet marketers, local business owners, etc. For online marketers or bloggers, the process plays another role of valuing one’s website/blog as Search Engines see it as a leading website with mutual relations with others.

Definition: What's A Free Classified Ad?

Free classified ads online stand for small advertisements people put on websites that accepts such ads for free. So, whether someone wants to sell or buy something or to find or offer a job, that practice of posting related ad is what is termed a “free classified ad.”

This means that anyone wishing to have their ads noticed by target audience can have them post to free classified ads online. This means that:

==Lawyers can leverage these free opportunities and show up to target audience;

==Local business owners or medium sized companies can use Free classified ads websites to post their ads for free!

==Bloggers or marketers: the fact of posting ads to free ads websites kills two birds with one stone: this helps them to gain visibility/findability in search engines in less than 24 hours! Guess a post on a website that Google may rank and show to target audience in a month (min a month, maximum a year) months) can be live in between 3 min to 24 hours! This is achieved because these Free Classified websites have good ranks in search engines; they have authority or value in the eyes of Google search engines for example. Bloggers then can leverage posting their ads for free.

Post Free Classified Ads Online, They Have Golden Benefits

  • Classified ad marketing is fast! Below 24 hours—live
  • People actually look at classified ads to buy something ==People ready to take actions (buy/subscribe, etc.)
  • Classified ad marketing offers a great value (backlinks)

==A backlink is simply an external link that can drive a user to another site; showing then interconnectivity and collaboration between sites. Websites are managed by people and a person in nature does not know everything…. directing a user to another website testifies that there is complementarity/mutuality in satisfying a online visitor. This is well-valued by Search Engines like Google and Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.

  • Did you know that classified ad marketing is great for SEO?

==Backlinks as I have explained make search engines’ indexing bolts feel that your sites is ubiquitous: it is an authority site that is discoverable almost everywhere! This means that your site itself benefits your ads on the Free Classified Ads online sites!

  • Using Free classified ads one site will get you more traffic to your YouTube or vlog videos. Whether you have videos elsewhere online, adding related links into your ads can boost traffic there and then give related privileges.

Do This for Your Free Classifieds Ads Online

 I have seen laments about bad experience by marketers out there. But the question is whether they really did it well! If some are failing and other succeeding, this does not mean that there a haphazard effect: there is an explanation …. The successful ones are doing it right by considering a set of related actions, while those failing are missing or not taking some related actions. So, before lamenting about bad experience with your free classified ads online, tell me…have you done these?

Ninja Tricks for Successful Free Classified Ads Online

  • Product/Service Description

==You should describe your product/service in way that creates a picture in the mind of your ad reader. Where your reader’s coat and ask yourself what might push to stop and read an ad!

==If it is allowed, put a nice picture. Give a synopsis of the problem it solves, how it’s different from others, where to find relevant information and then Call to Action (CTA).

  • Showcase your product/service’s REAL value

==Create your ad with sale funnel in mind as it may be the first time that ad reader see/hear about your product/service, create a real problem your product/services solves for that particular ad reader/viewer.

==Demonstrated in one or two sentences how your product or service will either (1) save them time/money, (2) educate or help that particular ad viewer/reader tangibly, ….

  • Optimizing Your ad for SEO purposes

==You need to search for keywords related the ad you want to post in free classified ads sites. People are prompted to your ads after typing some phrases related to your ads in search engines. If you randomly twanged your ad wording anyhow…how is anyone going to be directed to it?

==Take time, look for nice keywords (low competitive ones and preferably use a keyword search tool. I personally use Jaaxy, a facility available for premium members at Wealthy Affiliate [That One Entrepreneur Training Platform that helped many marketers to earn now six-figure income per month, Click and Check Related Unbiased Review].

  • Tailor your Ad to the Free Classified Ad website’s Offers

==Look at that free ad platform, especially the paid ads it displays…see how ads are created/worded, especially the target buyers! Reading first that free classified ads styles and analysing what they normally offer to prospect visitors will hint you on the style of your future ads.

==Killer-headlines: fitting keywords in ad headlines that create a sentiment of missing something if a viewer/reader bypass it is a great tool. Your prospective buyers are human beings and there a related well-evidenced “buyers’ psychology.” Exploit these findings related findings to maximize your ads reach and leads, which makes you get a potential buyer of your product/services.

How to Post Free Classified Ads Online

There three ways to post your free ads on websites that allows you to do so. There is a (1) manual posting, (2) automated using free software, and (3) automated through paid services that submit ads to free classified ads websites for you.

Post Manually

This is probably where you need to start if you’re a newbie or a minimalist budget user. I have seen the benefits of posting manually on the classified free ads: you gain a lot of experience, you become a resource person on how to do it.


  • Register if you’re required to;
  • See terms of use;
  • See how paid ads are worded/styles of ads on that particular free classified ads site;
  • Word your ad in accordance to attention getting, catchy image, value of the product/service to advertise and choose a catchy/killer-headline or title for your ad.
  • Post your ads (if possible in different categories: work from home, business, volunteering, classes, etc.

==for an ad about referral program/subscription/money making course online.

  • Share your ad on social media

It’s the better to visit Alexa Rankings in order to determine the High Traffic Free Classified Ad Posting Sites to start with.

To clear the air about Alexa, it should be noted that it’s California Data Firm that does various services including that of websites’ traffic analysis to measure their popularity. It’s said it measure a website’s popularity index by:

Combining a website’s estimated average daily unique users/visitors and its estimated number of pageviews over the past three months. To be accurate, Alexa is said to use either Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer extensions, that is, approximately 25,000 of those extensions (Source: Wilson, 2019 at

Automated Posting on the Free Classified Ads Sites

There are two ways to get one’s ads posted automatically of those site. One is three a free Software, downloadable at, or by using paid services for your ad submission.

I’m not kidding here…please, if you have understood the value of posting on Free Classified Ad online, try this Free Ad Automation Software package and post ads on more than 1000 classified ads websites at a go!

You can Get a Free One Too! Just Give it a Try!

The developers evaluated these tools value to $597 but you can get those pro marketing ad submitters for free now!

Inquire and select your plan for moderate prices to get an ad noticed in Free Classified ads online at:


It should be noted that Ad Posting service has an automated service for you to pay and an ad posted on more than 1000 classified ad sites (They even creates Call To Action for your ad).

Affiliate Links in Free Classified Ads Posting

This is great for marketers, bloggers, and anyone wishing to maximize an ad if ever it would get a chance for a click.

Given in order of popularity according to Alexa ranking, here are top ten Free Classified Ads Sites that do not mind you putting an affiliate link in an ad.


Free Classified Ads Sites 

Alexa Ranking





















High Traffic Free Classified Ad Posting Sites

To save you time, I have tried to get free classified ads sites that has more value. Remember to try those with high traffic, see their posting styles and terms of use. Some are strict to location (My ads were removed from because I am not in the UK!).

Top Free Classified Ads in USA

There are many and each has what it specializes in that one may fail to accurately rank them. Otherwise, it is going to be subjective as I’m recommending each following an added value it would present if you posted there!

For example, I would recommend beginner bloggers to start with:

  • Craigslist: This is a mother in the USA’s free classified ads history! But no affiliate links, its terms of use are fierce for beginner bloggers and marketers. But you can always try it.
  • Free Classified Ads (as it is a former directory, with an estimation of 1 million users, one can get some sales, I dare guess.
  • Free Local Classified Ads: will display your ad in more than 500+ USA cities;
  • Classified Ads is also great (you can upgrade to paid options)
  • At Free Classifieds, you get your ad posted for 90 days for free. It can lead to your YouTube profit to as you’re allowed to embed your YouTube Channel videos, which makes then rank higher in the search engines;
  • Classified Ads;
  • Free Classified Ads
  • Lead Club Classifieds

Top Ten Free Classified Ads Websites in United Kingdom


Bonus for those in UK: try also:

  • TheCoolAds
  • (worldwide advertising for free)

Classified Ads Sites in Australia

  • HotToFind
  • (business advertising)
  • FreeAdsAustralia
  • (no registration)


In this “Post Free Classified Ads Online [See Their Golden Benefits],” I have walked you through the notion of posting free ads! I have shared tricks to get good results whenever you post an ad on the free classified ads online: (1) Describe your ad, throw curiosity on (use a catchy image with keywords written on it), (2) killer-headlines created around keywords, (3) show value of product/service advertised (does it save a reader’s money? Solve a problem? SHOW how it benefits tangibly your ad reader/viewer) and (4) then see what the classified ad site normally promotes to help you word (get good style) your ad while tailoring it to potential buyers’ needs of coming to that site.

Equally, I have shared benefits for your free classified ads online posting (backlinks, SEO rankings, etc.) and then free tool (see Coolmarketingsoftwares) to submit many ads to free classified ad website. Moderate paid options to automate those ads submission to more than 1000 free ads websites via professionals is available at Classified

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