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Hello there…. Are you asking “what does policy analyst do?” You’re a policy analyst and need hints on policy analyst jobs, how to share policy related tips online and make money, or how you can continue working on your current job while making passive income online? Well, this post gives a set of policy analyst jobs and what a policy analyst does….See a policy’s analyst knowledge set and what s/he is required to be able to… Spot these jobs carefully by reading fully my tips.

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What does policy analyst do?

Online Based Business of Policy Analysts

Earning Money Online from Sharing Policy related tips

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Monetizing Techniques: Online policy analyst salary

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what does policy analyst do?

Under this heading, it is worth clarifying some concepts like:

  • Policy
  • Policy analysis
  • Policy evaluation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Policy
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Share Policy Tips: Make Money!

Under this subheading, I have chosen to be back to my previous definitions of the concept “policy”:

  • Policy is a decision or guideline to create, regulate, stabilise, or enhance distributions of limited resources.
  • Some sort of outlines and basic plan of the implementation of either a given work, leadership, or way of acting;
  • A statute that contains the principles for directing a planned way of acting & consistently to achieve a particular goal. It is the result of a synergy, compromise or even competition between ideas, theories, ideologies and interests representing a country’s political system, (Hermawati, 2016);

 Policy Analysis

Government policy Analysis, is the use of various research methods and arguments to generate and transfer information relevant to the policy so that it can be utilized in political level in order to solve policy problems (Dunn, 1988).

Another classic definition that is worth mentioning by Quade (1975: 4) “…analysis is either equated with the separation or breaking up of a problem into its basic elements or constituent parts, much as we disassemble a clock or machine,” (Meiring, )

In the same perspective, Anderson (1982: vii) defines policy analysis

as a “… systematic examination and explanation of the formation of

public policy, its substantive content and its impact and consequences

Policy Evaluation

Under this subheading, I’m going to quote two classic definitions:

Anderson’s (1979): Evaluation is the “appraisal of assessment of policy including its content implementation and impact

Jones’s (1987) where policy evaluation is “an activity designed to judges the merits of government programs which varies significance in the specification of objects, the techniques measurement and methods of analysis”

Concerning the fact whether policy evaluation and analysis are the same or can be used interchangeably, (Meiring, 2002) is clear:

Policy analysis is described as the dissection, isolation and systematic examining and explaining of policy phenomena or components to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of each part or action. Policy evaluation is seen as complementary to policy analysis and is seen as an assessment, an appraisal of policy content and to determine the impact and consequences

This really shows that even though the two processes are complementary, they cannot substitute each other. Each has got its role in the policy process. Policy evaluation lies on the determination of the worth/merit/value of a given policy. There are many models used to carry out policy evaluation including CIPP (Context, Input, Process, Product) evaluation model, DEM-Discrepancy Evaluation Model, etc. As far as policy analysis is concerned, some analysis techniques used include SWOTS, etc.

Public, Private, and Social Policies

The Government’s decision to undertake an action shall bring a good impact to the life of its citizens

What the government has chosen to do or not do (Brigman & Davis, 2005)

A series of actions set and implemented or not implemented by the Government which have a specific/oriented purpose in the interest of all people (Laswell & Kaplan,1970)

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Policy: Roadmap for Developing a Nation

Appoint a term/concept to explain the choice of certain actions very distinctive/specific as in certain areas like the sectors of public facilities, transportation, education, health, housing/welfare, etc.

One specific public policy is the one carried or that target citizens’ social welfare. Such policy is termed “social policy.”

  • A social policy is:

It is one of the forms of public policy. It refers to the determination of the collective design to prevent social problems, overcoming social problems and promoting welfare as State obligation to fulfil the social rights of its inhabitants (Suharto, 2006a).

For example, a social policy points at what the government does to improve the quality of human life through the provision of various income allowances, civic services and other social benefits programs.

Online Based Business of Policy Analysts

To begin, doing policy analysis involves, but is not limited to, doing:

  1. An inventory or search phase, limited in scope and directed at a particular issue.
  2. A constrained search for alternatives, which are then all usually evaluated and displayed to the client.
  3. The preparation of memoranda, issue papers, policy papers, or draft legislation.
  4. A particular client, be it a chief executive, an elected official, a public interest group, a neighborhood, or a bank, likely to have a particular perspective on the problem.
  5. An issue or problem orientation, described alternatively as a reactive posture.
  6. A time horizon often compromised by terms of elected officials and uncertainty.
  7. A political approach to getting things accomplished, (Patton and Sawicki, 2002).

I’m on the way of answering “What does policy analyst do?” This then means that a policy analyst can work in one of the following posts:

  • of developing new policies for public/private agencies/organizations; in this case one work as a public policy analyst;
  • non-profit organizations or media outlets;
  • International organizations

Earning Money Online from Sharing Policy related tips

Every career has newbies and students that are majoring in it. Now, if you have some notions about policy analysis and evaluation, you can make a fortune online from either newbies in the policy analyst career, interns, students (majoring in policy and development studies, public policy, program evaluation, etc.) You can earn online by:

  • giving example of policies;
  • examples of policy analysis;
  • differentiation of policy analysis from policy evaluation;
  • delineation of policy analysis and policy evaluation;
  • policy evaluation models
  • policy analysis techniques
  • examples of elements included in the classic comprehensive planning;
  • systematic procedures of policy evaluation or/and analysis;
  • supplying students with a tool box of analytical techniques;
  • showing the benefits of the combination of “traditional learning and learning by doing” policy analysis/evaluation;
Share about Policy Online: Earn

If you’re a lecturer for example, you can dig deep in theories and come out with quick notes and topics that may interest your audience. Think of giving them information about the importance and how to:

  • Learn the language of policy planning.
  • Learn to write with organization, clarity and precision.
  • Learn to use supporting documentation (maps, charts, graphs) effectively.
  • Learn to speak publicly, delivering critical information concisely.
  • Learn to develop simple models that are supported theoretically and empirically.
  • Learn to evaluate the distributional aspects of policies and programs.
  • Learn to incorporate political factors into analysis.
  • Learn to advocate uncomfortable positions.
  • Learn to work under time constraints and to allocate analytic resources.
  • Develop management skills and the ability to work in, and/or direct a team.
  • Learn how to obtain policy-relevant data, through efficient search techniques and persistence.
  • Practice the sifting and synthesizing of mountains of seemingly irrelevant reports and memoranda.
  • Practice using secondary data sources.
  • Develop quantitative analytic skills.
  • Develop skills for qualitative analysis.
  • Learn to design effective program implementation guidelines.
  • Learn to cope with uncertainty in a policy context by being flexible and tolerating false starts and dead ends.
  • Learn to read and understand legislative language.
  • Learn how to develop a program of researched analysis for staff.
  • Learn to be sceptical of their own solutions as well as those of other analysts, (Patton and Sawicki, 2002).

===Your audience (newbies in the policy analyst career, interns, students [majoring in policy and development studies, public policy, program evaluation, etc.]) hunger badly for information you will be sharing with them. Many bloggers don’t go deeply into these details as either this is not their field or simply as it requires research for supportive theories by think tanks or great thinkers in this field!

By doing what others don’t, you excel over them and can make a living from your excellence in detailing what others tackle shallowly.


Quade, E. S. (1975). Analysis for Public Decisions (New York: American Elsevier Publishing Co, 1975).

Meiring. (2002). The nature and importance of policy analysis and evaluation in the local sphere of government: University of Fort Hare

Hermawati, I. (2016). Matakuliah Model Evaluasi Program/Kebijakan

Hermawati, I. (2015). Matakuliah Dasar Analisis Kebijakan

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How to Set everything: Get the Help you Need

Settings required to get Started

There is a set of setting required for you to be able to make penny online. After determining your niche or audience, you also need a:

  • website/blog;
  • audience’s needs monitoring tool (Keyword Search Tool; I personally use Jaaxy);
  • set of skills in writing killer-headlines;
  • set of skills in writing quality contents

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Monetizing Techniques: Online policy analyst salary

What’s more, there is a set of monetizing techniques you can place on your website/blog to earn money online by sharing policy related tips.

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Wrapping Up

In this post “Policy Analyst Jobs: Share Tips Online and Make Money, I have tried to answer your “what does policy analyst do?” question. You’ve learned about the potential policy analyst jobs, how to share policy related tips online and make money, or how you can continue working on your current job while making passive income online. Especially, I have suggested topics you may cover as there are thousands of people hungering for your tips on policy analysis and evaluation. Are you a student/teacher….in policy related fields? Try my tips and Start your journey as an online marketer today. Good Luck

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