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Hello fellow teachers

I hope this post finds you well… Today once again, I would like to walk you through Online Jobs for Teachers …. Yes… Hustle money-making jobs… Relatively new, aren’t they? One way of doing it is through content marketing… I am also going to show you an example of an Economics teacher who managed to set up a system that integrate him to the seven-figure income club! You also need to set up your own system to make money by doing side hustle work… Wanted to know it? Read on!

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a new form of marketing whereby valuable, helpful, and relevant information is availed, shared and distributed online to a specific audience that hungers or a starves for it…. All of this is done to derive profitable actions taken by that specific audience to benefit that content or information creator.

A Tablet Featuring
A Tablet Featuring “Online Marketing” on its screen

=== Content can take many forms or formats: it can either be a text, audio, image and video

it should be noted that content is any information viewed and shared online (Ramos, 2013)

A teacher then can create information that can benefit a singled-out-target audience…. this section of people can take some actions as the teacher suggests them to…. This can be a unique way of creating Online Jobs for Teachers…Yes…teachers creating their own jobs through content creation.

=== Do you want to share your information through podcasts, You Tube Channel, Website/Blog, or Vlog….It’s up to you…but consider the format of your content as you decide your sharing channel!

Depending on your expertise or education, you can create some pieces of information that are meant to answer students’ or people’s problems….. And when you focus on being problem-solving oriented, such valuable information you create, avail and share might earn a living! Read on!

Some teachers don’t believe it (You might among them…)…. Yesterday I shared a link on how my fellow teachers can just know better and make extra money online… a fellow teacher from Europa (from Swiss, in his late fifties) disarmed me…. He said “No! Thanks…there is no passive income Oscar… There is no financial freedom…..”

After this response I exclaimed …”Why on earth people do not believe in new trends…they have internet…they can view and verify from sources they trust!

Content marketing as a new form of marketing

This means that some people may not be aware about it yet… Which means that some people do not have some success stories yet about content marketing

But this implies also that’s scams online have damaged any credibility of a decent business online whereby someone could be making sound money without any dirt on it…

=== Content Marketing and earning from it is not a scam….BUT MANY RELATED SCAMMY websites abound, I have to admit it….Fear dudes promising you the sky….yes the easy-get-rich or get-quick rich schemes….I got ensnared in their nets some time ago….But now I’m talking about decent money making online trough side hustling as a content marketer! Look at What my Mentors are getting:>>>>>Click and See Michael and Huang

Help Online

As a teacher, the first recommendation that I’d like to tell you is to be helpful enough by being a source of information.. Yes… Be someone who answers people’s questions fully and maximally. You may exclaim Yourself Oscar… You talking about business… And how you bring HELPING topics!

A women stretching a help hand
Let’s stretch a help hand while earning bucks

Yes because to be able to get your content consumers or readers to take actions that are related to spending money on things YOU suggest is not that easy if ever you yourself don’t do anything…. At least by creating contents or helpful information.. their problems, questions, queries, needs, desires, or wants are answered or given a particular solution for free….

For the sake of help, you will read research articles, proceedings papers, research findings, or even scientific journals…just for the sake of documenting the information you want to offer your audience….

=== But make sure the language you used in the contents are not academic or sophisticated….be rather communicative as if you talk to someone that’s having a real problem…sound as a real helper…. This is the starting point of creating your own Online Job as a Teacher!

Illustrative Scenarios

1. Let’s say you are a biology teacher…. You know much about food, both organic and inorganic, and you can start business based on description of this kind of foods, what they do in the body how healthy or unhealthy they are…. The benefits for food to a category of people (toddlers, teenagers, lactating women, elderly, etc) …. By getting a permission to promote Amazon’s products (food for example), you can earn sound money through what is called affiliate marketing:

===> Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing whereby a continent owner promotes other people’s products or goods/services…. The owners of the products promoted by that content creator give him or her access to the product links that he or she shares on his website or blog…. When someone clicks on these links, they are directly to Amazon… Whenever they purchase from Amazon an item, the content creator earns some commissions

2. The food technology teacher.… The same that applies for the biology teacher applied to you as well…. You can describe foods, there are benefits, they’re calorie contents, etc. You can also earn money through promoting other people’s products or services

3. The language teacher.… You can create valuable information about a course…. (French/English/Japanese/Swahili/German/Chinese Mandarin/Spanish, etc.)

You can create a course that includes levels: novice, beginner, intermediate, advanced and master

For each level, just put related exercises and assessment tool …you can even leverage this by making a thorough study and identifying core areas that are difficult for international test takers like those taking IELTS, TOEFL, CGE O Level, etc. then put exercises.

Click and See a Related article “Easy Gift Ideas for Teachers: ‘Try the Earn Online THING

=== Through creating that kind of problem-solving oriented contents, your target audience are going to start to be positive or think positively about your intention to create this information.

By being helpful enough, you can build Trust among your audience to the extent that they trust you entirely and become ready to take any action you suggest them to…. They are not only your readers but they are also your customers as well…. So a customer is a king…. You’ve got to treat where your customer

Knowing What your Audience Wants

This is a great effort to know what you target audience is encountering as trouble or problems! There are three main ways to monitor your target audience’s current problems/wants or questions for which they need answers for:

1) visiting social question and answer websites:

AllExperts, Quora,, JustAnswers, etc.

===> At such websites… some people ask questions about their worries….. And then others answer…. So, type in the categories that are related to your expertise… You will see that the answers given there are not satisfactory…just leverage the opportunity by answering a specific question deeply through creating a related and documented content!

2) Twitter

Twitter is also a great tool that is very informative in terms of knowing what your target audience have been questioning or starving to know

=== Go in the Twitter search space and simply type any phrase related to your expertise… And see what people have been typing 6 months ago… this can be informative enough to create problem-solving oriented contents… That are meant to solve problems contained in those tweets

3) The Use of Keyword Search Tool

This is the most accurate and most formative as it shows the average frequency of how many times a given keyword or phrase has been typed in search engines…. Search tools also inform you on the traffic and competition around such a keyword (Quoted Search Results, QSR)

===> Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool is my favorite as it helps me achieve or grab necessary information about a particular keyword….

===> You can combine the three ways and then come out with tremendous results on monitoring your target audience’s problem/needs or queries!

More requirements to earn online

You should have, on the top of owning determining a (1) niche (target audience/potential customers/section of market), need to:

(2) a website or blog (SiteRubix at Wealthy Affiliate (WA) helps you to build a Website in less than 5 minutes), (3) Keyword Search or Hunt (Jaaxy, a tool which is free for Wealthy Affiliate premium members is the leading in this industry), (4) compelling/killer-headlines, (5) Quality content (written with the spirit of help and problem-solving tone) will lead you to be ranked high on the top pages in the search engines…which will bring huge traffic to your website/blog. With traffic, you have the possibility to earn money online!

Download this Ultimate Guide for Free (More guidance is concisely put there)

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Case Study: An Economics Teacher

The name of our fellow teacher who managed to cope with side hustle business is Brian Weitzel. He’s a high school economics teacher, in Detroit, USA!

What content did create?

=== Hosting a business Podcast known as “”Ride Your Money Wave”

What figures is he making?

=== He professed he reached a $1 million net worth last year

How old is he?

=== He’s 35 (in 2019), thanks to a system he put in place years ago.

Other businesses he owns:

=== Two rental properties and photography business

The peak of his seven figure-income story is that

“Brian Weitzel, a high school economics teacher recently featured on the personal-finance blog ESI Money, said he reached a $1 million net worth last year, at age 35, thanks to a system he put in place years ago”

===Dear teacher, a content marketing business can act as the system Mr. Weitzel set up some time ago! It can create a sort of online jobs for teachers

I have success stories at a given platform called Wealthy Affiliate. The latter is an online Entrepreneur certification training with 14 year of experience! It helped my mentor Huang and Michael to integrate a six-figure monthly income club…. This content marketing THING is real…It’s not that we don’t know that it’s weird …The only means to patiently find out is GIVING IT a TRY!

Join Wealthy Affiliate (WA) as Starter (a free Membership, >>>>safe as no credit card info required)

A Wealthy Affiliate Earning per month
My Mentor’s (Michael Success) Proof at WA


In this post “Online Jobs for Teachers”, I have walked you through a side Hustle online business that you too as a teacher can give a try. I have shown that content marketing can be a system that you may set up to generate income for you even before leaving your current job! I have shared with you ultimate guide concisely showing the basics you need to understand as a newbie in the domain of content marketing… The Spirit of Help is the starting point for any content marketer and I have shown you how to monetize your help online.

Don’t hesitate to email me in case you need a free individualized coaching…. remember also to subscribe for newsletter about tricks and hints on doing online business as a side hustle system for your future.

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