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Are you looking for Online business for students? Well you are at the hub! I’m going to show you how YOU as a student can set up and run your own online business from your own campus hostel…. Yes sitting on your bedroom on campus and set up your own business that is likely to generate money in the future even before you finish your studies (it’s sure but not a get-very-rich-quickly scheme!!) … Interesting, isn’t it? Yes it is because here at this website we teach people to set up their own business from scratch…..

How that without any investment? well…. There’s always investment: your ideas, time, and help to online searchers through what we call “content marketing” is all your capital or assets…. Do you want to know how? Read on!

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is a form of marketing whereby, valuable, helpful, and relevant information is availed, shared, and distributed to a specific audience that hungers or starves for it… All of this being done for that valuable information creator to get lucrative benefits from actions taken by the target audience.

Have you been asking yourself “how your business would work without any capital?”

A Tablet Featuring
A Tablet Featuring “Online Marketing” on its                                           screen

===>Well… You you will capitalize your ideas….. You will monetize your help to others!

Through creating video, image, audio or video contents that will be shared to those needing them either on a website, blog or simply via a You Tube channel!

===>To maximize your help, you’ve gotta to determine your niche

Determine a Niche: Have an Idea about Your Potential Customers

The question is:

===>Who is going to be your target audience?    

As you are able to answer this question then… You have already set up for who will be your information customers… Because a niche is a section of Market, it is YOUR target audience, …yes… that section of a population that you will be providing information to…

To be successful, you should be specific in terms of what you’d really like to help your target audience sort out!

My humble piece of advice is also that you should choose to help people in it domain or area you have some experience, expertise, or at least in one you will not lack ideas when you start writing contents to your information consumers! An area where you can come out with at least 20 posts…. Written about that specific domain to a specific audience… I hope you get that!

Niches that Were Proven Lucrative

#1 Lost of weight for women

#2 Lost of weight for men

#3 Muscle building

#4 Lost of fat for teenagers, over weighted kids, fat weight loss, weight loss for man’s boobs (weight loss for any specific part of the body)

#5 Curing diabetes

#6 Dieting===> which can be further broken into a more specific like eating organic food, eating in organic foods, juicing (industrial vs home made?), etc.

#7 Teeth whitening

#8 Depression management

#9 Money making online

#10 Relationship (which can be further broken into managing failure of relationship or getting ready for a new relationship)

#11 Blogging

#12 Learning a new language

#13 Self improvement: which can be broken itself into specific domain like self-esteem and self-confidence boosting, setting and achieving goals, long life learning, leadership, spirituality, etc.

Scenarios: Understanding Helpful Information Consumption Process

  1. Someone comes online because they have healthy issues…. they need some solutions on how to lose weight….

===> Let’s suppose you’re a teacher/student of physical education, nutrition sciences, …you have got a plenty of possibilities to help….

      2. You write contents on how to lose belly fat for example…. how to minimize calorie consumption

===> The person in scenario 1 will have answers to their queries!

Note that the aforementioned list of profitable niches is not exhaustive! …. But it gives you an idea where to start… I don’t like you to lose time in what some dudes online are just doing…. They are telling people to test their niche…. Which is time-consuming…. Why not just integrate yourself in a niche that is proven to be productive…. Lucrative? the list that I have given includes niches that are making people rich out there at least choose an idea that best suits your case!

Setting a Website or a Blog

In recent years, setting or running a website was a daunting issue…. But with the advancement of technology, owning a website is no longer frightening!

Bluehost, Bluehost House China, SiteRubix, etc. are all Technologies designed to help people set up their own websites in a short time.

WordPress can even allow you set up your own blog for free… But you need to buy a domain (around 6-20$/a year) and then pay a hosting fee (around $360/year)

SiteRubix is my recommendation….. Ask me why…. well…, to begin, this service is offered by wealthy affiliate, a 14-year-of-experience Online Entrepreneur Certification Platform… This facility has a number of advantages over others giving the same services:

1) it allows you set up your own website in less than 5 minutes, incredible… Isn’t it?

2) you pay only $19 for the first month….. And then $49/month for subsequent payments with possibilities to get to discount if ever one pays for 6 months or a year at a go! As you go yearly, you can reduce the monthly payment to $29/month

3) you get access to very powerful training….. they even teach you how to make money within the same platform…. Yes through what they call Wealthy Affiliate Referral Program

===> In this sort of program, you gain recurrent monthly passive income by referring others to join and upgrade to premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate

A picture showing Wealthy Affiliate Landing Page
Wealthy Affiliate Landing Page

4) they have in-built Keyword Search Tool known as Jaaxy (to be able to get low competitive Keywords around which to build your headlines, which rank you in top pages of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.)

The Spirit of a Help at the Heart of a Content Marketing Online Business

The root lies in the determination of the niche…. You have to choose an area that is comfortable for you… Especially the one that you have experience and expertise as I have said… this because you need to maximize your help to online searchers!…. As you fake your help… You will lose credibility…. If people feel that you are not helping them evenly, then they will walk away from you…. This is money that is gone to your competitors…. Keep this in mind!

The spirit of help comes in when when you take pain reading books, reading proceeding papers, reading scientific research findings, searching online… Just for one purpose to maximally HELP your target audience!

===>You’ve to consider your audience as real persons you are talking to and then offer real answers to their real problems using communicative language…. That is a language that is plain and easy to understand fully for those who are not experts…..

A women stretching a help hand
Let’s stretch a help hand while earning bucks

Monitoring your Audience’s Searches Online

There are different ways one can monitor what their target audience are talking about…. The problem they are encountering…. questions they need solutions for…

===>How on earth are you going to know this?

There is always a way out….

Number one: go to social question-answer websites….like, AllExperts, JustAnswer, Quora, etc…. You will find many questions in your domain or your niche…. But the answers given there will be shallow… And that’s where you take your advantage…. Then create a related content … Go deeply into answering the same questions…. clear every problem…. Answer very question…

Number Two: there is specific and accurate way to monitor what people are typing in search engines… Well… To know it you have got use a Keyword Search Tool…

There are many keyword search tools…. There are those paid and free ones…. But don’t you go free because this has its own limitation!

I used a paid Keyword Search tool called Jaaxy…. But I use it freely as it’s free for premium members at Wealthy Affiliate

Keywords Search Tools like Jaaxy allow you to find low competitive keywords…. Which would lead you to being ranked in the top pages in search engines like Google, Baidu, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.

===> Standards for low competitive keywords is average above 50 (the higher, the better), Quoted Search Results (QSR) below 100 (the smaller, the better) and traffic that is above 50 (funny websites or blogs) … But the ideal traffic index should be over 100!

As you are ranked among top pages in search engines, you stand a chance to get many website visitors, which leads to the high probability to turn these visitors into customers…. Then to start earning money online from them….

Sample keywords search in Jaaxy
  Sample keywords search in Jaaxy

Writing Killer-Headline and Powerful contents

You need to learn how to write killer-headlines… sort of headlines that compel people note to bypass your contents… Such headlines make visitors feel that they may lose some vital Information if they don’t read your content!

===>Low competitive keywords, monitoring your audience’s queries and the spirit of help are going to enable you come out with very original contents… Contents that really answer your audience questions… that help to solve the questions or any unpleasant situation your target audience will be going through.

===>By creating problem-solving and audience-centered contents, your target audience is going to trust to you… to see you as having authority in what you say… yes…they will start seeing you as their reliable source of information online….. Consequent to this will be that they will take any action you suggest them to….. That’s where your fortune will spring out from progressively.

Help Monetization

The guidance you offer online can be monetized as follows:

===> through putting Ads on your website: Google AdSense is a popular Ads distributor that pays for ads displayed on your website or blog. There are Ads owners’ who pay you for anyone who clicks their Ads via your website!

===>putting affiliate links: subscribe to big stores like Click Bank, Microsoft Affiliate, Amazon (USA, UK, Canada, Japan, China, etc), Alibaba, Tao Bao, etc and then get unlimited access to products’ unique links. Then put these links on your website. If some of your visitors buy something from these stores, you will get a commission (for example: if an item purchased via your website costs $30, you may get 6% for Amazon USA);

===> by creating paid services like courses, coaching, webinars, or you can even connect your offline services and advertise them on your online hub or stand (website/blog).

===> earning from referral Programs: these are programs that allow members to make money online through referring some services or premium subscriptions to others.

A patent example is that of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) whereby a premium member is paid recurrent monthly passive income as they refer new members at WA.

A Wealthy Affiliate Earning per month
My Mentor’s (Michael) Success Proof at WA


In this post “Online business for students,” I have tracked footsteps you should go through in order to set up your own business…. A business that does not require an office… A business that you can administer straight from your bedroom… This type of business was termed content marketing. To be successful you’ve got to determine a niche, set up a website or blog, monitor your target audience problems, use keywords search tool; this will enable you to come out with low competitive keywords. The latter, coupled with compelling headlines, lead to huge traffic coming to your website… Together with the spirit of help, you will build Authority and Trust in your audience… This will result in your audience’s readiness to take actions you will suggest them to… then you will start earning money online

===>If ever you feel like wanting to deepen your understanding about earning cash online. Join Wealthy Affiliate Today… It’s safe as no credit card information is required!

Click Here and Join Wealthy Affiliate (at a Free Starter membership, See how it works first while enjoying free courses)
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(1) Career Goal: To develop my skills in teaching, training, consulting and couple this experience with research and program/project evaluation, assisted by cutting-edge data analysis programmes/applications to "Bridge the Gap between Research and Entrepreneurship" (2) Why Do I Qualify to Guide You? As Co-founder/Associate at Former ODS Consultancy (A Consulting Board specialized in Market Surveys, Program/Project Evaluation and Research-Data Analysis Training), Now Associate of KANTAS Consulting, and PhD Student, Oscar is in the Position to Guide and Foil for You Woes/Foes in the Scammy World of Online Marketers!

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  1. Very well written oscar!

    I’m still in the niche choosing stage and god, does it take a long time for me to choose! I was thinking of promoting fat loss products for teens but the making money online sounds great too – That is, until I saw that the weight loss part has a higher rank, wow!

    A few years back, this niche wasn’t very popular, now I know what I should choose. I have a few topics a to write about for my blog and I can’t wait to get started. Do you think my blog can grow nicely if I have little experience in blogging?

    1. Thank Shah for your appreciation of this article.

      Determining a niche is tricky but my experience and research have shown that health related niches can be the most profitable…But experience, expertise or at least the fact of liking that particular field/niche will allow you to show knowledgeability in the information you share with your target audience.

      Thank you again for your reading…at least you have decided on your niche to this article; this means we’re helping in some way.

  2. Thank you for sharing this valuable information. I agree with you that a Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing platform to start an online business for everyone. They teach how to build a blog, how to drive traffic, and how to make money from any affiliate program and network. it is worth to try it because it is NOT expensive. 

    1. Thank you Msaaf for your comment. I’m happy that you too have the same appreciation of Wealthy Affiliate. At least I’m not alone to have seen it! Some think that running a biz online does not require any skills…but at least you testify as well that Wealth Affiliate teaches a number of required settings to run successfully a given business on content marketing.

      The payment at Wealthy Affiliate as you said is not expensive as the first month is $19 while subsequent monthly payment is $49 that can be $29/month if one goes yearly.

      Thank you again for commenting.

  3. A very interesting blog and niche. I definitely agree with your purpose and how it your information will be of benefit for students. For those of us, who were once a student, we can understand the financial situations for many, who do not have wealthy backgrounds.

    I wish, that I knew what I know now, and started making money online with the programs that you have recommended, when I left high school. I think my life would be in a much better place right now. However, rather than dwell on that, I have invited my 19 year old to joining my affiliate programs and she is now earning from her very own brand.

    I truly believe, in what you have posted. Students should be encouraged to join and make money online, to teach them the values of being young entrepreneurs. I have two more teenagers in high school, and they too, will also be joining my affiliate programs soon, to ensure that they have a great financial stability in the future as well. I think, the young people have the technical skills and intelligence to become online business owners.

    Thank you for your article. I appreciate the helpful information that you have provided.

    1. Thank Tuakalau for your appreciate of the article…

      As a teacher, I felt the need to start telling students to try long term goals of setting passive income. We teach them entrepreneurship and creativity; content marketing online appears suitable for most students as an application of what they study daily.

      Your feeling that you “wish you knew about marketing or setting one’s own business” when at high school illustrates that students should hurry and set their own businesses ….they should not wait upon graduation to start.

      Thank you again for passing and showing that this path of earning money online really works.

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