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How may I start? Yes…with a disclaimer: the “how to work at home and earn money” online should not to be confused with idleness or passivity. One is not passive….they just can’t lay on their beds and be generating money unless the machinery is set!… But I’m here advocating the fact that one of can work at home and make money from that work based from there. At home, one can either work after they return home after regular daily work…. Or simply your health condition maybe the cause or reason behind your going to work from home… Pregnant women for example or of the disabled are concerned with this post. Read on!

Have your Ever Heard of Content Marketing?

Content marketing stands for a form of marketing whereby someone creates, avails, shares, and distributes valuable, helpful and relevant information to a target audience that really hungers or starves for receiving such for information of value… All of this information creation is aimed at driving some lucrative actions taken by such a specific audience to benefit that content or valuable information creator.

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It should be noted that content refers for any information viewed or shared online and it can take different formats including image, audio, text or video (Ramos, 2013)

===>The good news is that your too can create contents and distribute them to a specific section of people that your have targeted or determined to be your content consumers!

Like, Experience and Expertise: Used to Generate Contents

Now the question is:

  • What do your like in your life?
  • Do your have any work experience?
  • Do your have a level of education or training that confers your some sort of expertise?
  • Do your have any fields that really impresses your and that your would not lack ideas to talk about …if asked to create unlimited information about that particular field?

===> I’m asking this because they are crucial to generating helpful, valuable, and relevant information that is needed by people who really would like to have someone to guide them around a given issue

===> To be able to generate high quality content, your should LIKE the field they are talking about, have experience in that particular field, or simply be skilled at doing something in this field. If one of these is answered positively, then I can hope that your may or your will be able to generate endless contents that your target audience will be starving to hear.

Help Online: Guide Others

With this experience, expertise, or simply by liking to talk about a particular field or topic, your’re in the position of being able to help others…

Depending on this, your can guide people who have health problem, people who want to lose or gain weight, develop their muscles, guide people (women, men, teenagers, the kids with overweight, etc.) on losing fat at their particular part of the body (boobs, upper arm, etc.) .

  • For those who have experience or expertise in biology or food technology, they can help people about deciding which food to eat (organic or inorganic?), juices to drink (homemade vs industrial?), and many other issues related to dieting.===> As your see this niche is abroad, which requires that anyone who is interested in it should break it down in order to address specific people or audience.===> Addressing or trying to help in a broad area or Field can make your lose credibility and authority in the eyes of your target audience…. So, it’s better to be specific enough to be seen by your target audience as their own number one resourceful and information provider.
  • As a mother or a father, your can guide people on relationships…. There is a big number of people starving to hear your share how to start relationship, how to manage a post relationship failure period (when a boy or girl is dumped, ..some even tend to kill themselves)….You see your have a lot of to share…. Families both new and those supposed to be steady can your cross some hard times of misunderstandings due to different factors…. So, your can address them if ever your feel qualified in this field.
  • If your are a language teacher or student…. You can teach people languages like French, German, Chinese, English, Spanish, etc.
A women stretching a help hand
Let’s stretch a help hand while earning bucks

===> Following my expertise and experience, I’ve seen that people succeed in this niche if they set the language teaching program into levels: novice, beginner, intermediate, advanced and master levels

===> They then create exercises, quizzes, assessment exercises for each level;

===> If dedicated to teach a language that has international tests…. Then it’s always better to make a thorough search and try to see where test takers fail most…. Address the issues that are often difficult for most testees, create exercises meant to make those examinees or students to master that particular difficulty area of language…..

  • For those in the field of psychology (students and teachers) can guide others in the field of self-esteem or self-confidence boosting, self-improvement one-for-one coaching, setting and achieving goals, managing depression, etc.
  • Those who qualify for the marketing field can talk about it … for example can guide the others on how to do marketing on internet, social media like Facebook Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.
  • You can also dedicate yourself to giving people some devotional insights for the sake of their spirituality====> These are niches that are proven to be lucrative and working for other content writers…. So, your can choose the one that suits your….And begin your journey to make money online by working at home.

Note that your sometimes painstakingly make your own research, read research or proceedings papers or other experts journals in the field your would like to help people in…. You see what I mean by “help” then….spending your time… Searching online, reading books…to satisfy someone….that’s where lies help ….. And online business for those who choose to work at home and make money based from there”

Other settings to Work and Earn Money from Working at Home

On the top of a (1) niche setting already addressed in the paragraphs above, your need a (2) website or blog as your online hub whereby people starving for the information your create will provide themselves with the solutions your offer through your contents.

===> I know and would recommend an Online Entrepreneur Certification platform that offers a lot of services including website hosting and training on money-making online

===> I earned five certificates from there and I’m still a premium member there… Their system is amazing as it allows your to create a website of your own in less than 5 minutes >>>Click here to see on SiteRubix

====>That platform is known as Wealthy Affiliate (WA)

====> Click here and join as a Starter member (it’s a safe as no credit card information is required)

(3) Keyword hunting (at WA, Jaaxy is a free Tool for premium members to hunt low competitive keywords) is also a skill your need to develop all together with (4) writing killer-headlines. This will allow your to create (5) high quality contents, which will allow your to be (6) ranked on top pages of the search engines! This is synonymous to setting the possibility to have (7) a huge traffic on your website, which on its turn is a condition prior to money-making online.

Subscription Landing Page for Jaax Key-words Search Tool
Subscription Landing Page for Jaax Key-words                                 Search Tool

Monetizing Methods

There is a set of ways or methods your can use to leverage the monetization of the guidance your give online:

  • displaying ads on your website: Google AdSense is a number one Ads distributor and your can earn money from there if your have grown a considerable number of website visitors;
  • affiliate marketing: your can promote other people’s or big stores (e.g. Amazon, Click Bank, Shopify, Ali Baba, Tao Bao, etc.) products or services….But your need first to apply for this…. When your application is successful, your are given access to an unlimited number of products links that your will put on your website…whenever someone clicks and is directed to Amazon for example…every purchase they make will leave your a commission!
  • creating your own paid service like courses, paid webinars, one-to-one coaching, data analysis services, writing content for others, etc. You can even leverage your offline services by promoting or advertising them on your online address.
  • referral programs: if ever your are a member of platforms that give incentives for members who referred new members at those particular platforms, your can make recurrent monthly income through referrals

Again, Wealthy Affiliate Has a highly paying referral program for both Starter and Premium members (Look! You can earn referral money from WA even if your don’t to upgrade to premium; but premium referral incentives are double compared to the starter’s)

Four-Colomn Commission Structure at Wealthy Affiliate
                Recurrent Passive Income from Referrals at Wealthy Affiliate


In this posted, I have shared with your How to Work at Home and Earn Money… I have advocated that your can Make Money by Guiding Others. Content marketing in the domain of your experience, expertise, field your like talking about most can earn your a living through displaying ads on your website, creating paid services, affiliate marketing, and the referral programs. Owning a website or blog, keywords search skills, killer headlines, quality content, and a few others are conditions that your have to meet gradually to start making money by working at home.

Eager to deepen your online money making knowledge? Join wealthy affiliate today… I will be happy to guide your there…. Click and Join it as Starter member to taste first how it works…(Who knows your might upgrade to premium if your are satisfied by what is offered in the free membership subscription)

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