How to Raise Funds for a Local NGO through Content Marketing

Hello social activities/charities/foundation founders, etc.

I’m pleased today to announce publicly what I have been thinking about for quite a while: How to Raise Funds for a Local NGO through Content Marketing. After connecting dots and making a number of hypotheses and simulations on ideas, here is what I came out with. You may disagree with it but my humble request is to go through it and probably some aspects of this article can make you reconsider some of your organization daily practices and policies. Ready to journey with me? Ready on!

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a new form of marketing whereby helpful, valuable, and relevant information is created, shared and distributed to a specific section of people (target audience) hungering or starving for it, all of this aiming at driving profitable actions taken by such a target audience to benefit that content/information creator.

A Content, which is any information viewed and shared online, can take a number of formats including image, audio, text or video (Ramos, 2013).

Big features of the definitions given above:

1) The creation of helpful information has an aim of making money (which you need for the implementation for your community or local projects);

2) Content=information and you can create information as you wish but make sure that the person you aim to reach (your target information consumers) are willing to pay for your ideas;

3) The content format informs on channels you can take to publish your information:

====>If you prefer textual content: a blog or website can be best channels for information delivery to the target audience. Because of the human behaviour not to like block or textual information, images can be ingredients to spice textual contents

====> If you need to deliver video contents: You Tube is the most preferred

====> If you wish to publish your contents in audio formats, podcasting it might be very suitble

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Setting the Target audience or Niche

Brainstorm with your team on the following questions:

  • Who can read our information and be ready to take actions that can help us get funds for our projects?
  • What is a niche that is likely to have many people hungering for a specific information?
  • What can we talk about to draw attention to our target audience world widely?

There is a considerable number of niches that can allow NGOs to self-fund their projects or at least contribute at some aspects of projects funding. The most popular with wider audiences are:

1) Weigh loss which narrower niches like weight loss for men, women, teens, over weighted kids, losing fat for up-arm, tummy fat, double chin, men’s boobs, etc.;

====> The content can be suggesting to audiences some exercises, workouts, supplements, foods to consume or to avoid

2) Weight gain: with narrow niches like weight gain for skinny girls, teens, moms, men, lactating women, etc;

====>Contents would include supplements and dieting pieces of advice

3) Cure Diabetes: How to cure/minimize the effects of diabetes

====>Suggest diets and supplements, foods to avoid, attitudes, etc.

4) Healthy Nutrition: Suggest nutritive attitudes with low or no health related issues

=====> By reviewing product components and the benefits or related healthy issues, you will garner a wider audience following daily your information feed

5) Depression: as mental health, addictions, etc.

====> Suggest what to do and how to do it when someone has faced such issues or has a relative/friends with depression;

====> Avail information of how to get rid of addictions (sex, drug, and other terrible obsessions)

6) Stress management:

====> Tell your audience how to manage stress

7) Self-improvement

  • People out there need information about boosting self-esteem, self-confidence;
  • Build career (for the young), achieve success;
  • Leadership development;
  • Build motivation;
  • Dream and aspirations realization

=====> All these sub-niches are great to help in and can raise funds you will need progressively in the long run.

8) You may need devoted team members or interns with talents to teach foreign languages: French, English, German, Spanish, Chinese, etc.

====> Even if there are Apps able to get you speak 43 languages, the human coaching in language learning is still sine qua none!

====> They should build the learning curriculum based on different and gradual learning levels: novice, beginning, intermediate, advanced and mastery levels. Create exercises at each level and some testing tools/devices meant to test the learners’ achievement

NB: These niches are profitable for other online content marketers who work alone; it can be more fund generator for a team like YOU as an NGOs!

Additional requirements for the fundraising through content marketing

1) Niche determination===> already explained in the previous section;

2) Website/blog: You will need a hub or an online stand where your information consumers/target audience will come and get what they want

=====> Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc) have privacy settings that prevent your contents from discoverability! However, they can still be used but not primarily

=====> Only twitter or Website/blog can be seen world widely by anyone connected on internet

Host your website at Bluehost, Bluehost china (for those in Hong Kong and thereabouts), SiteRubix at Wealthy Affiliate, etc.

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3) Keyword: There is a tool that allows you monitor accurately what your target audience has been searching in search engines ….this enables you to come out with audience centered contents… Yes contents that answer your audience’s queries/wants/problems/concerns/wishes/needs, etc.

Subscription Landing Page for Jaax Key-words Search Tool
                              Subscription Landing Page for Jaax Key-words Search Tool

======> That tool is called Keywords Search Tool: the popular is Jaaxy (that I opted to used too) with access offered for free to Wealthy Affiliate Premium members (who pay $49/monthly for training, web hosting, technical support, keyword search tool, etc. The price can be reduced to $29/month for those who pay for 12 months at a go/go yearly)

The tools informs YOU on the average of how many times a given phrase/keyword has been typed in search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing, yandex, etc., the Traffic around such a phrase, and the competition (Quoted Search Results, QSR) or number of website with which you compete over such a keyword.

====> Ideally, a good keyword should have: average above 50, Traffic above 50 (ideal above 100), QSR below 100 (the smaller the better);

4) Killer-headlines writing: You need to acquaint yourself with compelling headline writing…yes headlines that compel searchers online not to bypass your contents…but to read them. (Click and See Examples Here)

5) Quality Contents: Contents can are helpful, informative, audience-centered always build trust in the creator. This can lead to target audience taking actions whenever you suggest them to (Click and see more example on content Writing here).

6) Good rankings in search engines: Contents scrupulously built around low competitive keywords, killer-headlines, audience-centered, and problem-solving oriented are likely to be ranked in top pages of the search engines (See More Here)

===> This grow the number of visitors to your website

===> Huge website means potential profitable actions to be taken by the target audience/website visitors

Advantages NGOs have in generating Contents

As an NGO, even smaller ones, you stand a higher chances to earn/get funds through content marketing self-fund mechanism.

1) You have more than three members with different skills….this makes the generation of contents easier;

2) You can use daily activities materials to derive profitable actions:

Let’s say you have a workshop teaching the youth on avoiding drugs, sexual activities at low age/other perversions, or themes on leadership, you can upload the same video material on your You Tube Channel and the bigger the number of viewers, the higher the chance for Google Adsense to allow you apply for Ads display on your video content, which will passively generate money you need for your projects;

3) Use of interns and your status as NGO

You can recruit and use interns or any other professionals to get contents you would like to produce: medical doctors can give you interviews on topics you want to document, language teachers, physical education professionals, food technologies experts, etc. can always consent to help you produce materials that are original and professionally loaded for your self-funding effort through content marketing;

4) Allocate some budgets for quality contents creation: camera, incentives for interns/professionals always helping to create contents, or simply for outsourcing your quality contents from renown professionals

Setting Up Profitable actions for fundraising

1.Start your content with the aims of your effort: self-funding through content marketing

===> Tell people that any action they take is meant to contribute to reducing obesity, youth depression, diabetes, numbers of fatty dads, kids, moms, teens, etc…according to your niche! Make sure your address is clear on your website….any operational credentials from the government should be uploaded on the website pages to show legality, transparency and good will

2. Ads: You can channel your fundraising through advertisements displayed on your website===>If not well-managed in the footer or in one place (plugin), it can drive away your audience. But it’s good to have it there because some visitors get bored in 45 secs reading your articles/contents…something visual can drive them to the advertisers’ stores…if they buy something, your organization get some commissions

There are Pay Per Click Ads: any clicks made by a website visitor leaves YOU some commissions

3. Affiliate Marketing: Putting products/goods/services links from big stores (Click Bank, Amazon USA/UK/Canada/Japan….) and companies (e.g. Microsoft) on your website. Any purchase made through directing a website visitors to these stores/companies will earn you a commission (Amazon gives a commission of 6%)

====> You have to apply to get such an access on products links!

Four-Colomn Commission Structure at Wealthy Affiliate
                                                         Referrals at Wealthy Affiliate

4. Referral Program: As I said earlier, some platforms allow your organization to participate in referral programs to make recurrent monthly passive income: you put a banner of a platform of interest, someone subscribes to a premium membership, you gain from this subscription permanently.


In this post “How to Raise Funds for a Local NGO through Content Marketing,” I have walked you through what is content marketing and how to profit it as a way likely to allow you set a self-fund apparatus. The choice of a niche and setting of website/blog are equally tackled, so are keywords, killer-headlines writing, and high quality contents that are likely to get your information ranked in top pages in search engines like Google. As NGOs, you have access to professionals’ expertise which can make your contents more professional, problem solving-oriented, which your audience will find very ideal and terrific. This will raise their trust in you and then result in taken profitable actions like purchasing products/services or clicking and buying from ads advertisers owning ads on your website.

Join Wealthy Affiliate (WA) to Learn more on how to set passive income (needed for your self-fund efforts).

Click Here and Look inside WA as a Starter (free membership, set an account for free…no credit card required).

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