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As your question is how you can make money online as a girl, I’m going to show you how. Yes…since this website is there to coach people like you, this post is dedicated to showing how girls (teens aged 15 onward) can make money online. What I’m going to suggest you to try include mainly content marketing. In the end, I will recommend one best platform to go for free a ten-lesson module for you to master the basics you need to understand about online money making. You see that I aim to walk you through the real online business, not just small jobs!

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Content marketing

Contact marketing is a new form of marketing whereby someone creates, avails, and distributes valuable, helpful, and relevant information to a specific audience that hungers for it—all this being done to derive profitable actions taken by that specific audience.

A Tablet Featuring
A Tablet Featuring “Online Marketing” on its screen

===>The person benefiting these profitable actions is of course that content creator

Note that contents can be in image, audio, video or textual format (Ramos, 2013).

Allow ME to highlight some key elements in that definition:

===> Valuable (information) in this context means something of value, information that value

===While helpful refers to which extent a given information can help those needing to be helped

But a big spotlight is put on “being helpful”….what do you predict? Here it is in case you got it wrong or have no idea! I

===> A content creator has to be helpful enough in order to satisfy that audience, and then get the latter to take specific actions likely to benefit that content creator.

Spirit of Help

My dear sister, there is a secret I would like to reveal to you ….vesting yourself with the SPIRIT of help,… sometimes people get me wrong… It’s NOT a Charity…it’s still business… you help people in order to build trust and then not to face reluctance or reticence when ask them to take profitable specific actions for you! ….You know that it’s very hard to get someone to do something for you ….you’d got to show a helpful tendency too! You want them to do something for you… don’t you feel that doing something like availing information your target audience needs would draw them closer to you?

A women stretching a help hand
Let’s stretch a help hand while earning bucks

===>The good news is that the help you offer online can be monetized….that is why we call it business, otherwise you could call it a philanthropic foundation or charity!

Niche determination

To be helpful enough, you should avail your specific experience or expertise to a specific or target section of people! This is what this website is helping you to achieve earning money online from what you like to do most!

Niche is a section of market, which simply means that the niche determination is synonymous to determining your target customers, people who will be consuming your help, to whom you will be creating content or whose problem you will be aiming to solve in most of your target audience!

===>Now the question is: “What to do like to do most? do have any sort of experience you’re going to use in order to satisfy your readers/target audience? Do you have an expertise or particular skills that you feel like going to help you solve your target audience problems/queries/wishes/wants/needs?

If you are a teenager, for example, you can look at what your fellow teenagers are spending money on (see this article or this). I have created many contents about teens spending ….try to be creative enough, and from what your fellow teenagers or teenagers in general are spending there is a way of getting some bucks from their spending…Just aim at a portion…But why? and how?

According to data from studies or surveys on teenagers spending in the USA, for example, it was found that girls spend a lot of money on food and clothes…

===>So you can target ONE of these specific niches… especially

For food, you can for example make review of food and teach or avail information on healthy foods for teens! By then, you will be directing those teens to buy what is health on Amazon, being paid some commissions on this kind pf promotion you make of those Amazon products! I

You can just also set a blog or website, this is not a painful anymore, I’m going to help you later in this post, you can just set up a business, a lounge, women or girls, spending money on clothes, and recommend, for example, good, Paris, shoes and other stuff that are worn by girls

You can just also set a blog or website, this is not a painful anymore, I’m going to help you later in this post on how…, you can just set up a business based on women or girls’ spending money on clothes and recommend, for example good apparels, shoes (for sport, partying, etc) and other stuff girls wear!

Still want me to continue?…well…ok…there are other niches that are very profitable and I am going to enumerate some!

1) weight loss:

This niche can be further broken into more specific sub-niches, for example, where you will be providing information for weight loss for men, women, teens, kids, men’s, boobs, up-arm fat loss, or any part of the body, etc!

2) weight gain

For example, you have been a skinny girl for long time …you struggled …but came out with a solution that would like to share with others…, there are female persons starving for information of this kind ….. some ladies out there needs your hints or tips!

3) dieting for ladies

You can just provide information about dieting, healthy dieting for girls, what kind of food…. if you’re a fan of dietitian books, you can just be reading books, published articles and relate them with beauty…..then give come out with information that girls would like to have especially about good diet for a beautiful lady.

3) Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening niche that is going to earn you a fortune, especially if you recommend other girls on how to whiten their teeth! Out there they need practical tips …they hunger for information; so if ever you succeed daily in whitening your teeth….you have tons of hints to give… help them with the tricks you use!

4) Hair loss

It’s big a struggle and trouble …even stressful for one to see that their hair is going….or that there are possibilities to get one’s hair back….If you can have that responsibility to help fellow females who are encountering this problem, you’re have a number of followers listening and ready to take actions you suggest if ever you prove yourself to be engaging and helpful with complete and secure stages to prevent hair loss or get one’s hair back.

5) Depression

You may ask yourself….how on earth am I going to handle this mental health issue…well…if you’re a psychologist teacher/students or have managed somebody’s depression….then you have what to offer….the same works well if you’re an activist (community or philanthropic)…

6) Stress management

tell people how to manage stress….do you feel you can do it? Yes…given your expertise or experience, you can feel that “I can do this easily”…then go on…this niche is promising too…

7) Addiction

hint on how to get rid of addictions…are you a fan of psychology books? Rehabilitation related books….tell fellow women on how to succeed in getting rid of drug, porn and sexual addiction, and other abnormal obsessions…

8) Internet (digital)Marketing: Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, etc.)

9) Self-improvement niche: self-esteem, self-confidence, motivation, etc. boosting

===You may be creating free and paid Coaching, webinars, courses and exercises>>>>>Click and See this related Post

10) Spirituality

11) Relationship…You can warn girls about traps to avoid for long-lasting relation, I…if you’re married you can help others in the way your husband/wife and you sustain /support mutually, etc…

12) Language Teaching: Even if there are apps helping people to speak foreign languages, they will never do it maximally as humans may do!

Teach English, French, Spanish, German, Swahili, Chinese, Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia), Malay (Malaysian language) etc.

===> Give gradually tasks or exercises…tests according to novice, beginner, intermediate, advanced and mastery levels….

For those languages with International tests like English for TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge General Certificate Examination ‘O’ Level, etc. make a census of difficult areas and give particular exercises there….You will succeed!

Website or blog

You need a website or blog on which unlimited the information your audience will need….If you share solutions to your audience problems on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, only your friends will see it…but a website is discoverable worldwide at a scale time of 24/7!

=A website is an online hub at which people will be visiting and provide themselves with available solutions you have suggested!

Here is a website host service (SiteRubix) that won’t online host your website but will also be training on online marketing and business….Click here and Join that Platform, called Wealthy Affiliate, that offers such incomparable services

More requirements to earn money online as a Girl

Use of keyword search tool (e.g. Jaaxy) will enable you to monitor people’s problems and then enable you to write audience centered contents. The use compelling headlines (headlines are synopsis of what a post is all about)…good killer-headlines will compel audience not to skip your contents! You need also to write quality contents that really help and this will grow the number of your visitors, setting you then potential customers ready to take actions you suggest.

Monetizing Help or your website

This can be done through Ads display on your website, affiliate marketing (promoting others’ products or services on your website), creating paid services (courses, webinars, coaching), advertise other services (offline and online) of yours (Translation, Freelancing, data analysis, etc.). The other way of monetizing help online or earning from a website as a girl is joining referral programs (where you refer friends/followers to join premium subscriptions or membership! This often results in a recurrent monthly passive income!

Join Wealthy Affiliate and Learn to monetize your help online: Look at what my mentor is Making at Wealthy Affiliate

A Wealthy Affiliate Earning per month
My Mentor’s (Michael) Success Proof at WA

===>Download this Ultimate Guide to Understand the Basics on Online Money Making (it concisely shows all you need to set up online money making machinery!

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In this post, I have revealed tricks related to How to Make Money Online as a Girl! You can make money by talking specifically about one thing which is normally an area you either like most, have experience or expertise in…The spirit of help is a key to success online….Help online is always monetized through ads, affiliate marketing, paid services, and referral programs to name but a few!

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