How to Make a Passive Income Online by Reviewing Gadgets

Hello dear Electronics Folks,

Did you know How to Make a Passive Income Online? If no… I’m going to show you how! You can make more money through marketing your skills! Yes…since you’ve done or fan electronics, you can make passive income around it especially by setting a system that will be generating monthly recurrent passive income (as opposed to active income you get after daily sweating) …. Yes…you can set a system that will earn you money even when you will not be working for three months! Ask me how…. I’m going to walk you through it….! Eager to know it? Read on!

Electronic Gadgets: What are They?

According to Ohyie, Electronics refers to a branch of engineering that focuses its interest of study on the transport of information via the magnetic waves.

Another definition that is a bit broader expands electronics as a field that combines the physics, engineering, technology and applications that enter into play to deal with the emission, flow and control of electrons in vacuum or matter

===>This means that most electronic devices are best understood through this common characteristic of transporting information through waves and are built through a system that combines some physics, technology, and engineering to transport information through electrons.

This dictionary defines gadget as either a small ingenious/novel mechanical or electronic device /tool. It should be noted that smallness is a defining characteristic of a gadget; if a device is big it is rarely called a “gadget”

Some electronic gadgets are known to most of us as they operate many machines, ships, airplanes, and industrial activities. Also, they are used to identifying conditions for the performance of any works. E.g. T.V., Computer, Laptops, Palmtops, Digital Camera, Mp3 Players, Mobiles, digital pens, printers etc. (See Ohyie)

===>Gadget are small but can block or lead to malfunction of a big system!

Set Up your Review Menu

As reviews assist people when the latter want to make purchasing decisions, it’s up to you then to determine a specific niche…or section of market/audience to whom you’ll be making reviews. Being too broad by reviewing too many brands of electronic gadgets can affect your credibility, except if you work in a group where one member reviews a given brand (let’s mechanic gadgets) while another can concentrate on electronic gadgets for example. But for some gadgets, it’s possible to deal whichever without affecting your audience trust in YOU, which is very crucial to your online business!

Example of gadgets:

– Google Glass;

– Makerbot Replicator;

– Segway, DJI Phantom;

– BAGSMART Universal Travel Cable Organizer Electronics Accessories Carry Bag for 9.7 inch iPad, Kindle, Power Adapter, Black + Red

– ThxToms LED Flashlights Gloves, Men/Women Tool Gadgets Gifts for Handyman, Fishing, Repair, 1 Pair.

– etc

Own a Website or blog

A website or a blog is your online address whereby people who would like to provide themselves with reviews will come and read them

It is an online meeting point where your reviews consumers will be consuming and get them…. Especially if you want your reviews to be textual … You need to set up a sort online stand for that: a website or blog

Websites management for non-techies used to be daunting issues as setting a website was formerly associated with being a programmer or information communication technology expert…. But these days, this conception has no place in modern era as anyone with no background about ICT can set up their own website or blog provided that they Host their website in a system that is helpful enough for them to set such an online address for accomplished business.

Wealthy affiliate’s SiteRubix has come as a solution for many since it is an in-build system with sophisticated tools whereby someone can make their own website in less than 5 minutes …incredible, isn’t it?

An alternative to owning a website or blog is setting up a YouTube channel…. If you want to make video reviews where people will see you reviewing and wearing and displaying the things or the gadgets you will be reviewing…. then… a YouTube channel can play a good and unprecedented role.

Content Marketing

If you ever your option is to go for a website you need also to know something about content marketing:

Content marketing is a new form of marketing whereby someone creates, avails, shares and distributes a helpful, valuable and relevant information to a specific audience that starves or hungers for such information… all this being done for the sake of deriving profitable actions taken by such an audience in favour of that valuable information creator.

A content is any piece of information that is viewed and hared online (Ramos, 2013).

A Tablet Featuring
A Tablet Featuring “Online Marketing” on its screen

A content can have different formats namely text, audio, image or video

===> The review of gadgets you will be making will be such a valuable information that people who really want to decide on purchasing or not a given product will rely on your reviews!!

This means they will be starving for this kind of deformation…. And it’s up to you to maximize your help by making sound reviews.

Understanding Keywords Search

You will also need to learn how to search for keywords….. Otherwise, it will be difficult for people to discover your reviews.

These keywords have to be low competitive for you to get ranked among the top pages of search engines…. If not, it is going to be hard to get visitors to your website or blog

You can subscribe for example to Jaaxy for $20/month (Click Here and look at it) or by upgrading to a premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate to benefit it for free together with website hosting, website maintenance, and website community review for just $49/month. I suggest that you look into how it works using a Free Membership account==>Click and Look Inside Wealth Affiliate (zero risk—–>No credit card info required, just a free account set up)

You need also to initiate yourself to write killer headlines…. Yes… Headlines that compel The Searchers not to bypass your contents

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing whereby a website/blog or YouTube channel owner promotes other people’s products or services…

The most popular and exemplar is the promotion of Amazon products on websites… This is possible after one has applied successfully for this service or promotion…. And if the application is successful, a website owner is given access to products links that he or she will put on his or her website…. Whenever a website visitor clicks on a product linked to those links… she or he is directly to Amazon stores…. as such a visitor purchases an item… The website owner gets a commission… Amazon commissions amount up to 6%

Where do smartphone and gadget reviewers get money to buy those gadgets?

First you should be an expert in that field. Say you are an android phone geek and you have few YouTube videos where you have reviewed few android phones and people have shared them and like them. You can make a living out of that!

To get gadgets to review, you can make friends with phone repairing shops! Another possibility is to ask a relative or a friend’s phone and you just need to do 3- 4 YouTube videos to get noticed. Even if you feel likely not able to have a new model of the gadget you want to review, there are several phones (or other gadgets of interest) frenzy guys around you who buy new models every month. You can ask them to review their phones and post that review at YouTube.

This approach allows you to get videos needed to be ranked by Google and then be noticed by the target audience: this gives you a quick start and publicity with actually no investment, what incredible ideas!

Now you have become popular at YouTube and it is time to earn money

Whenever a company launches new mobile or gadgets models, approach them say their sales manager and offer free reviews providing them with sample video of your earlier review at YouTube as an experience or CV in gadget review!

You will easily get free gadgets to review and also the company verification stamp that you are reviewing for them.

Getting what to review highly depends on your accomplishments already, the product you intend to be reviewing, and who will be sponsoring your video. Usually what happens is that a reviewer will get a sample product for 60 days from the company, review it, and send it back. Most companies have no obligation for how you must review it.

But Apple appears to be a special case. For this company, you review of their products should be positive lest you lose this review privilege…

The other way is a company like dBrand will sponsor the video, send you the product with their product attached, and ask you to review the product wearing their product. It is simple product placement. Sometimes, if neither of these things happen, the reviewer will go buy the product, review it, and then flip it for minimal loss. These are the three ways most reviewers get their products.

It should be noted that it is not that easy to attract the best-sellers who easily give you access to their product for reviews!

Some companies have their criteria to give you access to their product reviews. For example, some Chinese company do offer their products if you qualify their norms. If you want to get quality product to review then you should either have good audience on YouTube i.e., a good number of subscribers or good amount of page views on your blog. Also, if you can afford to buy products in starting and reviewing them, they will to attract sellers if you can manage to get good amount of page views.

            A PC screen featuring a new product

I bet that after a number of reviews (be patient not to show a money hungry aspect of yours!;) using your own means,.. you will automatically start to get paid reviews by other android companies: this is your take off….yes…to land into the lands of passive income earners…..

The key is to review brands that are produced hugely by companies (example only androids) as many companies are making new gadgets/phones…look at for example Samsung, Intex, Google phone, etc. So the competition is high with lot of opportunities in this field.

Other Gadgets Geeks or Techies in America Earn Good bucks through Reviews: Testimony from

Rob Miller

This is a mix in all fairness. Here at Gadgetabor we started off buying ours but quickly companies started to offer us products.

We will know when a courier is dropping the item off. We then have a set amount of time to review it in an honest answer. The company will then arrange for the courier to come and collect the product.

If I’m being honest it is one of the best jobs ever if you like gadgets and tech.

First of all I would suggest you that if you want as well as good at writing/giving detailed reviews then you should start a YouTube Channel as well. This is because most of the people these days refer to YouTube for detailed review and unboxing video. If you can build a good audience there then you can link your channel with your respective blog/website

More Passive Income settings

You can set passive income by doing the following:

On the top of companies paying you to review their products, after some time you will qualify for Google AdSense, that Google Giant Ads displaying branch. Other settings necessary for your blog/website or YouTube Channel is the following:

-affiliate marketing: promoting other companies’ or big stores’ products on your website or YouTube channel;

– adding ads on your website: there are ads owners Who pay for the advertising on your website

– paid services: as a person who has done electronics, you can write a course or set any service online that visitors will be paying for if they are interested in it… You can just give them a coaching, you can hold webinars, etc.

You can also advertise your own offline business or services on your online website…. There is a proof that this can leverage your offline income as well

-referral programs: this can generate you passive income per se:

you become a member of paid subscriptions…. Then later you will be referring new members to the same platform you have joined…. Some platforms will then pay you recurrent monthly income for those referrals made:

the most popular online is Wealthy Affiliate referral programs.


In this Post “How to Make a Passive Income Online,” I have walked you through the potentials of setting a real business around making review of gadgets. As a techie or electronics geek, you stand a chance to earn a living through either being paid for these reviews by companies or earning money through a system termed passive income. To get products to review, either you buy them yourselves, strike deals with gadget repairing shops or simply use the friends’ gadgets as your start up. After a number of a considerable reviews, you constitute some sort of CV and this can earn you trust from other companies, that then volunteer to give their own products for you to review. This is a going to be a real and great career where you can even set passive income through ads, affiliate marketing, and referral programs.

A Wealthy Affiliate Earning per month
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