How to Earn Money Online from Home: 6+ Points People Ignore

I. Introduction

Are you asking how to earn money online from home? If this is your question, then you’re at the right hub. I’m going to walk you through how YOU personally can earn money online from home. Whoever you’re, wherever you work, whether you’re a nursing or pregnant mom, a student or teacher…or anyone looking for means to earn extra cash, this article can be helpful….

However, this is not a quick-get-rich-scheme….you have to be patient enough to start earning from such online business.

………..As a summary, YOU can earn money online from home…I reassure you this is not a scam…You just need to determine your niche (section of market you’ll be targeting, target audience and then the type of content you’ll be serving), then own a blog or website…with good keywords and killer headlines, you can write good contents that are ranked well online in search engines. You then get huge traffic (people visiting your website as they find the titles of yours very informative and become eager to read your solutions to their search purpose).

With huge traffic on your Website or blog, you stand a chance to earn money from those visitors as they either click and buy some products you promote on your website, which earns you some commissions…or they click on ads and buy items (this also earns a commission) or simply they subscribe to programs or services that then pay incentives for these referrals!

Points Covered under this post/article you’re reading:

I. Introduction

II. Is It Possible to Earn Working from Home?

2.1. Preliminaries

2.2. The notions of content

III. Where to Begin: Basics

3.1. Determining a Niche

3.2. Setting up and owning a website/blog

IV. Write Online and earn money

V. Places where to Learn much on Online Marketing

VI. Enhancing Your Findability/Discoverability

VII. Monetizing your online contents

VIII. Wrapping Up

II. Is It Possible to Earn Working from Home?

2.1. Preliminaries

To begin, it is possible to earn money online from home. But how? From whom?

===> Money must be from someone…and there should be an exchange ….if they give YOU money what do you give them in exchange?

Some dudes out there fail to grasp this part and end up demonizing or labeling the whole process of making money online as a SCAM!

Here is what you need to understand before you continue: the notion of content and its formats. Yes….these terms, if ever mastered, you can start understanding the whole process of earning money online from home.

2.2. The notion of content

The offer you exchange with money is CONTENT, INFORMATION!!!

===>A content is either a textual, image, audio or video piece of valuable, helpful, and relevant information that is viewed and share online, (Ramos, 2013).

For bloggers or website content owners, contents are valuable and helpful information that they share to their audience.

For companies or small and medium enterprise, contents are pieces of information that are meant to attract customers to buy their products or services…

A hand of a person drawing
Writing Textual contents is “creating” them

This information differs given the target purchase funnel it is meant for:

1) The contents meant for customers at the awareness phase show problem to those prospect customers and the seller shows them, through related contents, how they can make a right decision to buy from him/her;

2) For contents meant for prospective customers at the consideration phase, the seller shows them loopholes in his/her competitors’ products or services…then s/he offers a guarantee of better services or products

3) The contents meant for customers at the purchase phase show those customers how to buy…payment mode, installation process and tutorials if the buying of service or products includes an application or platform set up…

For bloggers, contents are the pieces of information shared to one’s audience. This information either teaches, trains, informs or guides on something like becoming a blogger, how to succeed to attract traffic on one’s blog or website, how to optimise one’s website/blog to be ranked in top pages in the search engines like google, Bing, Yandex, yahoo, or Pinterest, etc.

Briefly, bloggers offer information that answers their website/blog visitors’ queries/needs/wants/problems or qualms. Every visitor has to find the content both informative, helpful and relevant to the purpose of his/her browsing the net: every searcher online surfs because they want to find look for something.

==>Bloggers or companies owners have something in common: their contents must be helpful and valuable in order to succeed to get sales (for products produced or promoted online)!

YOU will be creating contents then in order to earn money online from home…yes …you will either combine at least two formats: you can combine image and texts (this is the easiest content creation, but with the fiercest competition) or audio and visuals. But some do share to zealous audience exclusively audio contents known as “podcasts.”

The question is: “To whom do you create those contents?”

===> You have to determine your target audience (known as NICHE) before starting this kind of online business where you earn money online from home!

Scroll down to the following section about the basics.

III. Where to Begin: Basics

3.1. Determining a Niche

You must determine the section of population/people or target audience you will be addressing to…yes…you need to see what some section of buyers/market are encountering as problems or having as needs (of information or guidance) and then exclusively serve that audience.

A Niche is the specific audience, a section of market or the target/prospective customers…

Depending on your expertise, experience or likes…briefly on an area or field you can talk about endlessly without lacking ideas….you can determine your own target audience.

  • If your interest is to create contents about weight loss, your target audience can be either men/women with extra pounds they don’t like (over weighted persons). The contents are about workouts videos, exercises or lifts.

=> Over-weighted persons can also be kids that are disproportionately fat….or who have fat at particular body parts of theirs: men boobs, upper arm fat, belly fat, etc.

Briefly, you have to be specific enough by narrowing down this domain and then serve only a specific section of it. YOU CANNOT do it well if you venture from weight loss for men, women, kids, teens, etc. just choose men or women or simply kids. This would grow your audience trust in you…otherwise they can feel easily that you’re biting more than YOU can chew!

  • If you create contents for weight gain…again choose a specific audience like weight gain for skinny people, kids, teenagers, etc.

=> You will be informing the target audience on the kinds of nutriments needed, supplements (healthy ones) to take, etc.

  • If you have been successful in building your muscles, you can create contents that help and inform people on how to build one muscles…you’re a living example or proof of this possibility…You need to shoot video contents that convince your target audience (those wishing to build their muscles) that you really can HELP them achieve what you personally achieved.
  • You can create contents that are about curing diabetes…if you’re target audience is the section of people suffering from diabetes
  • You can create contents about teeth whitening if ever your teeth happened to be whitened following a given process that you can wish to describe to those wishing to get their teeth white…You can also inform the same section of people (those wishing to keep or have their teeth white) on how to keep one’s teeth white.

=>You inform them on the supplements, good practices, don’ts, etc.

  • As a food technology/dietetics teacher or student, you can create contents that review food biological components and related those components with human being health… You can then recommend good food for lactating moms, teens, toddlers, the elderly, dads working in offices, etc.
  • If you’re a psychologist or have a such background, you can target people with depression and show them who to manage it, you can also target people with low self-esteem, self-confidence, etc.

=> Your contents will all be about giving them a set of what to do in order to foster their self-esteem or self-confidence.

=>Download this Guide for more niche related ideas

3.2. Setting up and owning a website/blog

In the past, owning a website was something very daunting….A website ownership used to be left for geeks and techies and it was not easy with people without a programming or WordPress skill background….they feared venturing into blogging.

But with the advancement of technology, website setting and owning do not require anyone to be a techie or geek! I have none of those skills either but can easily blog and write website articles/posts!

What does this mean? It means that YOU too can do it if ever I did it! There are a number of facilities that enabled me to make my way out.

(1) SiteRubix: this is a website builder system that allows You to build your own website in less than 10 min. I could not myself believe it before seeing it by my own eyes.

=> I joined wealthy Affiliate and there came a phase to build my own website by myself! I had just to follow instructions from dialog boxes and I made it without any WordPress background! If I made it, you too easily can make it!

(2) Keyword Search Skills: after building my own website, I trained to hunt for low competitive keywords that enabled me easily to get ranked in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It’s not that easy to manage to! It really requires a “Know-how” skill and Wealthy Affiliate helped me out in order to be skilled at searching for phrases that searchers online often type in search engines.

=> I personally use a Keyword Search Tool known as Jaaxy! This tool is very important as far as its accuracy is concerned! It helped me gather keywords that fulfill the criteria required of any low competitive keyword:

  • Traffic: Jaaxy informs you well on the traffic around any keyword. The traffic index for a good keyword is beyond 100 (ideal) but greater that 50 is still OK too.
  • Average: ideally above 100, but above 50 is OK too (the greater, the better)
  • QSR (Quoted Search Results): This index indicates the competition around a given keyword! It indicates the number of websites competing with you on a particular keyword.

Ideally, QSR below 100 is OK, but I prefer personally keywords with less than 40 of QSR index!

IV. Write Online and earn money

Once you have already a website and skills to hunter for low competitive keywords, you can start to write blog articles/posts. There are a few considerations to write successfully, i.e., to create textual contents that really can engage your readers!

i) Develop killer-headline writing skills:

Killer-headlines are titles that really compel readers to click a given title as they leave them with a feeling that if they don’t click the titles, they might miss something helpful!

Research has suggested that the following tricks compel online searchers to click a given heading that includes:


e.g. “The Fatal Consequences of Ignoring…..”

“She Failed because She Did NOT….”


e.g. “The Ten Top Secrets You Need to Know as New Blogger”

My Three Secrets that Led me to Earn Six-Figures as a Blogger”


e.g. My Ultimate Guide for Newbies in Blogging”


e.g. The Ultimate Guide for Brand New Blogger [+e-Book]

Three Top Steps to Lose Men’s Boobs Fat (+You Tube Workout Video)

• Use of funny title maker tool known as Portent’s Content Idea Generator

=The tool suggests you a funny title to any three words you type in it!

ii) Write for human beings not for rankings in search engines!

This a monumental mistake most brand new bloggers or content marketers often make! They write just to produce much but of low quality! Yes…their aims are just getting ranked in search engines’ top pages but they forget that they have to include the consideration of their readers’ purpose to search something online!

Tips: Proven Ones

(a)write for a real person, solve a real problem in your posts/articles…So, the use of the pronoun “YOU” has always proven to be catchy…the readers feel that you really are telling them personally!

(b) Be a good communicator: as I have already said, you should write in semi-formal style or even casually to address a real problem that you feel a real person is encountering. You then just need to help that real person solve the problem by suggesting concrete answers or ideas.

ii) The spirit of help:

I know it seems and feels absurd for a person looking forward to starting a biz online!

=>♠ I’d like to insist that you CANNOT succeed as an online marketer if the spirit of help is omitted from your business! Content creation means the creation of helpful and relevant information for the target audience, which means that the help you give is simply monetized; but this sort of help should be felt in your post/article that the target audience of yours will be reading!

Scenario: Let’s suppose that you have used Jaaxy and got a low competitive keyword Making money online as a Girl”

=> This keyword resulted from the frequency that such words were typed in search engines…This keyword previews a want/search purpose/need some girls have. They want to make money online! You have to tell them well and intelligibly all the basics or settings they need to start-up their own biz or making bucks online!

HELP comes in as you read what other bloggers have written or you read e-books, research findings, accomplished online marketers’ proven ways to start making money online, etc. You feel that you have to document your blog post by doing extra effort to make your blog post/website article more problem-solving oriented! All these initiatives are sometimes profited for free; so, you’re helping as few website visitors click/buy on the products you promote or a few purchase items following ads displayed on your website!

A women stretching a help hand
Stretch a help hand Online while monetizing

=> Don’t worry! If your contents are helpful enough, the readers will be back to your blog/website…and you can help them today…and tomorrow they might take profitable or lucrative actions on your website (clicking affiliate links that promote products on your website, ads, subscribe as your referrals to programs you’re already a member, etc.).

V. Places where to Learn much on Online Marketing

Internet is a real bush. You need to know where to start to save your time! That’s the work of mentors or senior bloggers to orient or guide: to help you through…Honestly…I’m not yet a senior blogger (earning six-figure monthly income)….hahahaha… but I have skills….that I judge to be among the best to lead you to a nice start-up. I have already made different studies and reviews about platforms that can really help newbies to start their way out in this online and scammy bush!

Do you know what? People will be selling you products almost by force (given their tones!?!?) but since I have already searched on good and non-money hungry platforms, have been scammed online and lured to buy useless products, etc. I feel to be in the right position to guide you! I know well the “scammy bush called internet.”

To save you time of browsing the net and help you foil woes luring and ready to ensnare you….read my recommended platforms, o dear brother/sister!

Graphics and Picture of one Wealthy Affiliate Member's Earning
                           A Young Man (Jerry) who made a fortune with WA and his $100K graphics

There is a platform that I personally finally joined and got skills I started with….Wealthy Affiliate…That’s my number one recommendation:

Pros About this platform:

(1) It’s not a money-hungry training platform. It has free training module to allow you taste their offer before upgrading to premium membership! They don’t spam you up …you choose to upgrade freely;

(2) Their pricing is unprecedented given the facilities that their monthly ($49) package payment includes:

  • High quality training compared to others out there: Video, image, and text modules are availed for both the premium and Starter memberships!
  • Keyword Search Tool (Jaaxy is included in the premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate)
  • Website Host Service: As I said earlier, this platform has developed a system that allows you build YOUR own website in less than 10 min.
  • Website Support: There are more than 1,600 technicians that are ready to help if ever your website experiences some sort of abnormalities!
  • Affiliate programs: at Wealthy Affiliate, they understood that internet is a bush and instead of You losing time (the most expensive resource on earth), they availed on the same platform affiliate programs (programs you can apply for in order to get links of products/services/subscriptions, etc. that you can promote on your website!
  • Almost all the high commission affiliate programs are brought to your proximity and thanks to reviews, you can join those that are really of high quality!
  • Referral programs: Wealthy Affiliate gives an alternative to base your own online business by promoting its products. They give a monthly recurrent income for (i) any person you refer at it and who upgrades to premium; (ii) they give your share for any domain your referral buys at Wealthy Affiliate, (iii) you can earn from subscriptions that you referred to Jaaxy!

VI. Enhancing Your Findability/Discoverability

As a starter in the world of online marketing, it’s crucial to pay attention to these tips in order to be discoverable online! You need people to come on your online hub and read what you’ve written…yes…what you’ve served them! Your target is also to get huge traffic/audience driven to your website or blog in order to earn potential money online!

As your niche is clear and you have already set everything concerning how you will be helping your audience online, the second thing is to grow or widen your audience in order to reach as many people as possible! To get to this end, consider the following:

(1) Make your website one of the content delivery outlet but don’t make it the center!

=> I made such a mistake, that is why I regret it and would like friends not to get trapped! A website is just one channel to deliver your help to those who might hunger for it. But if you just concentrate only on it, you can write/create good content and miss someone to read or view it! It’s better to write a website/blog post and then create alerts on social media!

(2) Social media: You can drive a lot of traffic from your Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp Walls, YouTube channel, etc. to name but a few!

Look how the process should be:

=> Increasing your social media followers: Make it a campaign, every day you connect on your social media, follow (except on Instagram where when you follow many having few followers, you’re a follower not an influencer…so, thing twice on Instagram: rather develop more followers than those you follow) as many members as possible or request friendship!

=> On Instagram, you need to be considered an influencer (having many followers than those you follow yourself). So, build your Instagram account having in mind that you should influence people with your brand/ideas rather than just being a mere follower.

For every website/blog post you create, write a small alert on social media

=> Let say you create a post entitled “5 Great Paid Content Creating Services for a Blog Outsourcing”

Just coin a short and Catchy description that you would share on your social media!

Here is what I often do/an example for Facebook Page, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest:

Title: 5 Great Paid Content Creating Services for a Blog Outsourcing

One-paragraph Description (e.g.):

As an Online Business Owner, We sometimes Need to Outsource our Contents from Paid Content Creating Services! But Where to Find Qualified Content Creators to Outsource your Blogs? This Post is Your Guide if You Really Take Action and Read It! If you’re Hunting Platforms to Offer Content Creating Services for Money, the Post is also Helpful… I guarantee! Just Click the URL/Link to Read the Fully Post on the Website

Then put a URL (link) of the website post under that description: blog-outsourcing

NB: For Pinterest, it’s very convenient as there is a specific button in which to paste links/URLs but also for other social media, when you paste the URL under the description, the picture associated with the post appears! I have seen it on Facebook Page and LinkedIn. There is also a possibility to upload the pic manually.

=>With the free service on Canva, you can create your own pictures! Awesome, isn’t it? Then, you can upload the same picture on all your social media, which might increase your website findability/presence/discoverability!

However, you’re aware that on Twitter, you cannot exceed 140 characters! So, you need to reduce your description to fit it to that number! For the picture, you can still use the same on others of your social media.

For the sake of convenience on WhatsApp Wall, it’s better to “Type the Status” by pasting the content you shared on Twitter and throw below it the related website post or YouTube Channel URL!

==>These strategies will grow you web presence and can be beneficial as some monetization methods (affiliate links and Ads) require that you have a particular number of website/blog page views to be given the privilege to promote their products/services on your online hub!

(3) Pinterest:

I’m going to highlight this social medium as it stands out from the rest! Ask me how!

=>Pinterest is not only a social medium but it is also a search engine as well! There is no social medium that fulfills these two roles (being both a social medium and search engine) at the same time!

People log in at Pinterest to find ideas on that platform but also others share their beautiful pictures.

If well-exploited, Pinterest was proven to drive more traffic for blog posts.

What’s more, you can create pictures of products you want to promote and then paste directly affiliate links. Just write a title with a keyword and then write a description (500 characters)!

This simply means that you can dedicate yourself to driving blog posts traffic from Pinterest through creating, for each post/article, a related pin at Pinterest!

=>If you opt to paying for automation pinning/posting tool like Tailwind, you can drive traffic from both Instagram, Pinterest or other social media to your website even when you just spend a little time….just some time to schedule pins or posts on those social media suffices to give traffic that is like to take your earning to a next level.

You can also join Pinterest Board Groups (at Tailwind they are referred to as TRIBES) where group members help one another to re-pin/re-share pins that are associated with very valuable and helpful website contents! When you pin somebody else’s pin, your followers see it…it is saved in your OWN board, among your own pins!

=>This another way of getting people do what you personally SHOULD do, enabling You to achieve something far bigger than what you achieve by working/pinning your own pins under your own boards!

Some guys have also had dedicated themselves to working as Pinterest Virtual Assistant. All depends on how much you need fast money.

=> Buy this e-book and learn how to be Pinterest (VA) Virtual Assistant (Learn required skills before starting to offer services of that kind. If you USE this CODE, TSA5OFF,  you can get a $5 discount….Click Here and See the e-Book for VA on Pinterest.

This Lady has comprehensive Teaching about Pinterest and blogging in general….If Interested Read Her Contents about Pinterest:

A Lady with Pinterest Pin
A Lady’s Approach to Pinterest

Remember: (1) if you have huge traffic on your website and that you have affiliate links, subscriptions to refer other people at, etc…you stand a great likelihood/probability to earn money online! (2) If you opt to becoming a virtual assistant, you’re working for others! This is a job not a biz….so, don’t get me wrong!

VII. Monetizing your online contents

There is a considerable number of content monetization methods. That why I cannot pretend that I’m exhaustive with this list. I’m just going to give the popular ones….Later as you get used to online business managing, you will be creative enough and bring in other forms of monetizing the content you create for your online audience!

(i) Ads: There are many advertisers that would allow the display their ads on your website if ever you fulfill their requirements.

Some are of the PPC (Pay Per Click) type: for any click on the ad by your website visitor, you get a small commission!

Others simply pay you a commission if your website visitor clicks and is directed to the product and finally buys it!

The most popular advertiser paying you for ads display on your website is Google AdSense!

(ii) Affiliate Marketing: The promotion of other people’s product, services, subscriptions, etc. on YOUR website/blog is what is termed affiliate marketing

To access to this privilege, you need to apply for it and then if the application is successful, you get products/goods/services links that you use on your website visitors to direct the stores or platforms selling/offering the product/services you promote!

Notice: There is misconception out there as if one has to have their products to be able to promote them online! This is possible but affiliate marketing is solely is the promotion of other people’s products!

(iii) Referral programs: After subscribing to a platform, training, etc, the latter may have incentives for members who refer new members/subscribers at the very platforms.

Some of the referral programs pay YOU a given sum at once while others give you a passive recurrent monthly incentive for every referral you refer at them!

My top favorite referral program is the one available at Wealthy Affiliate (WA). The latter is an Online Entrepreneur Certification Platform with 14 years of experience! Its referral program is awesome as you can see it yourself below:

Premium versus Starter Commissions at WA
Comparison of Starter versus Premium members’ Commissions at WA

=>As you can see it by yourself, premium members receive almost double of earning from their referrals if compared to starter members!

=>You can dedicate (make it an online career) yourself to working to promote Wealthy Affiliate on your website as its pay for referral is recurrent monthly and for each referral who buys a domain at WA, you get a given percentage! That’s why I say that promoting WA can be your online career!

(iv) Creation of online paid Services: You can earn through promoting your own paid service: course, e-books, one-to-one coaching, webinars, etc.

As you develop skills and authority in your niche, you can create paid services and then promote them on your website/blog!

(v) Promoting your offline products: You can refer offline products to your visitors! These can be of great value as your offline products can get customers for more revenue for you!

VIII. Wrapping Up

To wrap up, I’d like to reassure you that YOU TOO can earn money online from home…Trust me this is not a scam! As I have already mentioned, you just need some few and gradual settings like determining your niche, owning a blog or website…Another important thing is to be able to hunt for low competitive keywords and then write catchy/killer headlines.

Since “content is King,” writing good contents that are ranked well online in search engines should be your main goal: this is going to get your headlines among the top ones in the search engines. If You then get huge traffic (people visiting your website as they find the titles of yours very informative and become eager to read your solutions to their search purpose).

With huge traffic on your Website or blog, you stand a chance to earn money from those visitors as they either click and buy some products you promote on your website, which earns YOU some commissions…or they click on ads and buy items (this also gets YOU a commission) or simply they subscribe to programs or services that then pay incentives for these referrals!

==>All these instances of earning are passive after you’ve set the machinery on! You will be sleeping while earning bucks online! Remember, today around 4 billion of people are connected on internet…and they don’t just surf…they do it as they try to find out something! YOU STAND A BIG CHANCE TO EARN BY EASING THEIR SEARCH ONLINE!

I’d like to recommend you to join Wealthy Affiliate Community. It will teach you how to grow your business online from scratch!

Join as a Starter member by Clicking>>>>>Here (It’s zero risk as no credit/debit card info is required, just a free account setting and then start learning for free)

Join Wealthy Affiliate from Here!
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