How to Earn from your Website?[Proven Easy for All]

Have you asked “How to earn from your website?”…Well…to beginning’s possible and I’m going to show you how to. Before getting there, you should know that content marketing is one of the best ways through which you can make money on your website. However, you cannot just set on a website there and expect to get money from it… There should be always reasons why people come to your website…often they come to read what you have written on your website…. if you have visitors on your website, then you stand a chance to make revenue thanks to their visits. Read on to understand this!

Content marketing

Content marketing is in new form of marketing whereby valuable, helpful, and of relevant information is availed, shared, and distributed to a specific audience that hungers or thirsts for this information—- and all of this being done to drive actions (of course taken by such specific audience) which benefits that valuable information creator.

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It should be noted that content is information that is viewed and shared online (Ramos, 2013). This simply means that there are at least four formats that a content may:

===> A Content maybe textual, audio, video or image

So, as a content creator you just choose which one to use: sometimes you can use text and image together …and you know that video has audio and image together….all depends upon where you want to publish your content as some publication channels are demanding in terms of format your content might take.

For example it’s rare to publish on a YouTube channel information that is textual…. People prefer to use video (audio visuals)…. But this does not exclude the fact that you can voice a text in a YouTube content

Be Creative and Invent what People Should Come to Read on your Website or Blog

As I said earlier, you cannot simply make money on your website when you don’t have what to sell. The basic thing to do is to search for valuable and helpful information that can drive people to come to your website in order to read that kind of information you have availed on your website.

===> Otherwise an empty website is useless and then CANNOT help you make money online

So, you’ve got to invent ways that can be productive in times of:

1) attracting visitors on your website

2) pushing them to be back to read more

3) taking action that you will suggest them to

===> By way, do you have a website already? In the case you still think about how to…let me shortcut things….anyway, you need a website that is operational to start earning from it!!!

A hand of a person drawing
               Writing content is “creating”

It used to be daunting…yes…that thing called website…. But it’s no longer frightening to set and run a website…of course if ever you like to make the right choices!

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The nature of valuable information

All along my work as a Content marketer, I have come across with ideas whereby someone makes valuable information.

You’ve got to think about what people are going through, …. To be specific… You’ve got to think about their health, relationship, psychological, self-improvement, etc problems…. And then come out with tips on how, for example, to:

1) lose weight for men

2) lose weight for women

3) build muscle

4) lose fat for men with boobs

5) lose fat for over-weighted kids

5) make money online

6) eat healthy food

7) cure diabetes

8) boost self-esteem

9) learn a new language

10) Financial coaching for teens

11) etc

Now choose one of these niches and go deeper into it in order to be specific enough and then get money from people who will be reading your information that answers their queries/ wants/ needs/ desires/ questions/problems!

By this, you can make passive income as people will still come on your website and read your content, taking some profitable actions even after free years of creating such contents!

Getting to Know your Specific Audience’s Problems

It’s not easy to come out with the solution-based content if ever you don’t know the problem people are having. It’s up to you then to do your own search especially online to know what people are searching… are typing in search engines…. Then create contents that particularly answer those particular problems your audience are encountering.

This sort of target audience’s problem monitoring will allow you to create what is called audience centered contents, which will build trust and authority as your audience will see you as their main resource… as their main Guru whose positive intention is to help them out their mess!

When you have authority and have gained trust from your audience, you will see that they will start to take actions (clicking ads, buying product you recommend, etc.) …. Yes…they’ll start doing something that is profitable for you and they do because they trust you…by that time you’ll start to garner from what you have built: trust gained through being helpful.

There are different ways to know what the people are hungering for…..yep… to know what they are typing in search engines

Knowing what What your Target Audience Hungers for 

Well …it’s better for you to visit social question-and-answer websites…. there you will see how many problems people are having, and you will be deceived to read the answers others have given!

However, that’s there where lies your own advantage…. on these websites, people are getting shallow and incomplete information… it is not deep enough to answer a given question!

It’s up to you then to go to your website and try to go deep into answering such a question and leave no queries uncleared.

The common social questions and answers websites are:, AllExperts, JustAnswer, Quora, etc.

Twitter can also help generate sound information on what people ask themselves…. On particular problems they are having…. So, go in Twitter search and for example go back to 6 months old tweets…. You will find valuable information on problems people have had….

The most accurate way to know what people are typing in search engines is to use Keywords Search Tool. This kind of tools are very important as they give you the average number of how many times a keyword had been typed into search engine, its traffic, and especially the competition (Quoted Search Results, QSR) around that particular keyword.

The less competitive a keyword, the best that keyword is.

Sample keywords search in Jaaxy
        Sample keywords search in Jaaxy

The ideal keyword standards are: average above 50, QSR below 100 (the smallest, the best) and traffic above 50 (ideal above 100).

If you have chosen low competitive keywords, you stand a chance to be ranked among top pages in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Baidu, and Bing.

Killer-headlines Writing: Tips

After you have keywords that are low competitive, you have to acquaint yourself with a how you to create Killer-headlines!

I can hear you say Oscar Killer-headlines? Yes… Those types of headlines that compel readers not to bypass your content… your information…. People are compelled by such headlines ….and become afraid of losing or missing something if they don’t read your information.

Here are some methods used you to create Killer-headlines

I’m not going to be exhaustive but I’m going to hint you only the most popular:

1) Use of numbers: Top 10 ways……..

2) Use of words like “Ultimate Guide of…...

3) Use of “Portent’s Content Ideas Generator” title suggestions (you’ve got to edit them…they are funny and compelling though)

====> Play with funny killer-headlines with Portent here

4) Use of brackets or parentheses: e.g. Ultimate guide of making money online [+Free e-book]

5) use of negatives: Five Crucial Things You Don’t Know about Making Money Online [Don’t Miss Opportunities]

Quality Contents and Huge Traffic: Keys to Earning from a Website

Low competitive keywords, compelling headlines, and a good niche cannot earn you any money unless your contents are of high quality!

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The best feature of high quality content it’s a being audience-centered or problem-solving oriented! T

This is consequent to doing prior search or monitoring what problems your target audience are encountering …. By creating contents that answer to your target audience’s particular problems….you’ll be twanging the right cord your audience expect every relevant, valuable, and helpful content creator to offer them!

So, reading books on particular programs, going through proceedings papers, visiting experts websites, sending them some emails requesting them to answer your questions, interviewing people on particular topics, etc. can help you come out with original contents that no one else has ever put on the web….. This is going to bring reputation and authority for your website and yourself as its founder.

This is going to pay off huge because you would have a huge traffic coming to you thanks to the compelling headlines…. Search engines will be directing people or searchers to your website….then it is possible for you to suggest them actions to take, especially those which will garner you profits!

Monetizing your website

===>Put Ads on your website or blog: there are Ads owners’ who pay you for website visitor who clicks their Ads via your website

===>Earn through Affiliate links: subscribe to big stores like ClickBank, Microsoft Affiliate, Amazon (USA, UK, Canada, Japan, China, etc), Alibaba, Tao Bao, etc. and get products unique links. Then put these links on your website. If some of your visitors buy something from these stores following your promoting them on the website, you will get a commission (for example: if an item purchased via your website costs $30, you may get 6% for Amazon USA);

===> By creating paid services like courses, coaching, webinars, or you can even connect your offline services and advertise them on your online hub or stand (website/blog).

===> Referral Programs: these are programs that allow members to make money online through referring some services or premium subscriptions to others.

A patent example is that of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) whereby a premium member is paid recurrent monthly passive income as they refer new members at WA.

This early post details referral programs at Wealthy “Affiliate What is wealthy affiliate referral program: Making Money Online Within Wealthy Affiliate

A Wealthy Affiliate Earning per month
  Michael Success Proof at Wealthy                                          Affiliate

Takeaways of this post

All along this article, I have tried to inform YOU maximally on How to earn from your website! Basically, You determine your niche (specific audience, then potential customers), set up a website, search for low competitive keywords, and then come out with killer-headlines. Through monitoring your audience queries/problems/wants or desires, you will create audience-centered contents. Consequent to this will be authority and trust establishment into the eyes of your target audience! With authority and trust, you can suggest your target audience to take profitable actions for you.

Learn more on making money through website at Wealthy Affiliate.

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