5+ Proven Strategies Showing You How to Content Marketing

Today, I’m bringing a brand new series of strategies you should not bypass if you want to succeed as a blogger, content strategist or anyone who’s eyeing to work as a content manager. Do you want to know my 5+ Proven Strategies Showing You How to Content Marketing? Journey with me and read this post to the end.


It’s crucial to remind our readers that he who wants to set up a new business should invest more in their product/service. The following would be to identify customers and their needs. After this, you need to start creating contents. The latter should consider your buying funnels and be distributed via a blog/website and social media.

There are two main ways to get your business noticed either online or offline! Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or through getting Key Opinion Leader to spread the word about your business.

To create customers’ mind-oriented contents, you need to monitor your customers’ behaviour or what they search online. You need to familiarise or turn yourself into Master SEO as you already know What is SEO in content writing or creation. Adding or claiming your business on search engines directory increases findability or online presence.

This means that if you have buyers, it’s not the end of struggle even if it alleviates it. You need to get customers Come back which is achieved through (1) setting business Data base, (2) implementing bonuses system, (3) use simple language while delivering your contents, (4) hiring the right people, and (5) keeping communication Rolling.

I. Find the difference: Uniqueness

There is a lot of competition in the world of business and it is up to you to make a difference. The dimension of finding a difference can be expanded to these aspects:

1.1. At the beginning

  • The business you want to start: how is it different from those already well-established similar business?

==Don’t just imitate what are selling but see the difference you might bring to the same customers so that they start eyeing your products/services!

So, at the start of your business plan, find a real difference and stick to that. The difference should be an improvement that your competitors would find hard to upgrade to or to realise so easily.

1.2. Your Product/Service Quality

What difference does your product service make? This is serious…but be aware that competitors who’ve been at the market selling their products have some miles ahead of you. So, find a good difference!

Yes, a best product speaks for itself, it catches eyes of passers-by, believe me! If Your business has products that are best in terms of quality, price and uniqueness, how would people switch to another similar product?

1.3. Preview Potential Customers

Before you start, you need to think at multidimensional aspect of your potential customers:

Technically, the multidimensional aspect of customers are:

"Who is" called a user portrait,

"Where" is called a delivery strategy,

"Preferences" is the content architecture.

These three things are very important:

  •  Who: the young? The middle age? All ages?
  •  Where: where do I find them? Are they in the suburbs/village?
  • Preferences: do they prefer online purchases? (Ask yourself how you can beat your competitors given the preferences of your potential customers. Think also of certain innovation you may make a mile ahead your competitors)

II. Content Delivery

Content stands for information you want to pass to your customers. Remember that your (potential) customers should get information about your (local) company/business/blog. So, how will you deliver content or accurate information they need and at the right moment? You need to think twice as you can set advantage for yourself if you think hard and try to make uniqueness.

First of all, know three funnels in a business. For your information, in business, a funnel is a marketing concept that charts a customer's journey during any type of purchase. To be concrete, talking about funnel in business is being analogical that the purchase process is like a funnel shape: a large number of potential customers can start at the top end of the sales process, but only a fraction of these people ends up making a purchase.

There are three funnels to consider in your business and they need different content/information:

==there customers that are (1) aware of your business;

== (2) those who have seen your products/services and consider them as an alternative to what they often buy from your competitors;

== and (3) then those who are looking forward to how to buy/use your product.

2.1. Tailor Content to Funnel Type

Since we’ve agreed that there are different funnels, it’s better not to mess up things and share the same contents to them. Consider the following whenever you want to share information related to your business:

For customer grouped in Funnel 1 (at Awareness phase):

==Avail information/contents that shows or convince them of the eminent problem. Impress at this level but don’t press them.

e.g. It’s said that most cooking oil used in our household have some nutritional deficiencies. In continuing to consume those oils, run a risk of catching cancers, blindness, etc as experts found out that such cooking oils reach local stores after losing Vitamins A and E! Click Here and Order good Oil

An eminent problem is that the kind of oil people might be consuming now might have nutritional deficiency: they lack vitamin A and E, which has health related issues like fierce diseases

You have called to action for them to order a good oil from your company/shop.

==(2) Customers at Funnel 2/Consideration phase need content/information that compares your offer with those of your competitors. Such contents should focus on your competitors’ products/service flaws…. then showing your company’s outstanding aspects!

Are you still buying the X? You shouldn’t”. For the sake of caring for everyone dietary safety, Healthy Lipid Shops has researched alternatives and is giving the Vitamin A Fortified Palm Oil. Don’t stick to old consumptions, rather make a little change that guarantees safety. Click Here and Order good Oil at Health Lipid Shop.

You have shown that your competitors are or may be still selling cooking oils that lack some essential nutriments and rather shared your

==(3) At Funnel 3/ Buying phase, your potential customers are convinced that your observation of routinely consumed cooking oil are proven (nutritionists/experts’ studies available). People at these stage WANT to buy/try the products/services you’re selling them, they are ready to take the “buy” action!

At this level, the content your customers at the narrow part of the funnel need are related to how they should buy: where to order? The prices? Bonuses for those who buy two/three/four bottles. Direct them to your real e-store or physical shop. Detail actions they should take if they want to have a quick service:

e.g. Go to our website: #1 Fill your name; #2 Specify the quantity (two bottles?); #3 Pay; #4 Mention which time you pass to take the oil

These would save time as there is a long queue these days!

If there are tutorial, audio/podcast, visuals/video, or textual-image procedural can all be OK), share a link/URL for them to see by themselves.

2.2. Content Delivery Outlets: how to distribute a content

The main content distribution channel is your website/blog as all other social media are limited by privacy settings as only your friends/contacts can see what you share. How to distribute a content? Well…here are the main content outlets:

  • Blog/website: The content/information distributed is available at a scale of 24/24 Hour, 7/7 Day, 365/365!

To have visitors, you can write/hire a content strategist/writer, search for a volunteer (and avail related incentives, of course) to create contents related to oil reviews, share news of research findings on oil consumption, diseases that people catch due to nutritionally deficient oils/meats/cookies, etc.

  • Social media: Twitter, Facebook Page, Pinterest, Instagram, Telegram, WeChat Moments, WhatsApp Walls, etc. (see popular social media that are popular in your region)

==Write a short description of your content and share the paragraph on your social media.

  • Pinterest is great as it can be both a social medium and a search engine. It can also drive visitors to your blog/website, which may result in leads or purchases as its reach is more eminent that other social media.

Learn how to use Pinterest from Ana, the author of She Approach of Making Pinterest Possible (Click and Order the Book e-Book here)

===>Click here for more information on small and medium enterprise hints to increase their findability/web presence!

 III. Master seo: What is seo in content writing

3.1. Telling stories

You need share continuously your company/blog/shop/e-store products related stories. Content or information related to updates, new stories should not lack. But do be ignorant of Search Engine Optimization! Getting discoverable in search engines is key to success in the era of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, etc. search engines. Publishing relevant stories about your business makes it healthier online. We know that good stories make brand exposure surge.


You should be strategic in the beginning if you do not have large audience yet. You need to get ranked in search engines and this makes it hard if you do not have a Keyword Search Tool. I have Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool which I use to monitor what my audience is searching online. If you use it, you can then create relevant stories, yes…stories that answer what your potential customers are searching or eager to know…So, don’t just joke…but present your content in a funny way. Good Keywords should be low competitive (Average more or equal to 50, Traffic beyond 100 preferable, and Quoted Search Result QSR less than 100; if prefer QSR indexes that are below 40). Click and read about Keyword Hunting.

3.2. Add or claim your business listing

Remember to register your business (whether online or offline/with physical presence) in search engine directory like Google My Business. The data in Google my Business are easily transferable to Bing Places for Business or Yandex Business Directory and many more.

Get Customers Come back

Here a question you should ask yourself all along you doing business:

3.3. “How can I do get customers come back?”

Why does this relate to how to do content marketing in your business? Because if content means information, you should issue information that shows that you value your relation with customers.

You have to be creative to have costumers come, then come back and continuously transact with you. How to keep buyers who once purchased something from you finally come back to buy and continue to buy is a salient business aspect and when you settle it well…you make fortune, folk!

So how?

3.4. Business Data base: Start from the basics

Whatever I’m going to say below is going to result from your creation of a customer database system. Just start from scratch if you’re new. Ask for telephone numbers is the most important thing.

Alternative one: A physical store (mini-store, Walmart, etc.)

  • Your employee: Excuse me…this store is new and we will be in constant contact for prize and other incentives as our new customers…May I have your number…or email… it’s just not really a must …
  • Customer: sure…[he/she writes it on the registry]

Alternative one: an online/e-store

  • Brochure distributor: Excuse madam/Sir…we’re a new online store offering service in this district…(handing him/her a brochure). If you arrive home, you can visit this page and you can see what we offer…If you fill in your information, you can win participate in a lottery and can win some of these prizes…
  • Potential customer/passer-by: Ok…I’ll see about it later…

==If applicable in your county/district/area, you can have at least your first one hundred customers’ contact database system!

3.5. Pay attention to the little things first.

Everyone likes to be noticed, including your buyers. They have spent their money for you, surely they expect a little attention from the money and the efforts they spend to carry out to buy from you.

If your business base is online, well…do this:

  • Implement a Live chat or feedback box below any of your product;
  • You can also send emails to your customers to ask them what can be improved in your service

By doing this, customers feel comfortable and neat.

3.6. Implement bonuses system

  • Use coupons,
  • Discount codes
  • Cards for regular customers to get discount for products they often buy, etc.
  •  referral incentives: whereby if someone refers other customer to you get discounts or bonuses
  • Lotteries: implement this in your business and publish the winner…make the prize a bit valuable for people to envy and start eyeing it!

3.7. Use simple language

Avoid the jargon and so complicated language during your content distribution. Easily understandable language in your emails, Social media, and audio/video announcements.

Consumers don't care about your company's internal terminology, keep those complicated terms for yourself and your team.

3.8. Hire the right people

One fact undeniable: some businesses fail due to a wrong choice of employees. But there are also businesses that simply thrive thanks to the good choices the skilled staff.

So, if you don’t have the required skills hire the right people! If you feel the business is booming up: add more stuff but choose the right ones: don’t hire your relatives if they are not qualified! The good practice is that you take them as interns and then employ them when they have accumulated the required skills to work in a way that satisfies your customers and keeps them come back to buy your products/services.

Monitoring your employees is then your job as a business owner. Read about being a CEO of one’s business and empower yourself through following courses and watching YouTube trainings (Recommend to try free courses at FutureLearn; they have courses that might help you, or Get any course at John Academy for less than $30)

So very important to choose and hire the right people. Teach what you do to build your relationship with the customer and set the best example.

3.9. Keep communication Rolling

Contact casual customers: either via phone number, WhatsApp and other social media…Individualized messages make customers feel valued, each in his/her singularity!

There is no harm if only the message sending news, asking the goods have reached or not etc.

IV. Spreading your Brand through Key Opinion Leaders

KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) can be of a great value for a business! If you’re an already established business or brand new one, there is always a way to get influencers do a great job for you.

KOL are divided into three groups:

  • Celebrities: Singers, actress, or other icon stars

==This can take your business far dude! They can deliver powerful opinion and their fans are going to follow the directions they have traced for your business (but as you may know they are very expensive)

  • Bloggers with renowned expertise in the products/services you offer. Get them to write for you or you writing as guest writer on their hubs (website/blogs, etc.) They have stable audience and they are known for their credible knowledge…Appearing in their circle is a great and added value for your business findability
  • Research for internet celebrities who are product-oriented and with a popularity thanks to their appearance

===But what about sponsoring a local artist’s (campus artists’) event, have a local media (TV and news station coverage)? This is less expensive and gets you visibility among local consumers.

V. Takeaways

In the “5+ Proven Strategies Showing You How to Content Marketing,” I have journeyed with you through indicator that you’re optimizing your content delivery. Content (textual, audio, video, or image information) can serve different ends if ever you have for of all done the following:

Find the difference: Uniqueness=Is your product/service unique?

Preview Potential Customers=Have you identified the right potential customers?

Then you will be able to deliver your Content, considering your buying funnels, via a blog/website and social media. There are two main ways to get your business noticed either online or offline! Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or through getting Key Opinion Leader to spread the word about your business.

To create customers’ mind-oriented contents, you need to monitor your customers’ behaviour or what they search online. You need to familiarise or turn yourself into Master SEO as you already know What is SEO in content writing or creation. Adding or claiming your business on search engines directory increases findability or online presence.

Finally, if you have buyers, it’s not the end of struggle even if it alleviates it. You need to get customers Come back which is achieved through (1) setting business Data base, (2) implementing bonuses system, (3) use simple language while delivering your contents, (4) hiring the right people, and (5) keeping communication Rolling.


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