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I would like to open this introduction with this question: “What do you like most?” If you’re reading me, it’s because you have typed something in Google or Bing search engine. You have a query of “How teens make money online” and Uncle Oscar is going to walk you through, showing how what YOU can earn from what You like Most. Do you want to know it? Read on then.

Here we go!

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Locate yourself among other teens’ money spending habits

Different surveys or studies have revealed facts about teens’ money spending habits. My intention is not to accuse you, Ok! Don’t get me wrong! Rather I want to demonstrate that through these fellow teenagers’ spending habits, you can make you way out and nibble of their spending! Interesting, no?

Latest realities about teens’ money spending

1. Teens spend most of their money on food and clothes ($2,600 annually)

2. 14% of the male teens’ money is spent on video games, “Fortnite” ranking their preference since 2018;

3. Teen girls are spending money of clothes;

4. Most teens surveyed have iPhones (83% out of the 8,000 teens surveyed);

5. Teens shop online especially on Amazon, Lululemon, Ulta, Amazon and Vans;

6. Teens prefer to grab their fast-food portions from Chick-fil-A and Chipotle, according to a new surve

Sources: Survey by Piper Jaffray, Visa's Prom Spending Survey, MarketingVOX and the Rand Youth Poll, etc.

Hints deriving from the teens’ money spending: Useful information

Look at what fellow teens spend money on! Can you create something valuable (textual or video) to nibble some bucks from their spending?

If YOU are creative enough, you can manage to. Look at these suggestions:

(i) why not for example either alarm, give tips (e.g. that not infuriating parents is good for one’s future);

(ii) review what they consume (e.g. best foods for teens health, show how to cook healthy food, etc.);

(iii) read a lot and recommend other teens on the best places to buy things (clothes, shoes, etc);

(iv) recommend a brand/product (after showing the quality of its materials, color, etc.);

(v) warn them on health problems related to a particular food (e.g. see MacDonald’s menus and google particular health problem related to too much oil, repetitive consumption, etc.; organic versus inorganic foods, etc.)

(vi) teach other teens (newbies) on how to play a particular game

(vi) etc.

=====>By choosing a particular topic you will be covering either in your textual or video contents, you are specific enough to target a particular portion of teens. This action of specifying a particular audience for your ideas is called choosing a NICHE. So, choose correctly your niche, please!


A Blog or a Website: A Spot or hub for your online business

Probably you start being astonished as I mention YOU OWNING AN ONLINE BUSINESS.

Hahahaha….Your ideas, your textual  or video contents are your online business. You will start earning money from such ideas, such information you are sharing for free. Yes…your help will PAY HUGE!

A website is a your information hub as it kills two birds with one stone

(1) It allows you to be helpul to all teens worldwide: if you review for example health related problems of particular food , your information will spare woes to other teens around the world!

(2) From your website, you can combine many income generating activities as most programs that allow you to make money online require you to have an active website or blog.

====> There are service provider like WordPress or Tumblr that offer free blog building facilities. Create your free blog;

====> Or just start studying in your free time how to make money online at Wealthy Affiliate. This training program is awesome as it provides free website host services, helps you build a website in 20 secs thanks to its systems, and avails tons of visuals training and help on how to make money online. The good news is that it offers a free ten-module training (it’s safe, just an email, no credit card information is required).

Click Here to look into Wealthy Affiliate

Deriving your website readers from your social media followers: Process

1. Create contents (textual or video) and post them on your blog/website;

2. Write a catchy title and a 3-line introduction about the post and share that title, introduction, and the website post link on your social media (Facebook group, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp groups and status wall, etc) and in any of group of friends, close friends and parents.

Related Recommendations:

====Start now on to grow followers on these social media as part of your marketing strategies. Target as many as possible and be nice to them;

==== Initiate or join as many WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. groups; including those for young entrepreneurs;

==== Suggest a whole school group on (Facebook, etc.)

Derive Website Readers from Social Media

Even if most group do not like sharing about marketing related contents, some social media will allow you to post something on your status wall and members can still see or even click  your posts and links leading to your website, etc.

The Monetization process

The question remains “how then do I monetize or gain money online?”

Here is how you will monetize everything

(1) By requesting to join for example Amazon Associate and Influencer Programs

====The Amazon Associate Program allows you to put links of Amazon products on your website/social media and gives a commission from a purchase made by any person (reading your website post) through the link that promotes that product on your website/blog;

====The Amazon Influencer Program allows people with many followers on social media (you tube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to promote Amazon product and gain commissions for purchases made following one’s recommendation of that particular product on a given platform.

(2) Ads: Google AdSense or other owners can give you commissions per click done by your website readers or per a purchase done following a click on the ad by your website page/post readers.

(3) Your own service: if you do other small business like designing ads, etc. for example, you can turn this small business into a discoverable service and then make much money than ever…or if you “Auction off products”, you can leverage or maximize them by displaying your own ads into your textual contents.

(4) Gaining authority: if you’re a reviewer of products/food/apparels, etc., some big companies may start offering you opportunities to review their products. This will be your TAKE OFF dear sister/brother.

Closing Remarks and summary

You can realize your dreams only by taking actions and managing well your time. DON’T drop from school and every time ask for parental permission whenever need be!

In this post, I have shown you “How Teens Make Money Online”, especially through scrutinizing what others Like Most. By having facts about teenagers’ money spending, I have shown you how to act and start getting money online through exploiting some of the clues aforementioned. Equally, I have revealed ways of monetizing your information or contents.

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