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This is Oscar, the CEO and Founder of BRIGRE (=Bridging the Gap between Research and Entrepreneurship).

Through this website, Oscar carries research to document proven tips on how You can leverage your knowledge, experience, expertise or like and be an online Entrepreneur. Ask me how that! "Just by sharing what you know as many people out there hunger for it!"

So, at BRIGRE/21stcenturyresearchers.net, you learn how to earn a living from what you know, have experience in, are skilled at or you like

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I know you’re wondering what’s the hell is this and what’s it about…..

This pages aims at inspiring, mutual supporting, making you reconsider some of your daily practices, etc.

First question:How many times have you searched something in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, etc?

When you searched something you either got or simply you nearly got what you really liked…I can guess your feelings when you completely missed what you wanted!!

Second question: "How much have you shared online as your own contribution to OPEN DATA or INFORMATION?"

How selfish will it be to keep helpful information for yourself, keep it stored on your computer/flash disks, online clouds, Google drive, etc. with all the risks that it can get lost!

Online biz: Sharing Information
    Earn from Your Sharing Online

What if doctors withhold useful information and knowledge they have….WE will curse them, sue them, and call them unethical….But YOU and I feel at ease when we never SHARE useful, helpful and relevant information that can save lives or save fellow internet users' time.

At least everyone needs money and sharing for money can be a good idea as to start sharing information online would NOT impoverish you but rather let you contribute in availing free information while monetizing your HELP online!

===>Since everyone has a range of ways to help others, I have listed some inspirational ideas and how, if YOU LIKE it, you CAN monetize the INFORMATION you SHARE to people starving for it:

(1) Students:

 If You're a teen: you too have something to share

===>Get inspiration here: Learn How to Create Your Own Business Today!

 (2) At College: Get inspired on how to share information and build some business based on such information you'll be sharing:

 ==>Click Here

(3) A Graduate: I have availed plenty ideas about how you can help online and make a living out of your initiative:

  ==>Click for Inspiration 1 ==>Inspiration 2

(4) PhD Students or Holders: you have plenty of opportunities, get inspired:

===>Click here or Here

(5) Teachers of:

A women stretching a help hand
 Click on the Links, You Get the Help You Need

(6) Lecturers: You and I have data that can help others. Let's not withhold help...rather let's help and monetize help online! Want to get inspired? Click Here                                      

PS: I speak French, English, Indonesian, Swahili, and Kirundi. Feel free to ask any question using any of these

Oscar Ndayizeye
Researcher and Content Marketer
Hebei Foreign Studies University
WhatsApp: +8618531126401

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