Food Technology Teacher Job: New Hints to Earn Passive Income Online

Fellow Teachers;

I’m sorry for the Title….I’m not advertising a classroom job! But I am giving New Hints to Earn Passive Income Online. That’s what I termed “Food Technology Teacher Job.”

It’s challenging to have clicked and find these rusty words “passive income.” You’re thinking about the energy YOU put in earning monthly cash….Yes, I’m aware of the sweat….But I’m crossing that river as I have decided to give a try to modern and decent ways of earning without investing too much investment….yes…earning endlessly as long as internet exists!

Dear Food technology teachers,

I have good news if ever YOU would incline your ears and give me some time to speak to you. My intention is to inspire and guide you on the path of making MONEY ONLINE by investing what YOU like most or are skillful to do. You can try from now on sharing your FOODS reviews online.

What does it require?

Basically, not too many things but probably what you already have:

Internet and computer for small search of research findings, articles or proceeding papers;

Self-regulation to manage well time for online; just for reading research articles or your food technology books.

Ready to journey with me? Here are my suggestions!

Know your VALUE out there

Food technology teachers are unique and stand great chance to harvest, soon or later, x figures money online relying on their knowledge and skills.

The job is very similar to the one you do daily, the one YOU like. Based on WHAT you like or you’re doing daily, it becomes easy to tell you that the same knowledge you impart your learners can leverage you passive income if you like to LEARN HOW to!

Passive Income: Are YOU Questioning it?

Well….well …well…I say PASSIVE because as it starts to work, you may rest two months without reviewing anything but still income is coming in! It’s not just small money when it works….it’s admirably exciting…YOU WILL DEBUNK ME or THANK me later!

But try and be absent for two days on your regular job without sound reasons: you and I know what might happen!

The main aspect you’re going to enjoy is that passive incomes are going to set YOU free financially but also from this regular bondage a private employer or government puts on employees.

Earning from Food Reviews: How that?

LET ME BE Clear and REPEAT IT….YOU can earn decent money online by reviewing foods!

Let’s journey together into Amazon USA, UK, Canada, or Japan stores. Food Department. You see sections of:

 Grocery & Gourmet Food

 Snack Foods

 Snack Food Gifts

 Oatmeal

 Tortilla Chips & Crisps

 Baby Products

 Baby Snack Foods

 Sports Nutrition Food Bars

 Sports Nutrition Protein Bars

There also FOODS for pets!

You can be more specific by choosing a particular brand for particular people. What do I mean by this? Share for example the EFFECT of X food on HEALTH for :


pregnant women, the two year-olds, lactating women, foods that should not be served in the kindergarten school canteens, ….generally, you can be specific in terms of the food you’d like to review and the categories of people: kids (how old??), the pregnant women, people (female vs male) aged 60, 70,… people weighing X pounds, etc

Understanding the product/food review template

Why I’m detailing this? I want YOU to see it EASY and not to LIKEN IT to a whole OCEAN WATER to drink alone!

(1) Food Review Title: This should be catchy

===>Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and other search engine use titles as entries to suggest to someone who has typed something in those search engines! If it’s catchy, people will click on it! That’s the deal if many people click on it!

(2) Introduction

This paragraph preludes key features, benefits/effects, some information on how and why you review this particular brand/food, if you have a research finding short quote, use it as a background to show your reader that you say what you know.

===>The real and personable feeling you create in readers binds them to keep reading and having you as a resourceful informant! Don’t forget it, comrade!

(3) Overview of the food/product you want to review

Food target consumer: kids, the pregnant, lactating/nursing, etc?

Product Description and Features;

Chemicals or components making it;


(4) Benefits or effects of the food (depending on the title)

This is the starting point of your review….if you make a mistake, you’re done. Don’t list features (effects or benefits), just give details relating them to the health aspects. Exemplify, use some scenarios, illustrations, etc. Just try to connect emotionally with your audience!

===>If your title highlights benefits, don’t for get to mention some effects or side effects; if it mentions effects, list at least some benefits. This makes your reviews impartial and thorough. It shows you have no interest or are not promoting anyone’s products!

(5) Components or composition

Dive in, using simpler/plain language, and explain the health benefits/effects of the food given those particular chemicals or components: does it kill cells? grow fat? Burn fat? lipid/protein/cholesterol high (low?), etc. This is where research findings are entered into play but in a language that common people can understand. Be brief at this level though.

(6) Summary

Just sum up your review, reminding the reader the food target consumer, the effects/benefits given its chemical or genetic components, and why the target consumer health will be affected positively or negatively.

Requirement to start making money online through food reviews:

i) Setting up your target audience or niche

===> Think of what this particular audience is encountering as problem, query, or specific wants. Find how to answer them by availing unfailing information through your reviews!

ii) Getting your blog or website ready

==>This is your INFORMATION shop ONLINE: it’s the hub at which readers will be reading your reviews

This is not difficult, there are great Online Money-Making Training Programs which offer you Website Setting service training, website hosting, teaches you how to find catchy titles, other tons of training, and  timely help by more than 1800 experts in Internet Marketing.

Click Here to see the one recommended for you. It is called Wealthy Affiliate

It has ten FREE Modules and it is safe: A sign up (email), no credit card required!! If you find it helpful, you make your own online search for reviews you may upgrade to premium membership later.

iii) Catchy Titles

==>You need to find words that internet users are typing in the google search for example and build your reviews on these words.

[The training program aforementioned teaches you how to!]

[Click and sign up the form at the bottom for my email to understand more about these keywords search later].

iv) Quality reviews/information:

Your reviews ought to be unique and written in your own words: don’t copy paste, otherwise Google/Bing/Yahoo/Baidu will not show your titles to public; these engines are equipped with mechanisms to detect copy-paste articles/reviews.

===> Note that this is the survival of your success on internet business! It is all about quality information shared; the uniqueness of your contents/reviews. The more consistent they are, the higher trust you will raise in your audience and if visitors trust you, they will be regular on your website/blog. That’s where your potential money springs from!

v) Good rankings in Google and the like

This is dependent of the quality of your review. The more informative, helpful and unique they are, the higher your rankings in search engines  will be those search engines (Google, etc).

vi) Traffic or the number of your website/blog visitors

The bigger your audience, that is, your website/blog visitors (higher traffic), the higher the probability to earn from them.

Earning??? How??? Getting COMMISSIONS. Still don’t understand….Well through ads displayed on your blog/website, through google ads, through promoting external products (example Amazon’s [USA, UK, etc]) on your website.

A visitor on your websites clicks on an ad, if that ad is of Pay Per Click (PPC) nature, you earn a commission. If a visitor buys something by clicking a linking attached to an Amazon product, you get your commission, etc

Remember to sign up for in-depth individualized comprehension of website monetizing process or channels=====>Share with friends or on social media….Some people may grab these inspirations and trade them for ever!

vii) Meet all this requirement, start earning online


Through this post “Food Technology Teacher Job: New Hints to Earn Passive Income Online” I have shown in simple terms how you can EARN DECENT money online by doing what you always do: TEACHING. You inform your audience and become their EYE. Some people out there really need your information! YOU HELP PEOPLE, YOU EARN FROM YOUR HELP.

There are few set-ups and these are not hard: thinking about your specific audience=niche, getting one’s own blog/website, high quality content/reviews, awesome titles that leads to high rankings in search engines, and then considerable traffic. Fulfilling these starts earning YOU PASSIVE ENCOME.

Need to learn more passive income making, join a big and friendly community called Wealthy Affiliate. I took a lot of certified courses and I’m still an active member.

Wish to have a start with a free ten-module package, Click here (It’s safe…no Credit Card information required)

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