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Did you know that you Earn Money from Online Writing useful information? Yes….you can set up a business that is mainly based on writing helpful, useful, and relevant information…. People out there are hungering for some information that can help them decide on a number of issues…. Be part of the solution of people’s problems/issues/needs/wishes/queries by starting writing and set an “Earn Money from Online Writing” system on TODAY! Below is a grassroots guide on how “how the making money online thing” works. Eager to know it? Read on!

Below are the points that are covered in this post:

I. Key-definitions

1.1. Content Marketing

1.2. Affiliate Marketing 3

II. Making Money Online: A scam?

2.1. How does it work?

1) Niche

2) Online stand: that’s your site, your OWN blog

3) Creating content to address the target audience’s wants or problem

4) Monitoring what information consumers search online

5) Killer-Headlines

6) Huge Traffic on one’s website or blog

2.2. Examples of queries online by people

2.3. Monetizing Contents; Earning from One’s Help Online

2.3.1. Monetization process

2.3.2. Concrete Content Monetization Forms

III. Success Stories: My Mentors’ Six Figures Passive Income

3.1. Why share these stories in this Guide?

3.2. Two moving Internet Entrepreneur stories

As online money earning can be typically either via audio (useful information is podcast to be accessible to the target audience), videos (through You Tube channel for example) or textual information, you need to understand these two recurring terms in this online business industry.

I. Key-definitions

1.1. Content Marketing

According to Content Marketing Institute, an online resource for information on all things content marketing related, Content Marketing is:

Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action

A Tablet Featuring
A Tablet Featuring “Online Marketing” on its  screen

The most important word here is valuable; any content should have or is expected to underlie high quality information.

1.2. Affiliate Marketing

The most recent definition worth mentioning is that:

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing wherein you refer someone to any online product and when that person buys the product based on your recommendation, you receive a commission, (Agrawal, April 2019)

This doc is meant for YOU….yes for you however busy, whatever situation you’re in now…..

Working as an Online Affiliate Marketer can be a SOLUTION for your financial issues…..

Buuuuuut…..I don’t like to DECEIVE you as many scammers do online….You have to be organized and have self-regulation principles….what else….em…most especially TIME MANAGEMENT!

II. Making Money Online: A scam?

Generating income online is not a SCAM….it’s something real….a teacher (I am also a teacher) can do it….I have been researching into how students, aged 18 up to PhD students [I am a PhD student too] can make clean money online! I say “clean” because some dudes out there are deceiving you by promising the sky to their listeners (Hope you won’t be ensnared in their nets!)

2.1. How does it work?

1) Niche

The domain in which you would like to do your online business:

Look around you and you will find that there are green grocers, bookstores, ironmongers, fashion, drapers, and the like

Online too, you need to have a specific brand to sell to your audience, people that will be visiting your online/internet stand. This technically is termed NICHE. A niche is a section of people or audience to whom you will be hinting solutions to their problem

 You have to start thinking of a specific audience you wish to help.

Ideas about Niche Setting

The determination of a niche is sine qua none in any online business set up.

This is all about setting up or determining your potential customers or market for your ideas.

You’re after a business…so online business is all about helping people through availing solutions to their problems!

You may choose to help in:

(1) Weight loss for women: by telling over weighted women on how, which diet, or exercises to help them to lose their weight!

===> Do it if you’re a fun of sports, a physical education student, or a sport clubsman/woman. You will be writing and creating action videos on how to lose weight for this particular category of people,

Your Niche here would be: Loss Weight for Women

(2) Weight loss for women: by telling over weighted men on how, which diet, or exercises would be helpful for them to lose weight. See what is previously stated for women, it applies verbatim to man except some customized exercises!

Your Niche here would be: Loss Weight for men

Notice: You can have weight loss niches, targeting as audience/potential customers, for over weighted teens, kids, tummy fat, up-arm fat, double chin, boobs for men, etc. the person with this particular problem can be the consumers of hints of information you will be sharing online!

(3) Weight Gain: You may also have hints for how to gain weight for those skinny mums, teens, girls, etc.

====> If you’re a nutrition, biology, food technology, etc. student, a fan or regular reader on weight gain.

(4) Muscle building: Giving hints through work out videos or create textual/video hints on supplements, etc. for one to develop healthily their muscle.

====> You can help this category of people if you’re a physical education student, a sports fan, a sport clubsman/woman, or anyone regular in a gym or a person who managed to develop muscle!

(5) Dieting: through hinting about how to eat healthy foods or make/cook healthy foods, recommending organic/inorganic foods, juicing, etc.

====> this is a big domain that needs breaking down to have specific people to serve. Choose either about foods (organic?Inorganic?) or drinks (self-made juice?from what fruits?why those particular fruits?) or industrial healthy juices

(6) Teach languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese Mandarin, etc.): help people to speak languages you know well by availing materials (audio, visual, audio-visual, text) for novice, beginner, intermediate, advanced and master levels

====> You’ll be of great help for this niche if you know well at least a language.

TEFL, ESL, TESOL, (….) students or those studying in foreign language departments/study programs/faculties can fit well in such a niche.

(7) Spirituality: Religion is around and shapes most of us. We have many people hungering for devotional quotes or other spiritual hints. You can fit in this area if you feel really like having something or experience to share for as long time as possible!

(8) You do psychology or related studies here are sub niches you fit in:

Feel Happy, Stress Free, Addiction Free, Boost Self-Esteem, Boost Confidence, etc.

===> These niches were proven to have people hungering for relevant information to solve their problems!

Nota Bene: Even if you’re a civil activist or community fundraiser wanting to be a self-funded activist, these niches are highly lucrative to attain your long-term goals.

2) Online stand: that’s your site, your OWN blog

See what you do often: if you need some vegetables, you know where to go, if you need some pants, you know where you buy them

A person will be typing in his/her browser something…. if it matches what you offer, the person will be direct to your website/blog, that’s your online/internet STAND.

It’s a daunting issue …yes…that thing called website…. IT’S NO LONGER DIFFICULT if you like to have some available solutions or services:

==== WordPress makes it easy to set a website for free! Only you buy a domain (annually, less than $20) and a hosting service fee (annually, less than $360);

==== Wealthy Affiliate, which is my recommendation number one, has a system (SiteRubix) that helps you build a website within less than five minutes!

If you want to learn about online money making and all the related stuff, you just pay $358 per year (which can be discounted to 36% if you pay yearly at a go) and this package includes:

a) training on passive income online setting (more than university can offer!) and website hosting,

b) keywords search tool (to monitor well what your target audience is having as problem and then to bring adequate solutions when you create contents for them),

c) website support +plus a community where you ask any question and get answer at a 24/7-time scale!

d) access to referral programs (where you can refer people to be premium members at WA and then get recurrent monthly income from those people!)

Join Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter by Clicking Here

3) Creating content to address the target audience’s wants or problem

To be a successful content marketer, one has to bring in the spirit of help in order to come out valuable information that is valuable and relevant to the target audience. This makes the creator of contents to be a problem-solving oriented helper; a person who monitors the audience questions/queries/needs/doubts, etc. and creates contents that effectively clears them out!

Help comes in as one takes TIME to see what his/her target people (information consumers) need and cater for it.

4) Monitoring what information consumers search online

There are different ways to monitor one’s information consumers’ emotions and queries. But the most specific and accurate is the use of Keyword Search Tools.

Such tools help find the average a particular key-word (a phrase that people type in search engine like google whey they need to find something online) has been typed in a month and how competitive it is.

Low competitive key-words are helpful because titles build around them can easily be ranked in search engines top pages.

Standards for low competitive key-words are: average 50, Quote Search Research (QSR) below 100!

Jaaxy Key-word Search Tool is my favorite one

Subscription Landing Page for Jaax Key-words Search Tool
                                           Subscription Landing Page for Jaax Key-words Search Tool

It’s free for Premium Members at Wealthy Affiliate (An experienced [14 years of service] Online Entrepreneur Certification Platform)

5) Killer-Headlines

Key-words that are low competitive should be arranged in titles/headlines that compel online visitors not to bypass but to read the contents. Killer-headlines make people feel that they might miss important information if they don’t click and read the content!

6) Huge Traffic on one’s website or blog

With low competitive key-words and catchy/killer headlines, a huge traffic will come to your website/blog and huge visitors means potential customers or potential profitable actions are likely to be taken by the visitors as suggested by the content creator.

Someone types something in Google search for example because there is something, they need to know…. they’re looking for….

2.2. Examples of queries online by people

a. Someone comes online because they have healthy issues…. they need some solutions on how to lose fat….as a teacher/student of physical education, nutrition sciences, …you have got a plenty of possibilities to help….>>>>>>How? Through writing how to lose belly fat for example…. how to minimize calorie consumption

b. There are online users needing guidance to better their writing skills….as a writing skills teacher/learner you can make your own niche about writing skills…so whoever is seeking something in writing skills can get solution from your website/blog.

c. Many young people hate themselves….they have low esteem…as a psychology teacher/learner…you can help people to boost their self-esteem through sharing workable tips on your blog

d. You’re a PhD student….you see the science you’re expose to….you may find some more useful aspect among what you study…and share tips for example on research analysis techniques, use of computer programs ….Many people (researchers, master students, etc) are struggling to get master what you know….sharing these tips is all about solving their problems….

e. You’re a worker in a public or private company or any organization…you’ve got plenty of tips on how to maximize a training effect, overcome situations with a tough boss, etc…

I felt a must to exemplify what teachers, students (in all the educational fields or pathways), and workers in various sectors could share online.

2.3. Monetizing Contents: Earning from One’s Help Online

Now….the big question is how to monetize your offer….the help/service you offer online?….Doctors charge diagnosis fees…hahahaha but not online/content marketers….But there is a way out too…the process to monetize your online help is simple:

2.3.1. Monetization process

You have solutions/tips that really are helpful online;

 People who need your tips will come to your website;

OR: you share your tips/review of a product for example in group of classmates, colleagues, as class Facebook post, etc

If the number of people coming to your website/blog is big enough (which depends on the quality of your online contents), you will have a huge traffic….[Imagine four billion people connected on internet daily]==That’s huge!

You put on your site/blog things that you think your visitors may need given their problem that’s led them to your site.

2.3.2. Concrete Content Monetization Forms

===>Put Ads on your website footer: there are Ads owners’ who pay you for anyone who clicks their Ads via your website

===>Affiliate links: subscribe to big stores like Click Bank, Microsoft Affiliate, Amazon (USA, UK, Canada, Japan, China, etc), Alibaba, Tao Bao, etc and the give you a unique link. Then put these links on your website. If some of your visitors buy something from these stores, your organization will get a commission (for example: if an item purchased via your website costs $30, you may get 6% for Amazon USA);

===>By creating paid services like courses, coaching, webinars, or you can even connect your offline services and advertise them on your online hub or stand (website/blog).

===> Referral Programs: these are programs that allow members to make money online through referring some services or premium subscriptions to others.

A patent example is that of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) whereby a premium member is paid recurrent monthly passive income as they refer new members at WA.

III. Success Stories: My Mentors’ Six Figures Passive Income

3.1. Why share these stories in this Guide?

To begin, I’m not yet at the level of making mega-bucks online as an entrepreneur like the folks in these stories! But I’m on my way and I enjoy my tremendous progress so far. But these are my mentors in this business who are worth quoting as they can inspire people out there!

If one finds inspiration in these success stories, they can stop baby and dog sitting (or the like) to starve for a while as they build a business that has high potentials to brighten their future!

3.2. Two moving Internet Entrepreneur stories

The two success Stories are recent (April 2019) and these successful marketers are all members of Wealthy Affiliate (WA)

They signed up for premium membership at an Online Entrepreneur Certification platform known Wealthy Affiliate. This platform is renowned and experienced in the field of empowering internet marketers. I personally met the two guys there but they joined WA before me!

So, they are enjoying a referral program at WA whereby they gain recurrent monthly income for any new member they refer and who upgrades to a premium membership!

3.2.1. Jerry

This young man from Taiwan started internet entrepreneurship when he was aged 18. As a college drop-out, he started earning some bucks online after he joined Wealthy Affiliate, that Online Entrepreneur Certification Training I always review in my posts!

Graphics and Picture of one Wealthy Affiliate Member's Earning
                Jerry and his $100K graphics

His Success shook every Wealthy Affiliate Member in April first of all when he garnered $42K in two days. Later in that same week, he published a post at Wealthy Affiliate whereby he featured graphics of his income: $100+K in one week!

You can believe it through his own posts! I don’t like to lure people at all!

Here is his $40K in 4 Hours The Craziest Night Ever!

Here is his $100K Week. Hard Work Paid Off Huge!

3.2.2. Michael

Michael, a folk who once “used to drive a forklift in a dusty old warehouse for 50+ hrs a week of only $17hr” hit up to $30K in April 2019!

“I now make almost as much in a single month than I did working an entire year, it still seems unreal. “

A Wealthy Affiliate Earning per month
    My Mentor’s (Michael) Success Proof at WA

He exclaims! This shows that what internet entrepreneurship is bringing to him seems unreal! He cannot believe that it’s him….Indeed it was him…Yes him who once suffered before making a life changing decision!

Want to read his integral Story ?=====>Click Here


In this post, I have focused on how to Earn Money from Online Writing…yes not just writing anything but  writing helpful, useful, and relevant information…. I have shown how you can set up a business that is mainly based on that particular useful or helpful information as people out there are hungering for some information (contents) that can help them decide on a number of issues…. By writing contents, you can be part of solution to people’s problems/issues/needs/wishes/queries and at the same time be earning money online writing, which becomes content marketing. To be able to market your contents, a clear niche, website, keyword search and killer headline writing are vital to your business. By being problem-solving oriented, your target audience can trus, which makes an authority or an influencer in your niche.

You may also wish to Deepen Online Money Making from Accredited programs:

My recommendation would be: Wealthy Affiliate; here is a link to their website: ==>Click and Join Wealthy Affiliate(it’s safe, no credit card information required)

They have a free 10-module for people wishing to assure themselves about the training program quality. You can join the Free Training Today

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