Cheap Gift Ideas for Teachers: How Food Tech Teachers Can Make Money Online


Yes, another hit for food technology teachers! Oscar is happy to hand you NEW tips that he titles “Cheap Gift Ideas for Teachers: How Food Tech Teachers Can Make Money Online.” These are UNHEARD IDEAS in the world of Content Marketing, believe me! However, they are for gratis for YOU NOW!

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Even though I have shared recently a post on how a food technology teacher can start making money online, it’s my pleasure again as a coach to repeat it!

In this article, I am going to briefly restate requirements to start making cash online, release arrivals from my LAB about how to create tons on contents, and hint about the educational benefits of using students’ assignments as one’s website contents. Journey with me if you WOULD LIKE to hear my new unheard IDEAS.

Helping online: a spirit required to make money online

Making money online starts with HELPING online. If you’re new, you should know it. By HELP, I mean SOLVING a real person’s query/problem/want through availing the REAL INFORMATION she/he NEEDS.

A person types something in a Google Search for example because he or she has a real WANT; either the person wants to know, to cross-check, to reassure him/herself before taking a given action, or something UNPLEASANT has happened and she/he needs a way out.

Your help should be a REAL HELP; if you fake it the person searching something will feel it and won’t read or consider your help. This is your failure as YOUR BIG interest online lies in MAKING online visitors feel that YOU’RE A HELPFUL person; that’s where earning online is centered.

This makes me come to the deduction that whatever you do online, you should be animated by the spirit of HELP. Whatever you write or whichever video you share as an online marketer should be done with this spirit.

Copying and pasting information from other blogs, website or researchers’ finding will not help any online query. 

This spirit of help will make you really THINK about how to help, penetrate into search engines to see problems people are encountering and come out with ideas to solve such problems.

If you come out with ideas to solve a particular problem, people will FEEL it and then YOU will make MONEY from this effort of trying to solve a real problem.

Requirements to Start Making Money Online

In most posts, I oftentimes highlight these requirements. They are:

(i) Internet network and a computer/iPad/tablet or any device that can productively allow you type texts;

(ii) A niche: a particular audience whose problem/query/want you’re trying to address, fix or solve. You need to determine your online MARKET segment or target audience.

(iii) A Website or blog: You’re reading my tips because I have shared them online! A website is your online information/HELP stand or shop. People will be exposed to your HELP from a given hub which is your website or blog.

(iv) Key-words search: You need to be doing some search on problems/queries/wants or information your target audience is starving for. The group words/key-words or themes/topics typed in search engines, for example google search, is a guide to know what your target market (people) are searching for.

This might be complicated for newbies, but there are Key-Words Search Tools that do a tremendous job for many content marketers including ME!

If you LIKE, there is an Online Entrepreneur Certification Program, CALLED WEALTHY AFFILIATE, which avails for FREE a keywords search tool known as Jaaxy. Wealthy Affiliate also teaches EVERYTHING about Online Money Making, gives website building and host services, etc.

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I personally took Five Certifying Courses and am still an active premium member. 

So, thanks to Jaaxy or other key-words search tools, you can find easily low competitive keywords; if they are high competitive, your contents stand little chance to be listed in search engines! If your titles are not in the top ten entries in a search engine, your chances are lower compared to those of the top ten search engines entries owners’!

You can subscribe for free and GET 30 searches for FREE HERE

(v) High Quality contents: If you have inquired of the target audience’s queries/problems or wants, you need to write sharing information/a content that solves such problems in a communicative way. 

Uniqueness, help, and clarity underlain in your information (offer of solution) will prompt trust among your website users. This is your deal: money springs out of the trust that a helper or content marketer builds in his/her website users/visitors.

(vi) High rankings in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc: Don’t worry about it if you have created helpful contents that are articulated on scrupulously low competitive key-words.

(vii) Traffic: If you have many people visiting/reading your website, you stand a lot of chances to earn online!

(viii) If the aforementioned requirements are met, you can start earning money through:

displaying ads on your website: if someone clicks on such ads and buy something, you earn related commissions. Some ads owners give commission per each click done by a person reading your content;

– promoting external products on your website: for example through links/URLs, you can promote Amazon (USA,UK, Canada, Japan) products. Any purchased done through those links connecting a product displayed on your website to Amazon will earn you a commission of 6% of the price of the items bought!

Possibility to Create More contents Using Classroom Materials

You can set with your students a goal that you would like to teach how food technology experts are the eyes of the CONSUMERS. You will be giving then assignments to find a product and review its bad effects or benefits on human healthy.

For example, offer explain this template and make it simple to students:

1) Title: tell your students that it should be interesting or catchy

(2) Introduction
==> they will write a paragraph that shows the product’s key features, benefits, information on how and why consumers should pay attention or buy it.

(3) Overview of the food/product you want to review

(4) Food target consumer: kids, the pregnant, lactating/nursing, etc?

(5) Product Description and Features;

(6) Chemicals or genetic composition making it;

(7) Benefits or effects of the food (depending on the title)

This the review per se. Tell your students not to list features (effects or benefits) but rather to relate such problems to people’s health.

Remember to tell such emphasize that if the review reveals a product’s benefits, under this heading there should be some bad effects and vice-versa. This shows that a reviewer is not promoting a product, which builds the review readers’ trust in the reviewer.

(5) Components

Tell students to go deeply, in simple language, explaining the product chemicals or components’ effects or benefits on human body or health: how does the product affect human cells? does it burn or cause fat, etc. One can relate information under this heading to research findings available. Remember to insist that the paragraphs should be brief.

There should be a Call for action to buy it or buy a more healthy one.

(6) Summary

They will be summarizing their reviews, restating the target consumer, benefits, etc. and the Call for action (buy or buy an alternative product)

Cautions in Using Students’ Classroom Contents

– Tell the students that the best article will be published on your website or blog under the student writer name if they like.

– Tell such them that the minim words is 850 words, max. 1100 words and a choice/alternative for typing the reviews or handwriting such problems.

-Tell them that you will use a plagiarism checker; so they should use the free or school plagiarism checker tool.

-You should find a way to have three tasks of this kind a semester but abiding with the school curricula.

===>you have to be creative enough and see when it’s suitable for such an assignment!

-Try and shut any door for conflict of interest in the future: if you start making bucks, you may see lawsuits against you if you don’t cover yourself well!

Aligning Curricula with Job market through Using Students’ Assignments a Teacher’s Website

Each time, make strong comments that you’re teaching your students how what you study in the classroom can be applied to benefit the communities. Highlight such that one can also earn a living by reviewing foods for consumers, companies, consumers’ Unions, etc.


In this post “Cheap Gift Ideas for Teachers,” I have hinted bout “How Food Tech Teachers Can Make Money Online” through generating tons of contents derived from the assignments given to students. I have equally inserted some cautions to take and have reminded you of the requirements to start making cash online. I have also suggested a product review template to serve as guide for your students’ review structure.

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