Cheap Gift Ideas for Teachers: Biology Teacher Making Money Online through Classroom Contents

Hello Biology Teachers worldwide!

Did you know that you can make money online through creating tons of contents from your classroom topics? Well… I have decided to share these tips and of offer as usual “cheap Gift Ideas for Teachers,” especially you who teach biology. Do you want to know such tips?

           Gifts Packet for Biology Teachers

If your answer is YES, just scroll then down to see what I thought to be online money generator for YOU.

In this post, I’m going to walk you through on how:

  • ♣ to remind or introduce you to content marketing
  • ♣ to use the contents or topics covered in the classroom as your online contents;
  • ♣ to give assignments that are going to serve as your online contents
  • ♣ to guide on how to avoid conflicts of interest in the future
  • ♣ to hint about the benefits of using students’ assignments as your online contents

Content Marketing: what is it?

In simpler terms, content marketing is a new form of marketing where the focus is mainly laid on the valuable information (content) distributed online and availed to a specific group of people hungering badly for that information.

The prospect buyer is the person searching for something online and money making aspect is when that person searching online takes actions like subscribing to a paid program, buying something from a product review website via an Amazon link displayed on the reviewer’s post.

Use the contents or topics covered in the classroom as your online contents

1) The materials/Contents saved in your computers

Most of what we teach can be our online contents! If YOU withhold and keep it in your computers, we deny yourselves some bucks! Probably you did unwillingly. Now that you it, take actions forward.

Think of the content you’re reading on the screen your computer and ask yourself “What would be the question to be answered by this information on my screen?”

Or most especially ask yourself “who may need this information I have in this screen?” ” Can this information solve a particular problem?”

Now think of the value of this information if it were to be put online! It would help a lot of people.

Example: Among research reading summaries, you have a list of cholesterol free foods and their genetic information, their benefits versus effects on human organism, and a good deal of research finding about each! It’s been in your computer disk or on your key for three years.

However, there are numerable people worldwide who can neither read nor interpret research findings. They have spent a lot of time on internet typing “cholesterol Free foods” but good poor quality information. They have their queries unanswered.

Imagine that you have put your list of cholesterol free foods online and commented in plain language on the composition, benefits or bad effects on health. This type of information would be applicable and valuable to these people “WANTING TO KNOW those foods” than a professor’s scientific article!

===>If you log in Amazon, get a link of that product and tell those readers of your list “Get your…. Cholesterol Free …” there is a high probability for those readers to buy the product you suggested and commented on! IF WELL SET, THIS WOULD EARN you a commission from amazon!

2) Review done by your students as their assignments


On Amazon for example, there are many products to review. You can tell students to deal with Cholesterol Free foods review, organic snack, etc. Look at these categories on amazon (see image) and you will see tons of products that can be reviewed:

Amazon Food Department Products

A creative and honest biology teacher can profit the reviews of products done by students as assignments

===>Creativity enters into plan as you have to look at your curricula/program and see where you can insert product reviews as assignments to your students

===>Honesty comes in as you disclose to your learners that the reviews have two intentions: (1) to teach those students how what they study can earn them a living. Reviewing products for companies is a profession now people are doing for full time and paid for. This create a view that students are studying something applicable in their society

Honesty also lies in telling the learners that the best reviews would be shared on your website and that their names as the writer can be put there. You simply tell them that this is a starting point to have your name online as a product reviewer.

They will be eager to have their names as guest writers/authors and gaining public notice while their reviews will help you make money online!

See all the requirements needed to earn online HERE. It’s thoroughly commented in that post. This post includes the monetization of content too!

Food Technology Teacher Job: New Hints to Earn Passive Income Online

But since you may be in hurry, here is those requirements: a specific people (NICHE) who will read your contents, a website/blog, catchy titles built on low competitive key-words (topics), high quality contents and rankings in search engines, and big number of visitors. Having these basic requirements will start earning you money online!

Remember, content is KING…. A good post with valuable content is real fortune!

The more your contents will be produced prolifically, the more search engine like google will notice that you’re a big ONLINE contributor and will quickly rank or list your website posts in their search entries!

Probable Conflicts of interest in the future

I’m not scaring YOU but it’s better prevent than cure! If your website is successful and you start hitting head lines  in financial magazines, some folks will file lawsuits that they need a share as they participated in creating your contents!

Better be cautious and write there their names as guest writers and this if they really consent! Have the class leader dress informal memos of the requirements on this guest writing…let you and the class leader sign those memos. Choose the best of the reviews and comment on them and upload them online. Edit those wrongly written and adapt them as you can!

Show the students their posts on your website!

If the students’ reviews are typewritten, tell them to check plagiarism too!

The benefits of using students’ assignments as your online contents

– There is a comprehensible alignment between curricula and job market and the students will quickly grasp it;

– Students will get experience in content marketing;

-Contextualization of that particular biology topic



In this post, I have offered you Cheap Ideas for your Teachers, especially Biology teachers, on how to make Money Online using Classroom Contents. Equally, I have reminded or introduced you to content marketing, exemplified how the topics saved in your computers can solve a problem online, and hinted on how to use students’ reviews of product as your online content. I have also given tips to avoid any conflicts of interest in the future through honest and smart plan of the lessons. There was also highlight of educational benefits of using students’ assignments as your online contents.

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