Affiliate Marketing for Blogs [+Clearing Confusion around It]

I. Introduction

Are you a brand new blogger and are still confused about how affiliate marketing works for blogs? Are you asking how to earn money online from it? Do you intend to set up a passive income system online and would like some guidance? Do you find it worthless alone to earn you a living? If these and many more are your questions, then you’re at the right place to get answers. I’m Oscar, the founder of this website and have already shared tons of tips to many beginner bloggers and others with little experience on this topic!

I’m going to walk you through how YOU personally can earn money online from affiliate marketing and many more methods. Whoever you’re: a nursing or pregnant mum, student or teacher…or anyone looking for answers about earning extra cash online, this article can be of great help!

Disclaimer: The tips I’m going to share are not “a quick-get-rich-scheme”….If you want quick scheme to get rich in no time, for sure you’re going to be a prey of scammers…those money-hungry and pitiless guys…they will sell you worthless courses, tips, and you will buy them to end up realising that you’ve been scammed up! I’m a victim of scams…believe me….I wanted to get lots of money in no time, which made me lose the little money I earned painfully!

====> YOU have to be patient enough to start earning from any online business, unless you want to keep working for half pennies or cents! But for a real business, you have to work hard in the first months/years…to set up the passive income machinery …when it’s on…then you start seeing that your patience and hard work have paid off HUGE!

Points Covered in this post

I. Introduction

Points Covered in this post


II. Affiliate Marketing: Is It Worth without Products?

2.1. Definition of Affiliate Marketing

2.2. Misconceptions

III. You Can’t Earn from Affiliate Marketing without Contents

IV. More Requirements to Earn from Affiliate Marketing

4.1. A Clear Niche

4.2. What Gears up your niche choice?

4.3. Website/blog: Does it matter for affiliate marketing?

4.4. Do you need a Reliable Website Hosting Service?

V. Most Powerful but easy skills to develop as a blogger

VI. Pinterest as an alternative for Blog and Source of Blog Traffic

VII. Monetizing your online contents

VIII. Wrapping Up


Affiliate marketing is simply the promotion of other people’s goods/products/items, etc! This can earn you commissions, which are a certain percentage of the price of a product purchased thanks to your promoting it! However, don’t be dismayed by the fact that YOU cannot survive on only through one earning method! If your niche is clear enough, then YOU own a blog or website…with some skills (e.g. monitoring your audience want) and tools (like Jaaxy) to hunt for good keywords, write killer headlines, create good contents that are ranked well online in search engines…. There is a high probability that the number of your website/blog visitors is huge: your killer/catchy titles compel them to read your solutions to their search purpose. With content monetization methods like affiliate marketing links, ads, paid services, referral programs links, etc. all settings are on for you to start monetizing your contents as those visitors:

– either click and buy some of the product you promote on your website;

– they click on ads and buy items (this also earns a commissions);

– or simply they upgrade to subscriptions/programs or services that then pay you referral incentives (once or recurrent monthly passive income for these referrals)!

II. Affiliate Marketing: Is It Worth without Products?

2.1. Definition of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an old marketing technique whereby a blog or website owner promotes other people’s products and earns little commission from each product purchased thanks to their promoting it on their website/blog!

Since one can promote as many products (goods/subscriptions to programs, etc), this alone can be a big deal to earn you a six-figure income per month! Wondering that this alone cannot make it for you? Well…think about those connected on internet! There are around 4 billion people surfing the net daily…Rather, it depends upon your hard work in creating helpful contents!

2.2. Misconceptions

Many beginner bloggers or those who are still thinking or planning to set up an online marketing business THINK that affiliate marketing has to do with one’s own products…This is a pure misconception…You don’t have to own products to do affiliate marketing…rather you promote those pertaining to other people…and by driving them customers, you’re paid for that! That’s all about affiliate marketing.

Many but a people think that as one has already chosen to work with affiliate marketing, there is no other content monetizing techniques! …The answer is that on one website/blog, You can use different content monetization techniques! You can:

  • display/promote other people’s products (affiliate marketing);

>>>>>To illustrate this point, the popular affiliate programs out there are Amazon associate programs, Microsoft affiliate programs, Click Bank, Shopify, LinkShare, etc.

Wealthy Affiliate, a powerful and renowned Online Entrepreneur Certification Platform has condensed all the most lucrative affiliate programs in one place

A picture showing Wealthy Affiliate Landing Page
                                                                     This is the Wealthy Affiliate Landing Page

====>That’s why I recommend you to join Wealthy Affiliate Today: join as a Starter Member, which is free…this is not a money-hungry platform…as you get free training and appreciate it, you can upgrade to premium membership and then enjoy the following facilities:

  1. High quality (video, image, and text) modules
  2. Keyword Search Tool (Jaaxy is included in the premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate)
  3. Website Host Service: Wealthy Affiliate developed a system that allows you build YOUR own website in a little time (less than 10 min)
  4. Website Support: with more than 1,600 technicians, you get great help whenever your website is experiencing some sort of malfunctions (which is likely to happen wherever you host your website or blog)!
  5. Affiliate programs: the platform has availed in on place affiliate programs: it means that YOU can apply for those programs so as to get links of products/services/subscription, etc. that you can promote on your blog/website!

===>These facilities, including many more, are just for $49 a month, with a possibility to save money if one goes yearly on their payment scheme/choice.

  • display ads;

===>You can apply to Google AdSense and if you meet their criteria, you’re given a permission to display ads on your website/blog. Note that: (1) some can be of PPC (pay per click) nature: whenever your blog visitor clicks on the ads, you get a related commission. (2) Other advertisers pay you a commission only when a website visitor clicks and ends up buying the item advertised on your online hub!

 create paid services: see/click on “Our Services” in the Main bar of this website: you can realise many services I personally offer based on my expertise!

  • refer people at programs that you’re already a member: this is what is termed earning through referral programs!

===>Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is still the greatest platform that pays you recurrent income for referrals: as long as your referrals are still premium members, you get a monthly recurrent passive income from WA!

III. You Can’t Earn from Affiliate Marketing without Contents

You should always remember that people go online just because they have a purpose! They have some needs/wants/qualms/queries…they’re searching for some information…yes…they’re seeking valuable, relevant (to their purpose), and helpful (they just get answers to their wants) information. The sort of information satisfying such criteria is termed Content.

Content Is King
Featuring How Content is King

According to Ramos (2013), a content is either a textual, image, audio or video piece of valuable and helpful information that is viewed and shared online.

It’s a helpful, relevant, and valuable information, previewed in the headlines, that drives people from search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, etc.) to your website/blog!

The offer you exchange with money is CONTENT: if people come and read your content, they’re likely to click on ads, affiliate links (=URL leading to the products you promote) or buy your paid services! Without contents, it’s hard or quasi-impossible to earn from a blog through affiliate marketing!

IV. More Requirements to Earn from Affiliate Marketing

4.1. A Clear Niche

Since content is a king, to be able to write helpful, valuable and relevant contents, YOU MUST choose or determine your target audience.

Which section of people will YOU be serving/providing helpful information they hunger or starve for?

===>Determining a Niche is specifically choosing your target audience, a section of market or the target/prospective customers…

4.2. What Gears up your niche choice?

The niche choice springs out from a number of parameters. The latter can be:

– your expertise;

– skills

– experience;

– or likes.

===> Briefly YOU need to choose as niche an area or field you can talk about endlessly without lacking ideas….

The question is “have you chosen well your niche?” (if you have already started writing contents) or do you need more information on lucrative niches?

===>Well, people will tell you that every niche can take you where you want to be, can set YOU financially free! Yes…but making analysis before venturing into any niche can reduce your time of seeing results!

As someone with experience in online marketing business, health related niches are the most lucrative!

===>The bad news is that Google recently took restrictive measures for health-related contents created by non-practitioners!

Generally, these niches are the most lucrative or related contents are the most read:

– weight loss whereby your target audience can be either over-weighted men/women, kids, teenagers.

Your contents would consist of workouts videos, exercises or lifts, and suggestions of healthy supplements.

===> Fat at particular body parts like men boobs, upper arm fat, belly fat, etc. are treated under this niche

Note that YOU CANNOT do it well if you venture from weight loss for men, women, kids, teens, etc. just choose men or women or simply kids. This would make your audience trust you…otherwise they can feel easily that you’re biting more than YOU can chew and go to read from someone who’s specific enough!

But all depends on your expertise: if your bio shows that you’re a physical education teacher/students or retiree…you can accurately and trustworthily offer hints about weight loss for each of the subsections aforementioned!

– weight gain…

===> whereby the target audience on the kinds of nutriments needed, supplements (healthy ones) to take, etc. for the skinny (men, women, kids, etc.)

– muscles building:

===> Are you a living example or proof of this possibility (have you succeeded building your own muscles? Then showing your pictures or video contents featuring you as the instructor can convince your target audience (those wishing to build their muscles) that you really can HELP them achieve what you personally achieved.

– Money making niche, blogging, social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc.) marketing.

For details about this niche, click on the Ultimate Guide to Make Money Online (especially see the section about niche determination).

4.3. Website/blog: Does it matter for affiliate marketing?

Even if one can use social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. to distribute contents to those hungering or starving for them, there is always some sort of limitations! The privacy settings in most of social media only allows your followers to get notified on posts you share on those media!

===>Remember that your online business depends upon huge traffic! So, YOU can easily get how restrictive those social media are in terms of your exposure to as many people as possible!

On the contrary, a website or blog has this unique possibility to be viewed by everyone at a scale of 7/7 days, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Rather, it’s better to:

(1) Write a post for one blog/website;

(2) Publish it on your website/blog;

(3) Copy its introduction or wrapping up and then paste it on social media

For Twitter, you need to reduce it to 140 characters!!!

For Pinterest, there are restrictions in terms of how many characters in the title and description sections: it’s up to make adjustments of your text!

(4) Copy then your website/blog URL and paste in under excerpt you want to publish on social media.

===>It’s easy on Pinterest as the space for the URL is specifically provided

Remember to Call to Action like…>>>Click Here Details about this post. This is another way to drive traffic to your website/blog.

4.4. Do you need a Reliable Website Hosting Service?

My number one recommendation is:

(1) SiteRubix: this is a website builder system that allows You to build your own website in less than 10 min. I could not myself believe it before seeing it by my own eyes.

Why not Bluehost, Bluehost China, God Daddy, etc.?

SiteRubix is powered by Wealthy Affiliate! With its 14 year-experience in training online marketer, this platform is the most recommended as it hosts your website and trains you about online business and you have a community of around 2 million people scattered in more than 194 countries! I love this community as they guide you, provide you with information you would not get from other social media…they are marketers like You but there is no competition, no promotion of their products there.

===> It’s so amazing to build your own website without any programming background!

I personally upgraded to wealthy Affiliate premium membership and there came a phase to build my own website by myself! I had just to follow instructions from dialog boxes and I made it with no WordPress background or techie’s/geek’s skills! If someone made it, YOU too can make easily!

V. Most Powerful but easy skills to develop as a blogger

There is a series of skills you need to develop in order to succeed as an online business owner. The most important skills are:

(1) Hunting for low competitive Keywords for your blog/website

After I managed to build my website, I learned how to monitor what my target audience is searching online! I am going to tell you two powerful ways to keep an eye on what the people you serve want and then write problem solving-based contents, which builds your audience’s trust in you!

– Visit the social question-answer website:

By browsing your niche category, you can behold what questions and answers people exchange! If you’re curious enough, you will see that the answers are quite brief and sometimes limited in some way. Your task is then to take a related keyword and develop it by being systematic as I’m in this post!

===>Examples of social question-answer websites:

AllExperts,, Quora, JustAnswer,, etc.

(2) Use of Keyword Search Tool

Without related skill and tool, it would be very laborious to hunt for low competitive keywords that get ranked in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

I got this “Know-how” skill during my Online Entrepreneur Certification Training at Wealthy Affiliate!

It took me days to master or become skilled at searching for phrases that searchers online often type in search engines.

I was introduced to a Keyword Search Tool known as Jaaxy! This tool is very important in terms of its precision in informing bloggers on what keywords their audience is typing in search engines! The right reading of that tool (Jaaxy) allows You to hunt for low competitive keyword with:

– Traffic Index of 100 or higher is ideal but greater than 50 is still Ok too.

– Average/frequency: ideally above 100, but above 50 is still fine (the greater, the better)

– QSR (Quoted Search Results) Index: This index displays the competition around a given keyword/phrase! It indicates the number of websites competing with you on a particular keyword.

Ideally, QSR below 100 is OK, but I prefer personally keywords with less than 40 of QSR Index!

(3) Develop killer/catchy headline writing skills:

This skill allows you to write compelling titles, that is, those headlines that press emotionally the online searchers to click on a given title. Such killer-headlines instigate in searchers some feeling that if they don’t click the/your titles, they might miss something helpful!

Science has suggested some workable tips that compel online searchers to click a given heading that includes:

• Negatives

• Numbers

• Ultimates

e.g. My Ultimate Guide for Newbies in Blogging”

• Parentheses/Brackets

e.g. The Ultimate Guide for Brand New Blogger [+e-Book]

Three Top Steps to Lose Men’s Boobs Fat (+YouTube Workout Video)

• Use of funny title maker tool known as

===>The tool suggests you a funny title to any three words you type on it!

(4) Sounding Communicative as real problem solver:

It is advised that blogger write for human beings not for rankings in search engines! This is a deadly dart for most brand new bloggers or content marketers! They want to produce as many contents as possible in a relatively short time! Their tune becomes robotic and they don’t solve any searchers’ problem or searching aims!

Workable Tips:

(a) Successful and accomplished online marketer write having in mind that they are serving a real person, solving a real problem in their posts/articles…So, you’ve got to make readers feel that you really are telling them personally! To achieve this, use “YOU” …

(b) Use of oral/casual or daily language. Demonstrate that you’re a good communicator through writing semi-formally or even casually to address a real problem that you feel a real person is encountering.

(c) The spirit of help: you CANNOT succeed as an online marketer if the spirit of help is omitted from your business mindset!

I feel that you’re asking yourself a number of question: “Oscar…you’re teaching me about business but what on earth is the hell of help about?”… “uuh…help in business?”

Remember what I said about Content creation? I have said that it means the creation of “valuable, helpful, and relevant information for the target audience!”

To smoothen your ill-feeling about the word HELP included in biz, I would simply say that “Online business or marketing is based on help monetization!”

===> The spirit of HELP has to be felt in your post/article that the target audience of yours is reading!

More concretely, YOU have to read laboriously what other bloggers have written, e-books, findings from related studies, view or listen to experts’ interviews/podcasts or social media interventions on related topics….In other words, you’re documenting your blog post …but there is no immediate gratification…Most of your readers will not click any of your affiliate links, ads, or buy any of your paid products…however, they will fly away after getting answers from your website/blog!

===>But if they find your content unprecedented or the best than those of your competitors, they will be back and they’ll end up clicking on those links or ads….

VI. Pinterest as an alternative for Blog and Source of Blog Traffic

If you’re curious enough, you’ll find out that Pinterest is not just any social medium! It is at the same time a search engine and social medium: People log in at Pinterest either to find ideas or share their beautiful pictures. There is a lot of benefits that are worth highlighting:

(i) Pinterest can drive more traffic for blog/website posts

As I have said earlier in this post, just Copy your blog post introduction or wrapping up and paraphrase/reduce it to be 500 characters and the copy-paste that website/blog article URL into the right spot on Pinterest!

A Lady with Pinterest Pin

(ii) You can earn with Pinterest without a website or blog …just by creating pictures of products you want to promote and then paste directly affiliate links. Just write a title with a keyword and then write a description (500 characters)! Remember to add disclosure that the pins contain some affiliate links which do not add any fee to the product price!

This simply means that you can dedicate yourself to driving blog posts traffic from Pinterest through creating, for each post/article, a related pin at Pinterest!

===>If you opt to paying for automation pinning/posting tool like Tailwind, you can drive traffic from both Instagram, Pinterest or other social media to your website even when you just spend a little time….just some time to schedule pins or posts on those social media suffice to give traffic that is like to take your earning to a next level.

You can also join Pinterest Board Groups where group members help one another to pin/post! When you pin somebody else’s pin, your followers see it…it is saved in your OWN board, among your own pins!

Pinterest Banner
How Pinterest Symbol Looks Like

===>This is another way of getting people do what you personally SHOULD do, enabling You to achieve something far bigger than what you achieve by working/pinning your own pins under your own boards!

iii) Becoming a dedicated worker dealer on Pinterest by offering service to those who don’t have time…This can be a real career…that you can work on as full time self-employed.

===> Buy this e-book and learn how to be Pinterest (VA) Virtual Assistant (Learn required skills before starting to offer services of that kind. If you USE this CODE, i.e., TSA5OFF, you can get a 5$ discount….Click Here and See the e-Book for VA on Pinterest.

Remember: if you have a huge traffic on your website and that you have affiliate links, subscriptions to refer other people at, etc…you stand a great likelihood/probability to earn money online!

VII. Monetizing your online contents

There is a considerable number of content monetization methods. That why I cannot pretend that I’m exhaustive with this list. I’m just going to give the popular ones….Later as you get used to online business managing, you will be creative enough and bring in other forms of monetizing the content you create for your online audience! I have already talked about it earlier…But it’s more convenient to restate what I have said about these monetization techniques:

(i) Ads: There are many advertisers that would allow the display of their ads on your website if ever you fulfil their requirements.

Some are of the PPC (Pay Per Click) type: for any click on the ad by your website visitor, you get a small commission!

Others simply pay you a commission if your website visitor clicks and is directed to the product and finally buys!

The most popular advertiser paying you for ads display on your website is Google AdSense!

(ii) Affiliate Marketing: The promotion of other people’s product, services, subscriptions, etc. on YOUR website/blog is what is termed affiliate marketing

To access to this privilege, you need to apply for it and then if the application is successful, you get product/goods/services links that you use on your website visitors to direct the stores or platforms selling/offering the product/services you promote!

Remember what I’ve said earlier?…….>>>There is misconception out there as if one has to have their products to be able to promote them online! This is possible but affiliate marketing is solely the promotion of other people’s products!

(iii) Referral programs: After subscribing to a platform, training, etc., the latter may have incentives for members who refer new members/subscribers at the very platforms.

Some of the referral programs pay YOU a given sum at once while others give you a passive recurrent monthly incentive for every referral you refer at them!

My top favourite referral program is the one available at Wealthy Affiliate (WA). The latter is an Online Entrepreneur Certification Platform with 14 years of experience! Its referral program is awesome as you can see it below:

Starter versus Premium Member’s Commission through Referrals

Premium versus Starter Commissions at WA
Premium versus Starter Commissions at WA

===>As you can see it by yourself, premium members receive almost double of earning from their referrals if compared to starter members!

===>You can dedicate (make it an online career) yourself to working to promote Wealthy Affiliate on your website as its pay for referral is recurrent monthly and for each referral who buys a domain at WA, you get a given percentage! That’s why I say that promoting WA can be your online career!

(iv) Creation of online paid Service: You can earn through promoting your own paid service: course, e-books, one-to-one coaching, webinars, etc.

As you develop skills and authority in your niche, you can create paid services and then promote them on your website/blog!

(v) Promoting your offline products: You can refer offline products to your visitors! These can be of great value as your offline products can get customers for more revenue for you!

VIII. Wrapping Up

To wrap up, I’d like to remind you that Affiliate marketing for blogs refers to the promotion of other people’s goods/products/items, etc on one’s blog or website! This can earn you commissions, which are a certain percentage of the price of a product purchased thanks to your promoting it! But you some contents ….as it is said that “Content is King!” Another requirement is  a clear and lucrative niche together with running a blog or website…You also need to learn some skills (e.g. monitoring your audience want) and tools (like Jaaxy) to hunt for good keywords. Knowing to write killer headlines, create good contents that are ranked well online in search engines are all skills that you get as you progress in trainings (paid or blog posts)….

With all these skills, you stand a big chance to get a big number of website/blog visitors: your killer/catchy titles compel them to read your solutions to their search purpose. With content monetization methods like affiliate marketing links, ads, paid services, referral programs links, etc. all settings are on for you to start monetizing your contents.

With a huge traffic on your Website or blog, you stand a chance of earning money from those visitors as they either click on affiliate links or ads and buy some of the products you promote on your website, which earns YOU some commissions… or simply they subscribe to programs or services that then pay YOU incentives for these referrals!

===> See the misconceptions about Affiliate marketing for blogs??! I had to clear them…even if I have not been exhaustive lest you get tired …and finally bored with this long post!

To orient You and save you time ….(internet is a real bush in which you can lose time and finally interest in blogging!). To foil these foes, I’d like to recommend you to join Wealthy Affiliate Community. It will teach you how to grow your business online from scratch!

A Wealthy Affiliate Earning per month
My Mentor’s (Michael) Success Proof at WA

Join as a Starter member by >>>>Clicking Here (It’s zero risk as no credit/debit card info is required, just a free account and then start learning for free)

Click and Join Wealthy Affiliate from Here!
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