A Formula to Be Rich= Solve a Problem for Humanity


Hey…hope you’re fine! Need a formula to be rich? Just solve a problem around you! Yes….solve a problem for humanity…Don’t get me wrong…I’m not asking you to solve all the problems that people have but one at your level…. I’m not asking you to solve all the problems a country/continent has, but a problem people around you are stumble into…. Be a problem-solving minded person!


This post is just a series of challenges to what you personally are routinely doing …But it also hints about best formula to be rich: solve a problem around you…It ends calling you to set a side hustle information-based business: it’s what is termed “online marketing.” The latter is a marketing technique whereby someone solves people’s problems and then earns a living from this information distribution, availability and sharing! Still thirsty to know? Read on!

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“I want to Be a Rich Folk”: Right Do as the Rich Did..

Does God want me to be rich?.

How to be rich..

“I Want to Be a Millionaire”: Work as the Chinese or South Koreans then  

Side Hustles Make Money..

Online marketing: Information Based Business for ALL..

Niches Determination: Choose your information consumers.

More settings for an online business success.

Wrapping Up..

Wealthy people we know as our entrepreneur mentors/icons did not run after money: they simply created solutions and money FOLLOWED them!

Let me remind some for you to dig later into their rises:

  • Larry Page and Sergey Brin;
  • Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook;
  • Steve Job, Steve Wozniak;


“I want to Be a Rich Folk”: Right Do as the Rich Did

Are you fair to God to go, for a week, on a mountain praying for financial breakthrough?

===People want to be rich but this does not work that way…You cannot be rich through prayers only….WORK, ideas, solutions to problems around you….can change your life by bringing a breakthrough for you to get financial freedom!

Look at what wealthy folks do and real wealth follows them:

They looked around and find a problem…. then worked for a solution…And there is still a lot to do in these domains:

  • Energy;
  • Water;
  • Food;
  • Environment;
  • Poverty;
  • Terrorism and war;
  • Diseases;
  • Education;
  • Democracy;
  • Population

I’m going to twang a cord that can feel bad in the ears of many folks out there. One of the major reasons Africans are in a poverty below threshold is that they believe the “Magic One will bring money for us!

Forget about the usurpers in your religious communities prescribing mustard seeds for you to get rich!

  • How many mustard seeds did Zuckerberg eat to be such an instant billionaire through Facebook?
  • Did Jeff Bezos drink anoint oil to found Amazon?


Does God want me to be rich?

In our prayers and meditation, we should also think of …for example:

= My country has terrible roads…. what can I do about it o Lord? Bless me with fresh ideas to solve this problem….

= The young/old/babies…. are in terrible sanitary conditions…what “Can I do about…I’d like fresh ideas for that…”

= I see the disabled/destitute people around me…. how can I get the right partners to tackle this issue around me!

=== In this case, I bet that fresh and creative ideas will come to your mind and YOU WON’T REGRET IT!

A lady sitting with a PC on her labs
 Think and Have time for Inspiration

How to be rich

You should not look for shortcuts…we should face reality and simply depart from a problem then solve it…. This will descend the wealth we want…. yes…it descended it for Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, etc. Why not for you and me?

Let’s look for the problem we can solve for humanity!

Inspiration of what to do does not lack….

It may not be in your country (that’s an added value for you) or even if it’s in your country…you’re reading my post ahead others….Look around you or out there, aren’t people:

  • Starving?
  • Dying?
  • Ripped through by high level of AIDS?
  • Desperate on how to make some bucks?
  • Teachers struggle to make two ends meet?
  • unformed about doing business online?
  • struggling on how to associate games and education for both students’ enjoyment and enlightenment?

=== Stop and think: “ What can I do for this in a lucrative manner?” Just look at the lucrative aspects of the nature of the problem…and bring or be a solution then…

There are two equations that people are not understanding:

  • Prayer is the revelation equation
  • Decision-making is in the success equation

So, when in the “God will descend financial breakthrough” sphere and wanting to associate it with success by omitting the component of success (which is work/decision-making/ideas), you’ll be operating at two different levels at a time, which will only end in doubt and despair!

Rather let’s:

  • Be sound;
  • Make decision (informed/documented ones);

“I Want to Be a Millionaire”: Work as the Chinese or South Koreans then

Just look at these two examples:

Ghana and South Korea:

  • The two countries had independence the same day: look at where each is! Does it mean that South Koreans are smarter than Ghanaians? Partly yes…because the former made it through and were creative enough…the country is where it is economically…. while Ghana…[Just fill in the blanks yourself…];
  • China: scientific predictions are clear that in next ten-twenty years, 20% (around 450 million) of Chinese will be millionaires!

Probably because there is a feeling that most compagnies are transferring their operations from traditional to AI [artificial intelligence] driven ones; which might push up to an added annual revenue of 50%!!

=== I live in China, they are not that so special…But they work hard…they have put work in its right position.

I recently discussed with my dean (I’m a blogger and teacher in China). I was surprised to see him at work when I was out for exercising (at 6:35p.m). He was still working and he was going to attend a work meeting. That was quite strange for me….

He made it clear…that he always works up to twelve hours a day….I reflected ..thinking back about my “fellow Burundians….” His words stunned me!

=== If someone pays dues for extra hours, you work for them…they pay for extra hours…they develop and you too develop!

=== Imagine then if you’re working for yourself…you’re your own boss…. don’t you feel that this gonna be something huge for your business?

So, it is about having an understanding of how things work! Don’t hate God for not having done anything miraculous financially for you!

You’re a goalie….the ball is in your yard….Kick it out of your yard….be creative and do something….

Side Hustles Make Money

There is a series of side hustling activities that can change your life. You don’t need to quit your job now but for sure…later you will! One of the greatest and most promising is online marketing. This a great information-based online business that is helping people live lives of their dreams.

Online marketing: Information Based Business for ALL

Don’t you have likes, skills, experience, knowledge about something? I think you have….For sure, you have information that other people would be happy to access at…but as long as you hold it….it won’t help you make a penny either…But if you share it, you will ease people’s lives out there and at the same time you may earn from sharing useful and helpful information!

A Wealthy Affiliate Earning per month
Michael (my Mentor)Success Proof at WA

Niches Determination: Choose your information consumers

You can share what you have in the niches of:

  • Weight loss either for men, women, kids, teens, etc. where you would be telling people good practices, workouts, and many other useful information

===To make money, in your writings, you will be displaying ads and promoting products related to nutriments, sport bikes/staff, etc.

  • Weight gain for: e.g. lactating moms, girls (skinny ones wishing to have more pounds), etc.

===The monetization of such information is achieved through displaying advertisements, promoting products related to weight gain, nutriments, foods, etc.

  • Teeth whitening: Give hints on how one can whiten their teeth…If you think of the girls or ladies, gentlemen who would like to have or keep their teeth white, you will find that these people hunger for information about how they can achieve it!
  • Hair loss: seeing sign of hair loss is terrifying! It’s a real big struggle! They’d love to hear how one can get their hair back (or push back hair loss).
  • You can also talk about stress management, addiction, marketing on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, etc., self-improvement (tackle issues related to self-esteem, self-confidence, motivation, …
  • You may be creating free and paid Coaching, webinars, courses and exercises
  • Spirituality: give daily devotional heart bread/word of God

But “How on earth can one make a living by talking about one of the topics listed above?”

Online biz: Sharing Information
 Online Business=Sharing Helpful Info

===It’s possible to make much money from giving useful, valuable and relevant information on one of these topics, especially by using “powerful monetization techniques” (embedding affiliate links, ads, paid services in your contents, or earn from referral programs)!

More settings for an online business success

After determining a niche (market or audience/consumers of your information), you also need to set up or learn some of the following:

– Website/blog: this is your information sharing outlet! Of course, if you couple it with your social media, it can lead to great reach! But the reverse is quasi impracticable:

===You can’t share ONLY to your audience helpful, useful and relevant information on social media! The latter have privacy settings that would make such information accessible ONLY to your followers/friends!

– Learn how to hunt “Low competitive key-words,” which is achieved through using a Keyword Search Tool (Click Here to check one that is free for Wealthy Affiliate Members)

Good keyword for you should be of:

  • Average 50, Quoted Search Results [QSR] below 100); and traffic beyond 100 (ideal) but beyond 50 is a must!

– High quality Content: the information you will be sharing should be really helpful: they should contain responses/answers to your audience’s queries/problems/struggle! The best way to write good content is throuh using a keyword search tool and then write in a manner that testifies of your being problem solving-oriented marketer!

– The combination of all the settings above yield “Huge Traffic

If you have many people coming to your website/blog, you the stand a chance to make money as people coming to read will either click on an ad, buy products you promote through affiliate links, subscribe to programs you recommend them to, etc.!

Wrapping Up

In this post “A Formula to Be Rich= Solve a Problem for Humanity,” I have probably challenged most of your practices in seeking for financial freedom and rather put forward that solving a problem for humanity will turn your “I want to Be a Rich Folk” dream or goal real! Stop asking yourself “Does god want me to be rich?” I have shown! Stop wishes like “I Want to Be a Millionaire” just act and BE…Solve a humanity problem!

Don’t neglect them: side hustles make Money, buddies! If you take them as a way to help people make decisions, orient them to best practices, or push them to reconsider they behaviours…. you will earn money from them as you will help them solve their daily problem!

Have a nice side hustle start-up!

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