5+ Internet Marketing Strategies: Work from Home Earn Money

Dear student;

Dear teacher;

Dear all planning to start an online business

I’m writing this to share my newly baked internet strategies that you can teach others or implement in a company! But how?

Be patient! I’m sure I’m going to satisfy you if you are seeking tips on how to work from home and earn money. My call is that you’d better consider mastering them so that you can teach or seek volunteer in a company implementing them. This means that the tips I share in this post can serve you a content strategist or a blogger hinting companies (small, medium-sized, or bigger ones). Scroll and read to the end as you are likely not going to find these tips elsewhere for free.

How to earn money online without investment with my Tips?

Well, if you’re a student, teacher, or any one interested in side hustling, you can nowadays create a post in a company of interest, especially by starting as a volunteer as you will be implementing these tips as I’m showing you right now. After then, since they are proven as effective, they are going to employ you as their marketing assistant or content strategist!

==This is one way of monetizing these tips shared below. So, read on!

  • Be Master seo: Blog about Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) stands for the process related to doing all you can to maximize one’s website/blog visitors. If were implemented, SEO process allows a website or blogger’s contents to appear on top pages of search engines if ever an online search types that website/blog posts’ related keywords.

To be successful, you might consider mastering the combination of these tools:

==Jaaxy: SEO Keyword Tool (Available as a facility at Wealthy Affiliate)

==Google Search Console: Top Google SEO Tool

==Bing Webmasters

==Yandex Webmasters

==Google Trends

==KWFinder: SEO Keyword Tool

==MOZ: SEO Software

To help understand this, Google has a policy through which it set a kind of healthy competition: the more content you have on your website, the better rank you will get especially if those content are written following people/online searchers’ needs. The tools I have mentioned then allow you to monitor your audience’s needs and how the contents you have created are performing.

So, you need strategies to do the search engine optimization successfully. In my experience, I have seen that SEO is the core behind money making online, which shows how influential it is as most of your traffic to Your website depends to it.

==Certainly, if you’re a blogger (Master SEO), you want your website to be well-ranked in search engine:

Know this before taking product marketing jobs

Believe me, I don’t mean to be redundant when talking about this! Marketing products and services online directly on the potential consumer has now become increasingly difficult, especially SEO regulations and strict new rules in the Google Policy that requires us to put an ad in Google AdSense if you want to appear on the first page of search engines.

Key Internet Marketing Strategies

  • Target Market Specific

For your information, whether as a blogger or volunteer in a company, you will never succeed if you don't choose the right market. For that, before doing a marketing strategy, define your target market first.

For those who are not skilled at this, they have to pay a third party to set the keyword that target the right potential customers.

Since you have landed on the right hub, learn everything here. Finding the right keyword (èfor details Click Here and Scroll straight to 3.2) is not a difficult science: read it here in details. However, actually it is not difficult. If You really know your product, You already will be able to determine the target market by your own, you can read back on the business plan (whether you’re a blogger or content writer in a company, read back the business plan: it should show its potential or target customers).

==Examples of questions to ask to get an idea of target market (for your blog or company you’re volunteering in):

  • Who is the most interested in these products/ services?
  • Male or female?
  • What is their age range?
  • How is their financial condition?

Once you get the specific profile of your customer, specify how and where you can find them.

Yes, this process takes time. Sometimes you will find patterns right after a year in the process of marketing your website.

But the sooner, the better.

Watch this: Don't get your money out to prospective customers who are not on the market specifications that you specify before.

  • Specify Your Achievements

Determine what you want from the process of marketing online.

  • Is just increasing the turnover of the company?
  • Or simply get the products or services recognizable in your potential customers’ base/community?

Although You'll probably have some target achievement desired, but keep an eye on your target so you can measure your performance (success or failure).

When You manage to reach the initial target for example, create a new target so that your company can continue to grow.

  • Toward being an influencer: Not just a follower

Your blog or the company you’re volunteering in has competitors. A milestone ahead of them is just to elevate the value of the company/blog, having miles ahead your competitors.

According to customer behaviour research, a brand well-known company’s products/services will be more trusted and have a sale value higher than products that are less recognizable.

There are thousands of companies that want to sell their products on the internet. And You should be able to make your brand stand out from the others, which is not an easy matter.

  • Make your website one of the content distribution points and NOT the center!

I made such a mistake, that's why I regret and like friends not to make it! A website is just a way to help those who, perhaps, have already huge traffic. But if you just focus on that, you can write/create good content and miss someone to read it or see it! It's best to write a website/blog and create alerts on social media!

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp walls, YouTube channel, etc., can generate a lot of traffic if well-strategized!

Look at how the process should be:

==increase your followers on social media: Make it a campaign, every day you connect on your social media, follow (except on Instagram where when you follow several with few followers, you are a follower and not an influence ... then, thing twice on Instagram: rather develop more followers than the ones you follow) as many members as possible or request for friendship!

On Instagram, you should be considered an influencer (having a lot of followers than the ones you follow yourself). So, build your Instagram account with the idea that you should influence people with your brand/ideas rather than just being a follower.

==For every website or blog article you create, write a little alert on social media

Let's say you're creating a post called "What is the best Business to Start with a Little Money "

Just craft a short and eye-catching description that you would share on your :

  • social media: Facebook (page), Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest;
  • Title: Should be catchy (=killer-headline)
  • One-paragraph description:
  • Call to Action: "Description………….) Just Click the URL/link and find more;
  • Then put a URL (link) of the website /blog

==https://21stcenturyresearchers.net/best-business-to start- with­-a-little-money

Notice that:

  • for Pinterest, it's very convenient because there is a specific button to paste links /URLs but also for other social media, when you paste the URL under the description, the image associated with the post appears! I saw it on Facebook and the LinkedIn Page. It is also possible to upload a picture you want manually (best one should have keywords on it!)

Then you can upload the same image to all your social media, which could increase your website's findability/presence/discoverability!

  • However, you know that on Twitter, you can't exceed 140 characters! So you have to reduce your description matches that number! For the photo, you can always use the same on other of your social media.

For the sake of convenience on a WhatsApp wall, it's better to "type the status" by sticking the content you've shared on Twitter and throwing it under the URL of the website or YouTube channel!

 (3) www pinterest com: A website/blog Traffic Booster

I think you’re asking yourself: “what’s the hell on pinterest? Why is Oscar highlighting it among other social media?”

==I’m going to highlight this social medium because it stands out from the rest! Ask me how!

Pinterest is not only a social medium, but it is also a search engine! There is no other social media that fulfil these two roles (being both a social media and a search engine) at the same time!

People log in to Pinterest to find ideas on this platform, but also others make searches before they can purchase something! It helps people to make decisions.

If well-exploited, Pinterest has been proven to generate more traffic for blog posts.

In addition, you can create images of products you want to promote, and then paste affiliate links directly. Just write a title with a keyword and then write a description (500 characters)!

This simply means that you can focus on driving traffic from Pinterest's blog posts by creating a Pinterest-linked pins for each post/article you create!

If you opt to pay for Pin Automation/Display Tool like Tailwind, not only it automates posting (as you simply schedule and then the tool pin or post for you on most social media). This means that you can generate traffic from both Instagram, Pinterest or other social media to your website, even if you're just spending some time.... just a little time to schedule pins or posts on these social media is enough to give traffic that's like to take your GAIN to a higher level.

You can also join Groups at Pinterest (at Tailwind, they are called tribes) where group members help each other to re-pin/re-share pins associated with very valuable and useful website content! When you pin someone else's pin, your subscribers see it... it is saved in your own board, among your own pins!

It's another way to get people to do what you need to do personally, allowing you to achieve something much bigger results than what you achieve by working/pinning your own pins manually under your own boards!

Some guys have also dedicated themselves to working as Pinterest virtual assistant. It all depends on how fast you need money.

Ana, a Pinterest Geek, has a Masterpiece e-book she entitled The She-Approach to boosting your traffic” (for website traffic solution);

Two observations can be made about Pinterest: (1) if you have a huge traffic on your website and you have affiliate links, subscriptions to refer other people, etc. There is a high probability/likelihood for your blog to earn you money online (as a blogger) or the company you’re volunteering in to boost sales! (2) If you choose to become a virtual assistant, you work for others! It's a job is not a biz....( sorry this truth may hurt some! I'm teaching you how to start your own business, not how to work for others). 


In this post “5+ Internet Marketing Strategies: Work from Home Earn Money,” I have walked you through the following strategies:

  • Target Market
  • Specify Your Achievements
  • Become an influencer: Not just a follower
  • Turn a website you manage into just one of the content distribution outlets and NOT the center!
  •  www pinterest com

 ==If you become skilled at these strategies, I have shown you how to earn money online even without investment through:

  • Volunteering in a company: Preferably in Small or Medium-sized;
  • Bing Master seo: Blog about Search Engine Optimization

These strategies will enable to grow enormously the traffic of the website/blog you manage as its owner or volunteer.

Are eager to learn more tips about Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (both free and paid module available at this scam-free platform).

==It’s called Wealthy Affiliate (WA). Join as a Starter Today (It’s zero risk, no bank card info required)

==If you wish unbiased review about it, Click Here

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